Is it true?  Can the very nature of the questions you ask change the course of your life?  Here’s some stories I share about my experiences with this.

In this episode, I talk about

  • Atari Video Games (80’s Flashback)
  • Turning Statements into Questions?
  • The Impact On My Life


Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki


Hello everyone. Welcome to the path to 1 million. This will be episode 121 so I want to talk about the Pesky questions that I asked myself. It’s, it was interesting because I remember as a kid that a tare was like the big video game system to have in your house. And so I remember I said to my mom decks, all the other kids in the neighborhood had an Atari in their house and I went to mom and dad and I’m like, Hey mom and dad could we get an Atari? And Atari at that time was like a hundred or 120 bucks somewhere around there. And I knew that was a lot of money and I knew that was a big ask, but I was thinking of myself just to find like how many hours that I could spend like entertaining myself and in the winter time when it was too cold to go outside, you know, I could sit there and play video games, whatever it is, entertain myself for hours, right?

Being able to play Pac Man on the Atari. Of course, you know, mom comes back and she says, oh, it’s too expensive, we can’t afford it. And that was like a standard answer to a lot of the questions that I always got as a kid. And so I already knew in my head and my little computer brain that when she would say, oh, it’s too expensive, we can’t afford it. That meant just simply meant no, you know, and I would, my brain would shut off and I would not ask the question anymore because the answer wasn’t going to change. It was interesting. Many years later when I was reading the book, Rich Dad, poor dad, and he was talking about the mentality, the difference between how rich people think versus how poor people think. And he gave a really good example in there when he said, the poor person will always say, I can’t afford it.

And when you say you can’t afford it, you’re basically shutting off any part of your brain that might actually go forth and try to find an answer or a resolution to that particular situation. If you rephrase it and turn it into a question and instead of saying, I can’t afford it, and then you rephrase it and say, how can I afford it? You’re not activating your brain. You’re turning it on, right? Your brain’s kind of like a computer. If you ask a question to your brain, it’s going to go out and try to find an answer. Now as the answer going to be instantaneous, is it going to just pop up out of thin air and you know, provide you with an answer? No. Sometimes when you ask your brain a question, it might be weeks, it might be months or it might even be years before you get an answer.

But still if you ask the question, the answer will come. There’s an answer to every question. And when I read this in the rich dad poor dad book, I remember I put it down, I walked away and I started thinking to myself, wow, is it really true? Is it really true that just by changing statements and just by asking questions, can it really have that much of an impact on your life and how and how I’m perceiving and how I’m, you know, moving forward and the that I make and I remembered that I started thinking about at that time, ah, cause I really did want to start a business. There was this guy that I knew and I talked about him back in episode 114 there was a guy that I knew that every time that he had a business idea, I would go to him with an idea and be like, hey this is my business idea.

And since you know things about corporations and setting up boards and stock and all this other stuff, this is something that, you know, I’d like to partner you with because you know how to do these things. And I don’t. And the sad thing is, is that going into doing business with this guy, he would always bottom, it would always fail every single time he and I would just get to a point where we were reaching impasse. We could not move any further. And so after, after the, after the story that I shared with with you in episode 114 after that story had gone by, I remember thinking to myself afterwards doing an autopsy on this business and why that it particularly that I failed all sudden. It occurred to me that I kept saying to myself, cliff, you don’t know how to do these things, cliff, you don’t know how to do these things.

Rather than sit there and say, well how do you do, you know, this guy did not have the, the, the, the market didn’t corner the market on how to start a corporation or how to handle stocks or how to assign members to the board. This is something that you can figure out on your own cliff. You really don’t need to go through him. So now it became a s a switch, right? Rather than saying to myself, cliff, you don’t have the skills to do this. The question became how do I get the skills to do this? Right? And that always reframe me cause I always thought to myself that I was always a good learner that if I really set my mind to it, if I really want to learn something that I could, but I started questioning, then you know, what is my default?

Why do I keep defaulting this way? You know, now I’m starting to ask questions that’s put me on a path towards growth. Really that’s what it is. And I know some people don’t like to ask themselves questions like this. They’re, they’re perfectly happy with how their lives are going. That’s totally cool. Part of my nature, part of me as an individual is I’m always asking myself, how can I provide more value to people that are around me and how can I be more effective? And because I keep asking myself those two questions, I’m always looking for better answers to the questions that I have. And every time that I think I figured something out, I’m always asking myself, okay, there are a lot of people out there that are extremely smarter than I am. They’ve figured stuff out. Either they’re selling it as a book or they sell it as a workbook or maybe there’s a video on youtube.

So I’m all the time going out there and searching and trying to figure out what is a better way. How can I build a better mouse trap, so to speak, that I can go out there and not only impact my life but impact my business and how things are moving forward. Things along those lines. So from there, just by shifting the question, it also shifted my focus. Cause now I’m not focusing on what I don’t have. I’m not focusing what I do have. And more importantly what I can get. Cause as I said before, it’s really easy these days for people to put their knowledge inside of a book and put a $20 price tag on it and put it out there for sale. So one of the things that led me to start and focus on telling stories and sharing stories was the sheer fact that many, you know, a handful of years ago when I was getting really big into real estate, I was looking on how to, this is concept called there’s a concept called farming where you take like a geographical area and you work all the houses in that area and you leave little flags in the front yard and you’ll leave flyers on the door and all this other stuff.

And I hate it. I can’t stand it. I don’t like knocking on people’s doors in the middle of the day going, hey, do you want us to leave your halls? So what I was trying to do is I was trying to figure out some kind of a digital way to be able to do that. Like pick an area like within Facebook and what can I do inside a Facebook. And because I was searching for that digital area in my mind was open to the possibilities. And I searched for probably like six or seven months that finally led me to this, this marketing group that I wound up joining where it became about the power of story, right and about the power of leverage and being able to share and communicate your story with other people and because I was asking the question in that way, all of a sudden now that avenue for sharing stories and telling stories started really opening up my mind to other possibilities that were out there saying, you know, cliff, you’ve always wanted to do this.

If you can leverage your story telling ability with this, then you can really start to move the ball forward. That’s kind of like the situation where I’m at today is taking these two ideas that I have, combining them together and then moving forward through the power of story. But if I hadn’t asked that question initially, if I hadn’t said to myself, you know, how can I be more effective? How can I be better effective with my time or to do the activities that I need to do or what skills do I need to learn in order to do that? I wouldn’t be here today. I wouldn’t be doing these Facebook lives every day. And because of the Facebook live videos that I post out there and the articles that I turn them into in the different platforms that I post this on, I have gone from influencing maybe one or two people at a time to now influencing over 200 sometimes 300 people every single day.

And that excites me because that’s the progress that I’m making. That is the path that I am on, right? The path to 1 million. So anyways, like I said, I wouldn’t have gotten there had I not changed the nature of the questions that I was asking. More importantly, the questions that I’m asking determines what I focus on. So by focusing on how can I be more effective, I’ve learned this skill and it’s great that I’m actually doing this, but how can I be more effective? How can I leverage what I know, the skills that I have in order to impact more people. Anyways, wanted to share that with you today. I hope you guys found some value in that. Some of the things that were just rattling around in the back of my head. I will talk to you guys again tomorrow with a nother story. Oh, actually, no, I won’t. I will be here with another story about tomorrow. Actually. I have a really huge announcement that I’m going to make and there’ll be some story wrapped up in that. But I will be here tomorrow with another big announcement. So you definitely don’t want to miss it. I will kit you guys then. Have a fantastic day. See Ya.