We see people do amazing or impossible things every day.  And we credit that to some magical power or skill.  But what if the better question to ask is “Why not me?”

In this episode, I talk about:

  • The future from 1970’s
  • Limited Beliefs Shaped Me
  • See People Do the Impossible Makes Me Want to Do it


Hello everyone. Welcome to the path to 1 million. This is episode 115. Once again, I got to thank everybody for the well wishes. Yesterday was a pretty ugly day for me. I just elected to stay in bed and take my lumps. But I am feeling much better today. It’s amazing what a hot shower can actually do for you. I’ve got my liquid hot glue here that’s gonna help me out in case it started coughing uncontrollably during this during this recording or during this episode. Anyways, I wanted to share something with you. Yesterday was Apple’s a big event that they have every fall and they always make their big product announcements that their time and they talk about how well they’re doing, blah, blah, blah. One of the stories that they had was with regards to the Apple Watch. I don’t have an apple watch. I thought about getting one every now and then. I am just pulled the trigger because, because, because, but they were talking to, there was a story in there about a man who was out for a run and he’s one of these runners who likes to run through the woods Kinda like this cross country thing.

And he was out for a run and he noticed that when he was off for his run that his watch started beeping. Now the Apple Watch has this ability to be able to track your, your heart rate and your heartbeat or whatever it is, and actually let you know when it thinks that there’s something wrong with your heart. So his Apple Watch started beeping and he looked down at his watch and they said there was an irregularity with his heartbeat and all of a sudden he wasn’t feeling good. And at some point, and he, there was a lot of detail revealed during the, during his story. But at some point in time he actually started to lose consciousness. He couldn’t, he couldn’t stand up anymore. He fell to the ground and his apple watch actually did two things for him. The first thing he did is a dial diamond one forum and the next thing it did is it dialed his wife.

And he was able to get, you know, they were able to find him on an apple watch. I’m gonna assume there’s probably some kind of gps coordinates set with them or something or another, but they were able to find him and get him to the hospital and take care of ’em. So he was putting together this video letter for apple and there was all kinds of stories about the apple watch and how powerful it is and what it can do. And it made me think back to when I was a kid that I remember growing up this was like back in the back in the 70s as a kid growing up. And it seemed like there were all these commercials on TV just showing like, you know, any, anything was possible really. I remember there was one photo that they showed of this lady.

She actually had a phone to, you know, was holding a phone to her face and then on the floor next to her was like this video screen. It was like, almost like a star Trek thingamabob where she could actually see the person that she was talking to and another person had a phone to their ear too. And they were like, oh, in the future you’ll be able to actually see who it is that you’re talking to. And I just remember thinking myself, wow, you know, anything is possible. Right. And as long as, you know, as long as technology keeps improving as long as as long as human beings have this drive to improve or whatever it is, we will be able to do anything that we want to do. And this is kind of like the environment that I grew up in. But then I started thinking along the lines of, you know, I just remember it as I grew up, how all sudden it seemed to me as a kid anyways, that my future was just getting more narrow and more narrow and more narrow.

And I, I really think that’s because if you take a look at it, and I, I’ve mentioned this before, the heroic self versus the lesser cell, the heroic self telling you can do anything, the lesser self telling you that you shouldn’t do anything. The lesser self was the one that was actually the one that was growing. The one that was placing all of these limiting beliefs on me to, to share with me that, you know, oh, well you can’t do this and you’re not smart enough to do this, or you’re not good enough to do that. Or, you know, you’re not good at sports or you’re not good at, you know, anything on there, you know, just, you know, stick with the status quo and Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah. And I know that I’ve shared this story before, whereas I think the, the one time that I really, the first time that it really changed my paradigm on life as far as confronting the limiting belief goes, was when I was in high school and I scored a on the act, I scored an 18, which the college admissions officer told me was not good enough to get into the, get into my college of choice that I’ve have to score at least at 25.

And so I went back and I took it again and I, I don’t know how you could really study for the act or the sat at least back then anyways. But I remember that when I took the act again for a second time and I scored a 27, I was, I was stoked out of my mind. And you know, I, I remember I told the teacher about this. I said, yeah, I can’t believe this. I took it. I took it the first time and I got an 18 and took it again and I got a 27. I can’t believe this. And she says, well, what does that tell you? And I was kinda quiet for a second because I hadn’t really thought about the ramifications of what had just happened. Like I said, it was like I took baby the tests like month apart or six, six weeks apart or something like that.

And obviously I did not grow in intelligence in the span of six weeks. I didn’t memorize the encyclopedia Britannica in six weeks. So her question like really stopped, made me think. And there was really only one logical answer to that it could come to you. And that was that I always had it in me. And for some reason I just didn’t believe myself in to just kind of nodded her head, you know? And I, I realized there was probably no right answer or wrong answer to that. It was just the answer that I chose to believe for myself. And then at that point in time, it’s when my focus started to shift and I started saying to myself, you know, I never would say to myself, well, I can’t do this because of x, Y, z. It was always long, the lines of why can’t I, you know, if somebody else has done it, why can’t I do it?

And I’ve always held that philosophy to that believe every step of the way in my life. And sometimes it’s taken me a little bit longer than I wanted to to actually pull the trigger. But I’ve known plenty of people that are around me that have done certain things along the way. And I have basically, you know, I’ve said to myself, well shoot, if they can do it, why can I, you know? And then I go off and do the things, like for instance, on, I know I’ve shared this story before about buying my first duplex, you know, it was just one of those things where I saw other people do it. And I just said to myself, well, why can I, you know? And the thing is I had to overcome all that fear and all that doubt. But once I asked myself that question, you know, why not me?

Why can’t I do it? Then I always figured out a way to do it. And then all of a sudden I realize that of the people around me were asking that same question or more specifically, they would, they would sit there and look at me and say, well, gee cliff, I could never do what you do. I’m like, well, yes, you can, you know, you make just as much money as I do. You’re actually smarter than I am. But they’re, the answer was always the same. It’s like, oh, I could never do, I can never do. I can never do. So that was one of the things that I really had to confront all my life and even have to ask that question to this day is whenever I say to myself that I can’t do something, or you yeah, if I just say to myself that I can’t do something, I always have to ask myself, you know, is that my lesser self talking?

Is that a limiting belief talking or is that something that that I just truly believe and maybe I just lack the knowledge. And so with that being said, I, I’ve always just, you know, before I even answered the question and say, well, I can’t do it, or something along those lines, I will always look it up, you know, online or to go to youtube or whatever it is. And it seems like every one of those channels always holds the answer to what it is that I’m looking for. And then if I watched these people online and do it, then I always have to ask myself the same question. Well shoot, if those people can do it, why can’t I? Anyways, just wanted to share that story with you today. Something that was rattling around. Thank you for a thank you for stopping in and giving me your attention. I’m sorry about the quality of this stop being so good. I’m filming this at home. I’ll probably be doing more of these at home, so I’m going to see what I can do about making the quality of these, of these episodes a little bit better. Anyways, I hope you guys have a fantastic day. And I will talk to you guys again tomorrow. I will see you then have a good day.