I have some big news today!  It’s amazing how perspectives changes.  You are the author of your story and this is the ending of one chapter, the beginning of another.

In this episode, I talk about

  • One of my favorite authors
  • Breaking News!
  • The End of an Era


Hello everyone. Welcome to episode 122 of the path to 1 million. My name is cliff and a promised a I got, I got some pretty big news today. A lot of good stuff is, is happening and I wanted to share it with you guys. So first off, let me say that Mitch Albom probably is, I would rank him in the top five of my favorite authors that are out there. And he always says that and he wrote a book and I thought it was really eloquent that endings are also beginnings even though we may not know it at the time. So with that being said the big piece of news that I’m dropping today is the fact that I am officially moving back to Michigan. My days in California are actually numbered. The houses are on the market. The command decision to move forward is in process.

So anyways, I am looking to be back in Michigan probably before the end of this year sometime. Sooner. The better would be really good. Anyways, of course there’s, there’s a number of myriad of reasons why this is happening. First off of courses, everybody knows, cause I’ve talked about it at length in my videos. My parents are obviously a big concern to me and I want to make sure that they’re taken care of. And while I’ve had family in the area that has offered to help out and some people from the church have offered to help them out and I’ve been able to take care of them taking care of their bills and making sure that making sure that they’re getting good food every day and things like that. I’ve done it probably about as much as I can be in, in California, but at the same point in time I do recognize that, you know, I am shouldering this responsibility so I am definitely going to you know, definitely going to go back and definitely going to help them out as where, you know, all that goes.

Another big reason for the move back to Michigan is, and I did not see this happening, but it happened is my relationship with Sherry is going really well. I’m very happy about that. She has been very good to me and has been very good for me and I’m kind of excited to see where that relationship’s going to go and how that’s going to happen. So that’s a, that’s also been a part of the decision making process as well. A big part of it. And then the third thing of course is a number of people that I’ve talked to about the decision just to make sure that I’m not missing anything. One of the, one of the things that’s popped up in conversation is how is this going to impact your business? And, and obviously, you know, the reasons that I moved to California, the reasons why I’m staying in California, the reasons why I’m now leaving in California over these last couple of decades have changed.

I moved to California primarily because at that time I was super passionate about being in aerospace. That was my thing, but I never saw myself living in southern California. I either saw myself living in or in Texas. So between those two areas there, just getting this, getting the job, working at the Boeing Company and Southern California was like a pure fluke, just a confluence of events. But at that time, that’s what I really wanted. I was actually working for a GM at the time in Michigan and it really wasn’t what I was passionate about, but doors just started opening and once those doors open, I took advantage of it here to southern California. And I have been here ever since where, you know, being in southern California has allowed me to, to thrive and to get exposed to a lot of new ideas and meet people who normally just are outside of my bubble, which kind of led me towards the decision where I am today because a lot of the people over the past few years because I’ve really gone on some through some from some very fundamental changes in my life, a lot of the people that I’ve met over the past few years that have really inspired me, that have really made me take a look at how I can impact not only myself, the people around me, but my community and the world at large.

Man, these people, they’re not in major cities. They’re not you know, surrounded by millions and millions of people. Some of these people are just, you know, they’re living in small towns. You know, they’re, they’re very passionate about what it is that they do and where they come from and what they see. And the one thing that you know I could never get past in southern California, no matter how hard they try is of course first people questioned that. When I meet people, the first question they ask me is all, where are you from? Cause obviously I’m not from around southern California. So anyways, with the advent of the Internet and with technology, and I’m really surprised because just by getting my voice and my message out there, by communicating it via Facebook and on linkedin and using all of these other platforms and all these other channels, it has actually opened up some opportunities for me in Michigan, which I did not intend for that to happen.

But that’s what happens. So you know, again, when the universe starts opening doors, universe, God allow whatever you want to call the all powerful being up there. But when doors start opening up for you like this, it’s hard for me not to pay attention. And when I started taking a look at my longterm goals, when I started taking a look at where I want to be this year for me has been all about simplifying. And I thought to myself, you know, what, if my, if my priorities in life are changing and I’m about simplifying, it just seems to me to just make more sense just to move back to Michigan. So anyways, that ball right now is a in motion. Like I said, the houses are already on the market. A lot of my stuff has already been packed up and ready to go. So, you know, over the next couple, over the next couple of months, it’s going to be a very interesting time as I put my life back in boxes and once again move across the country.

This’ll be like my, what my third big move across the country, Michigan to Florida, Florida, back to Michigan, Michigan to California, now California, back to Michigan. So anyways, yeah. So it’d be another big move. I’m very excited about what this brings. Every single day I get up, I’m just absolutely on fire. Not only because of the nature of the work that I’m doing, but because every fiber of my being tells me that this feels right and that this is right. And, and I’m doing the right thing and I know that my parents are excited beyond words and Sherry’s excited as well. So, and you know, with that just, you know, knowing that I just feel that this was the right path for me. The chapter of southern California is coming to a close and then the chapter for going to Michigan is just beginning.

So life is just replete that way. And since I’m the author of my story and the direction that I want to go and the things and the responsibilities and the, the passion and the dreams that I want to chase and I want to follow with reckless abandon, there we go. You know? So that’s it. That’s my big news. That’s a chapters out there. So anyways, just wanted to share that with you guys today. Make it official. Thank you all for stopping by tomorrow I’m going to be back with another story and be back on my regular track. But anyways, just wanted to share that news with you on this Tuesday. Can I say Tuesday, right? Yeah, today’s Tuesday. And I will see you guys again tomorrow and I hope you guys have a fantastic day.