It’s important to have your target customer defined.  If not, your business is going to suffer.  Here’s a story about a failed partnership I had because we had different target customers in mind.

In this episode, I talk about:

  • A sure-win business model
  • What a launch customer really is
  • Defining Your Target Customer


Hello everyone and welcome to the path to 1 million. This is episode 114. Before I begin today, I just want to take a moment to thank everyone for the, for the wool wishes. Yesterday yesterday afternoon was a wee bit of a struggle. Last night was really tough. I had forced myself out of bed this morning just so I could get a couple things ton, but you know, I’m hoping that today I’ll be on the amends and everything will be going good. As I promised in episode 100, I was going to be talking a little bit more tactical with regards to social media and connecting and how you can connect with the right people to grow your business. And as I was writing down some notes and getting ready to give the first lesson today, it occurred to me that I should take a step back first and say something before people just start jumping in and I’m trying some of the trying some of the tactics that I’m going to reveal.

It reminded me of back in the day I was looking for a business to start any business really. And I discovered a way that, that I could that I could build a website for cheap and fast. More importantly, I could actually hire somebody for, you know, basically minimum wage to be able to build that website. So it didn’t require any special programming skills. Basically, if you could use Microsoft word, then you could build a website. So I was all excited about that. So I went to a buddy of mine who I had done business with before. All of them failed and I went to a buddy of mine and I said, Hey, I got this idea for business. And I explained it out to him. He’s like, dude, I love this idea. And I said, yeah. I said, but you know, just keep something in mind.

You know, the whole concept here is that we are, we are the McDonald’s of websites. You know, when we do this, you know, it’s very simple hamburger, very simple website. You know, we are not doing flavor and yawn. We are not doing these websites with all this technical functionality to it. We are just doing you know, we’re just, we’re just the McDonald’s of websites. And he said, okay, I get that. And what I did is I let the, I let him run the business and he was a CEO, whatever it was. And I was basically the COO, I guess for that matter. And I put together the systems, I put them all in place. We actually found I think like five people to volunteer to be our Guinea pigs. And within like an hour, I taught them all how to build a website super fast, super, super cheap.

I gave them demos of different sites. Like somebody had to build a, a website for a, a dive shop at other one, had to build a website for a restaurant. And they all did it. They all passed. And it was, it was amazing. I was so excited. I was like, yeah, we could, you know, absolutely knocked this out of the park. And so, you know, because I was in charge of the product, product development and all those processes, whatever it was this other guy was, he was in charge of getting those customers. So I told them, I said, well, go, go get us a customer. We already, so he calls me up. One day I was driving down the road. He calls me up and he says he says, Hey, cliff, I’ve got a large customer. I said, that’s sweet.

And he said, yeah, it’s an attorney. Thought, ah, Dah, Dah. But here’s the deal. He doesn’t want the McDonald’s of websites. He wants the Philemon Young. So he wants all this extra functionality and programming and everything else and we have to build it. Now, the only person on the team who was capable of building this website for them was me. Nobody else knew programming. Nobody else knew. You know, how to build all this extra stuff. Nobody knew anything about any of that stuff. And I was a little bit confused because I told Mark, I said, you know, we are the mcdonalds of websites. We do not do Philemon young. If somebody goes to the McDonald’s and wants a flaming Yoan, they have to, you know, go to another restaurant that you have to go to, you know, Ruth Chris or some other steakhouse like that.

They don’t come to us. That’s not what we do. So as he’s all excited about this on the phone telling me, yeah, we’ve got a launch constantly or we’re doing this, we’re doing this. And I, I had told them, I said, hey mark, I said, just as an FYI, this is not our customer. This is not who we’re going for. I don’t know how you can say that this is our launch customer because we can’t use them against any other customers that we got up there. Any other customers that we got out there are just going to get a simple website. We can’t do these complicated websites. And he said, no, cliff, if you don’t get it, we need this launch costs are over because you know, he could help us get all these other clients and Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah. And they said, no mark.

They said, because you and I are going to spend the next six months building this website. Meanwhile we’re going to turn all these other people down cause I’m not going to have the bandwidth to be able to build their websites. So this is the make any sense to me. I thought we were like absolutely clear that we were just going to build the mcdonalds of websites, very simple websites for small business owners. That was it. We’re very clear on that. And he and I went back and forth and of course he accused me of not being a team player and I have to do everything my way and there’s no give or take and Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah. But the thing is is when we had this whole process mapped out, I told them point blank, I said, this is exactly the reason why you and I had to establish upfront who our target customer was.

And our target customer is small business owners who, you know, don’t have $30,000 to laid out on a website. Now, the attorney guide Mites, I said, but a lot of these other small business owners don’t. So let’s get them a great looking website that they can use, that they can brag about. It will be a great way for us to be able to just get more clients. It’s more, people won’t go look them up sites too, but this is what it is that we need to do. And anyways, moral of the story is that that business did not last very long. He kept insisting that we provide these, this attorney guy with his website, with all this functionality built in and people could log in and et Cetera, et cetera. And A, I refuse to build it for them, you know, because that’s not what our business does.

You know, we turn him away if he wants, if he really wants this website, there’s all types, all kinds of web programmers out there that would do it for them, not just us. So anyways, the business, you know, obviously did survive. It’s split. He went his own way. He tried to create another version of my McDonald’s website. But it failed absolutely miserably. So he couldn’t even come up with an original idea on his own. Which is too bad. You know, he’s, he’s going to do whatever he wants to do, but this is, this is the important thing of making sure that you understand and establish exactly who it is that you’re wanting to connect with. As we, as we start to explore linkedin, as we start to explore Facebook and some of the strategies and tactics that are in there, you have to have that character kind of defined.

We don’t have that kind of defined. You have to have it defined in your head. You know who this person is, and you can get as detailed as you want. It’s better to be more detailed with who you want to connect with versus just trying to be generic because it’s real easy to sit there and say that my business or my service is really applicable to everybody. But it’s like the saying goes, if you’re trying to be everything to everyone, then you’re nothing to no one. So anyways, I just wanted to share that with you guys today. There’s some stuff that was bouncing around in the back of my head. I will be back next week with a lesson one to go forward from there. And of course I’ll be back tomorrow with another story and hopefully I will have made progress. I’m kicking this bug out of my system. Anyways, I will talk to you guys tomorrow. I will see you then. Have a good day.