You have to add value!  This seems to be the war cry of people who have no idea what it means.  So what is it?  And why does it matter?

In this episode, I talk about:

  • Marketing Companies
  • Gary Vaynerchuk
  • The Power of Stories


Morning, everyone, welcome to the path to 1 million. This will be episode 105 and here we go.

Handful of years ago I was working with a marketing company and I’ll admit that marketing for me is always been this like nebulous fantasy type world. I never really understood what it was. I’ve always been the type of guy that if you can’t hit it with a hammer, then I don’t understand it. Marketing to me was always nebulous and I started working with this marketing company to help me out as far as being able to connect with people online’s a gift, potential leads online, do potential sales online. And I was working with them and you know, these guys came across as, you know, we have this complete package. We can get you all these customers, we can get you all these could you all these leads. And I remember that at that particular time that the business I was in competition was pretty fierce, like very fierce.

And so I was looking at alternative ways to be able to generate money and a lot of the tactics and strategies that that a lot of my competitors were using involved door knocks. There was a lot of odd deception that was involved with it. And so I just kind of said, you know, that’s really not for me. I want to pursue other paths. And to me, social media is like an untapped territory. Everybody’s on social media. It’s just how do you, how do you, how do you connect with these people on here? How do you build relationships with people that were on there? And I knew that had to do with marketing, but I really didn’t understand what marketing was. So I’d been watching a number of videos. Thanks crystal. Like I’ve been watching like a number of videos online, trying to figure out what marketing was and listening to these marketing experts that were on there and social media experts.

And that’s how I came across a Gary Vaynerchuk, if you don’t know who he is, you should check him out. He’s, he is, he’s really good. I love his story. I love his Shtick, but Gary Vaynerchuk is a great guy. He’s built a very successful business. He understands marketing and social media in a way that I think just blows everybody away. But what he says actually makes sense. And so, you know, listening to him, listening to, you know, what he talks about on there at the time when I was doing this, I don’t hear it so much these days, but at that time, the key phrase that I kept hearing people say all the time is that you, you need to add value, right? This is all the phrase that they would always say you need to add value. And I never understood what that was. And I thought, well, maybe, maybe adding value is education, maybe adding value is I, you know, just you know, sharing with people how the process works or anything else like that.

And so, you know, I, I started doing some investigating in it and come to find out with the advent of the Internet, everything, and I mean, everything that you would ever want to do is available online, you know, for crying out loud. The bearings in the back of my car was shot and I went over to my buddy’s house and he had downloaded the instructions on how to change the bearings on the car. You know, and it’s very few stuff if anything out there, unless you’re pop secret classified in that area there. But most anything that you want to do is available online. I can’t even begin to tell you the number of times that I have fixed stuff in my house. Or you know, like even like the other day we were talking with my contractor, right. And I made a comment about replacing one of the travertine tiles in my house and he goes, why replace them when you can just fix it never even occurred to me.

So go to youtube and I type in how to fix crack travertine tile. Boom, there’s a video, it’s like two, two minutes long. Shows me how to do it. So, you know, anyways, I was really struggling with what the concept of value actually meant. Oh, you got all that. Like, you ain’t got to add value, you’ve got to add value, you’ve got to add value. And we’re talking about this marketing company and of course, you know they’re on there and they’re telling me you’ve got to add value. Why didn’t I know what the hell that was? So they’re telling me, well you know, produce a video or produce this or produce this, Dah, Dah, Dah and talk about this. And I was, and it wasn’t gaining any traction whatsoever with people like, like not, I wasn’t getting any leads, I wasn’t getting any more business through the door and I couldn’t help but to think for myself that, you know, it’s not necessarily the marketing company that’s failing, it’s, it’s, it’s myself that’s failing cause I’m missing a connection somewhere. I just simply don’t get it. So I’m starting to pose the question now. Every single time that they say, cliff, you have to add value.


I would look at them and I’m like, what the hell is value?


And they actually, what they came back with as they said, well, if you really want to get leads, if you really want to do this dot, Dah, Dah, Dah, then you have to offer your services at a discount.


And you can call that discount, whatever you want to call it, but you have to offer it at a discount. Probably 500 bucks, maybe a thousand and I started scratching my head because I wondered how in the world can you add value to somebody by discounting your prices? You know, that whole thing to me was an absolute mystery. Of course, I’m reading an article in a magazine and serve Richard Branson who created the virgin group. Virgin Airlines has created all of these businesses out there. He said something that really, really struck me and he said, if you, if you have a product or service and if you cannot differentiate yourself in the marketplace, then you become a commodity. The only way that you can convene if you’re a commodity is on price, which is exactly what this marketing company was telling me to do. They were telling me to compete on price. All these other people that are out there and competing or whatever, and I would tell people, yeah, well if you use me a I, I gave you $1,000 discount,

But you know what, somebody else out there is willing to give them a $1,500 discount, somebody else’s willing to give a $2,000 discount, which is exactly what you’re seeing in the marketplace now. Needless to say, I didn’t continue my relationship with marketing company, not because they’re bad people. I think they’re great group of guys. I think that they’ve got like a very good solid product. I think they’ve got a good solid service or they actually have customers out there that are very happy with what’s going on and what they’re doing and they’re actually getting business from it. And I salute their success. For me and my marketplace, it wasn’t working because the one thing is is when I joined this secondary marketing group, it was because the leader of the group, Ryan Fletcher said something that I thought was very interesting and that was, it depends on the value. And the content of your character, not only the content of your character, but you got to craft a story and through story you build relationships and then all of a sudden all the marketing stuff started to make sense because really then I started looking at marketing is nothing more than a way to be able to build relationships at scale.


So by publishing an origin story, by putting my story out there, by sharing stories out there with people, the differentiation now comes down to me because really if you think edit and at any day, and I’m, I’m researching this, I’m going to talk about this in another video, but if you have a product or service out there, you’re basically already a commodity. If you’re an employee out there, right? Whether you, you know, sit at a desk all day or whether you’re working in the field or whatever it is, if you quit that job, somebody else will take your job. You know, there’s always somebody else out there to replace you. You’re not completely irreplaceable. And I’m not saying that to be depressing in the environment, play an environment, not at all, but once you start to understand that it boils down to the difference of your character.


That’s what makes you you and that’s what makes you special and then when you go in and you either interview for that job or you’re trying to get a potential client or you’re trying to close business or whatever it is, it is the value of your character that’s going to define whether that deal closes or not because the old axiom holds true. If people know you, like you and trust you and on the Internet, it’s super easy to get people to know you if you’re sharing stories, if you’re communicating in a way that’s going to connect with other people who believe as you believe, and that to me is successful marketing. That is how you build a business. That is how you can grow a nonprofit. That’s how you can go out and find other jobs. That’s why I share these stories online, build relationships at scale. Anyways, I just wanted to share that with you today. I hope you guys have the absolutely fantastic weekend and today is a Saturday. Things are going really well. I’m very happy about that. So anyways, thanks for stopping by. Thanks. Brad, Susan. Chris. Thank you guys were talking about, I really do appreciate it and I will be back again tomorrow with another story. I’ll see you then have good night or having a good day. Actually.