I hated dodgeball.  I quit before I even showed up.  Why would I allow myself to quit?  I don’t get it.  Here’s my story.

In this episode, I talk about

  • Dodgeball Days
  • My Quitting Strategy
  • What I learned from it


Miles Taylor from Spartan Spirit: https://youtu.be/yWGwussetCs


Good morning everyone. This is the Path to 1 Million. This is going to be episode 172 if we take a trip back in the, in the way back machine going back to my high school days and junior high days the days that I hated the most well let’s take, let’s let me clarify something here. I really wasn’t into sports so much as a kid. I did love to play softball when I was little, but I really wasn’t much into sports. I didn’t have any coordination, didn’t have any strength. I wasn’t interested in doing it. I actually spent most of my time writing. But sports and activities are much of, you know, any kids life, especially in school. And during one of those years, I want to say it was my freshman year. I think gym class was mandatory, so we had to take, I believe it was a semester of gym.

It might’ve been an entire year, but at least it was a semester of gym. And the days that I hated the most in gym class was when the coach would walk in and he would look at us and he would say, all right, today we’re going to play Dodge ball. And half the guys in the class would go bonkers. Right. There were crazy. They were stoked. They were just like, Oh my God, this is so awesome. This is so cool. And I hated it. I couldn’t stand it. Every day the coach would come in and say that I would just drop my head and be like, Aw crap. Here we go again. Now at gym for Dodge ball, you know, the coach would always pick, you know, the two athletes start rocking guys and be like, okay, you guys are going to be team captains. So they would go back and forth and they would pick the kids in the class.

And of course I was always one of the last ones to be picked, if not the last one picked because I just simply, you know, everybody knew that it wasn’t, and he got a Dodge ball, you know, so I was always one of the last ones that were picked and we would go through this and of course then the coach would always turn and be like, no matter what team I was on, he would point to my team and be like, you guys are skins. So that means that we would all have to take our shirts off. So if it wasn’t bad enough that I sucked, I now had to expose my skin and bone body to the entire world. So we would get up there and we would start playing Dodge ball. And we had those those red rubber balls, like almost like a burgundy color.

And they had like these little stubbles on them or whatever it was. So when the ball actually hit your skin, it felt like it was tearing the flash off. I mean, it just, it stung. And at the end of the at the end of the Dodge ball session, you, you had red welts all over your body. It was just, it just hurt. It was painful. And I didn’t like to do it cause I wasn’t any good at throwing the balls. I wasn’t, and you got to catching the balls. I wasn’t good at anything. And so what would happen is, is that we would play one of these games and of course all the good people would, would be out within the first few minutes of it. Right? Cause they’re engaged, they’re on the front line, they’re throwing the balls, they’re like, you know, 10 feet away.

And I was always in the back hiding. I was flat against the wall that I can potentially be. Balls are flying back far back and forth. And then finally it would wind up where you would have 10 people left on each team and you know, a lot of them were just like me. You know, they really didn’t want to be there and they didn’t want to play. They didn’t want to do it. But you know, you still gotta play, you gotta play until somebody wins. And of course everybody on the line is cheering you on or like come on, come on, come on. If I did manage to get, get my hands on a ball, it was just usually with the intent that I would just throw the ball hoping somebody would catch it.

So that I could get out. Because the only other way I couldn’t get out was to get hit by a ball and I didn’t want to get hit by a ball. So anyways, the sad thing is, is that as soon as the coach came out and he told us, “Yeah, you guys are going to do Dodge ball today.” As soon as he came out and told us that, I quit. I quit on myself right then and there on the spot. I absolutely quit. I didn’t want to do it; didn’t want to play it; I’m not going to participate in it. Sad thing is, is that if I just put a little bit of effort into it, even if I didn’t like it. I probably could have been at least some, you know, had some measure of like, you know, good memories from that or to have some strength in my exist.

The thing is is like when I didn’t realize this until I got older, but once you allow yourself to start quitting, it’s amazing how quickly it spreads. It spreads like a virus almost. Because if you can quit at one thing, you can quit on something else. And if you can quit on that, you can quit on this and, and quit on that and quit on that. And the thing is, is that life is made up of all kinds of activities that some of us just, you know, you don’t enjoy doing them. You know, you don’t have to, I mean, I don’t, right now I’m in the middle of doing this burpee challenge. I don’t love doing burpees. Actually. I hate them. I can’t stand them. But I do it because it’s my mind’s way of telling my body that, “Hey, I’m in charge here and we don’t quit.”

And it’s just a matter of doing that exercise again and again and again. Just letting myself know, Hey, you are not going to quit on yourself. You are going to do this. So everyday it’s that a hundred burpee challenge. Like I said, I don’t want that to spread in other areas of life. I actually, I don’t want it in my life at all. If I start something, I want to complete it, I want to finish it. Even if I wind up hating it, I might love it at the beginning and wind up Hayden and halfway through. That’s still not an excuse to give up. It’s still not an excuse to walk away, you know, not everything in life is going to be, not everything in life is can be bowl of cherries. And a lot of times out there all I will hear people say this and it kind of grates my nerves a little bit when people sit there and say, Oh, you should only do stuff that you love.

Now. There’s plenty of stuff out there in life that you have to do that you don’t want to do. I don’t know of anybody who’s excited about paying your bills, but guess what? You have to do it. You cannot not pay your bills, you know? So quitting on myself, quitting on my team, quit on everybody else’s. Not something that I just know when I sit down and I don’t find myself and I say, who is cliff? Who is this entity ‘Cliff’? Who do I want to be? Who do I imagine myself being quitting? Never that list quitting was never on that particular list. And the thing is, is that I always have to remind myself, I have to prove to myself that I don’t quit. You know, I don’t move forward and I may finish in dead last, right? If I was in a race with a bunch of people, I might be dead last, you know, I’m watching these, I’m watching these videos on YouTube.

There was one particular video I watched where this kid, when he was one years old was put up an adoption in Vietnam and this American family adopted him and come to find out he had, he had cerebral palsy and you know, his friends in this video are like, you know, if anybody had any reason to complain it is the sky. But you know what, even though he didn’t have hardly any like motor coordination or anything else like that, he showed up at every sporting event his school had. He showed up at every activity. He was always cheering people on. Finally. Like one of his friends were like, cause there was one there was a weightlifting team that he was the team manager for and one of the guys was like, you know what, you could probably do weightlifting as well. You know, when you think about a cerebral palsy lifting weights, you know, but he did it, you know, he loved it.

He started doing it and there was a video of him posted on line where, you know, he dead lifted 150 pounds. I don’t think I could dead lift 150 pounds. But he did. And you know, of course the video went viral. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger commented on it and everything else. I mean, it was truly an inspirational story. And you know, one of those videos where I was not crying, but you know, this guy didn’t give up. You know, he had every reason on the planet to give up. He had every reason on the planet to be sore and angry at life. And look, I got the short end of the stick, but he didn’t give up. And yet, you know, here I am, you know, I don’t have cerebral palsy. I’ve got a brain in my head. I do have some skill and some talent and I’m quitting on myself.

And that to me just, just doesn’t seem right. You know, why in the world would I do that? Why in the world would I allow that to happen? So I made myself a promise that it’s not going to happen. And the only way that I know for sure that’s not gonna happen is continually challenge myself. Putting myself in a position where I’m actually doing stuff that I don’t like. There was, if you’ve ever watched a Tony Robbins, his video, “I’m not your guru”. He actually shows him there that he’s got a cold tank behind his house and every single morning the waters, I believe you said it was like 54 degrees every single morning. And he goes out there and he dunks himself into this tank and he does that because he’s, he’s training himself and constantly training himself that his mind controls everything, not his body, but his mind.

So he goes in there and done some self in this tank and he stays submerged for a couple of minutes, boom. And he comes out or however long he can hold his breath. Anyways, it’s always about training. You know, I always want to make sure that my mind is in control on my body, be in control. I don’t want to quit. I don’t want to be known as a quitter. So the only way I do that is challenging myself, putting myself in these situations where, you know, the, the probability of quitting is, is actually high. But I defeat those odds again and again and again to continually drive home that point to continually prove point. You know, I don’t quit and I don’t give up on myself. And that’s the, that’s the best part about doing these challenges. I hate doing burpees, but I love doing the challenges. So anyways, just wanted to share that story with you. I hope you guys are having a fantastic Thursday. I’ll be back again tomorrow with another story. I will see you at that time. Have a good day.