Recently my AC unit went on the blink.  And it took me 2 weeks to get it  repaired.  With all these AC companies around me, why did it take so long?  How did I lose sight of my goal?

In this episode, I talk about

  • Running AirBnB business
  • Losing Sight of my Goal
  • What I did to get it back


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Morning, everyone, welcome to the path to 1 million. This is episode 98. Episode 100 will be coming this Monday. I hope you guys will all pay attention then because I’m going to not only release the number one x, the number one most watched, most like most commented on video out there from the series and it looks like my hair’s out of control. But not only that, but a, some announcements of some other goodies are coming as well. So just want to let you know, keep your eyeballs peeled. This Monday, 8:30 AM eastern standard time videos coming out. And speaking of most watched videos today, I have the third most popular video. And for this one here we have to go into the wayback machine and that would actually be episode number five. Which was actually hilarious because when I first started off doing these Facebook lives, I was absolutely horrible.

I was absolutely abysmal here, but this one actually ranked at the top because it actually had the most number of views at 140, which I think is great. So thank you for everybody who put their eyeballs on a particular video. And that video, I talked about the importance of making sure that as any kind of a business, whether you’re a profit or for profit, how important it is for you to share your story, share your struggle. And I said this the other day and I kind of put it out there, it’s more like a theory rather than the law. But most everything that’s out there is commoditized. Whether that’s knowledge, whether that’s experience, whether that’s jobs. There’s very few people out there that have the market on a very singular idea and they don’t have any kind of competition whatsoever. So when, when people are sitting down to decide who they’re going to do business with or who they’re going to donate money to, it really wills down to the person or to the individual that they are taking a look at.

So for instance, like even like the other day, right? I went on this thing about how Amnesty International showed up at my door. All they wanted was money from me. They had an opportunity to create that relationship with me. They chose not to. They didn’t want my email address. They just turn around and walk away from my door. So like I said, you know, when, whenever you’re doing business, I might not be a, I might not be a customer that day. I may not be a donor that day, but at some point in time down the road I might be. But if you don’t make that investment in the relationship by sharing stories, by talking about the good times, the bad times that you’re going through building your business, our talking about maybe lessons that you’re learning from the people that are around you, then you know, people don’t get to know you.

And if they don’t know you, they’re not gonna like you and they’re certainly not going to trust you, which is the three, you know, prerequisites for people to do business. So anyways, I wanted to talk about losing sight of your goals. Cause this is something that has happened to me on more than one occasion. And it’s something that I actively work on. A few months back I was in Michigan and when I’d go back to Michigan and I’m there for a little bit of time, I always airbnb out my house here in California. Why not make some extra money while I’m doing it? While I was in Michigan, this heat wave came through southern California and the next thing I know I got a phone call from the people staying at my house that my ac unit went on the brink. So I’m like, great, here’s a problem that I got to get fixed.

Well, when I renovated the house many moons ago, I worked with an AC heating company and I loved these guys. They were so cool and I felt like I could trust them. They weren’t taking advantage of me. All these other AC companies were in there giving me these obnoxious quotes and telling me that, you know, they couldn’t use anything that I had on the premises with. This other company said, yeah, everything works just fine. It’s not an issue. They charged me a lot less money. So anyways, I already had an established relationship with them. So when my ac unit went out, they were the first ones that I called. Of course, when I finally got their secretary, a receptionist on the phone, she said to me, she goes, we’ll just let you know that because of the heat wave that’s going on, we’re getting phone calls from everybody on the planet.

Everybody’s AC unit is on the brink, or we’re out installing AC units right now. And she said, I’ll be honest with you, it’s probably going to be two or three days before we can get to you now. I didn’t think two or three days is that big of a deal. And I said, yeah, that’s no problem whatsoever. You know, just put me on the schedule and let me know. And she said, okay, we will let you know. So two days went by, I didn’t hear anything. So I called him up on the phone just to make sure that they didn’t forget about me, called them up on the phone and you know, the lady said, Yep, sorry, we’re just super busy. We cannot get there tomorrow, but I promise you by Friday that we’ll have it there. So now I’m thinking this is now five days that have gone by where the people inside of my house that are staying there don’t have ac.

And the thing is is that when it’s getting 90 degrees in Long Beach and that house just warms up like crazy. It’s like in an oven and it may sleep in at night, like basically intolerable. So I’m communicating with the guests, letting them know that hey, you know, they see people are going to be there this day and stuff, Dah, Dah, Dah. Well, what wound up happening was, because you know, through Airbnb, if they filed a complaint, they could’ve gotten most of their money back saying that there wasn’t any AC. So I, I took the initiative and I said, look, I appreciate the fact that they seize out. I’ll offer you a discount. We negotiated back and forth and boom, I slid them some money back from their house day. I was a little bit bummed that I lost money on the transaction, but you know, I w I wanna make sure that they’re happy.

So there we go. Well Friday I get a phone call from them and the secretary says, a technician will be at your house today by five o’clock or if not first thing tomorrow. So these airbnb guests have laughed. I got new airbnb guests coming in. I already told them the situation would they see? And I said, okay, that’s cool, but now it’s a week and now I’m starting to get irritated cause for some reason another I keep getting bumped off, keep getting bumped off. And I had a feeling it was something simple. So anyway, she said, you know, today by five or tomorrow they’ll be there. And I said, okay, cool. Well I didn’t hear anything back Friday night, so I just assumed that they would be there on Saturday. Saturday morning came and went, there was nothing. So remember I’m on east coast time at this point.

So when it got to be like three in the afternoon, which would be 12 o’clock Pacific standard time. But I didn’t hear anything. I called them up on the phone and of course their offices are closed on the weekends. So I’m like great. You know. So then what I did is I called another AC company and the lady said, you know, I’m terribly sorry you’re getting the run round. We will be there Tuesday at eight o’clock if you want us to confirm the appointment, we will. So I thought about there for a second and of course, you know my brain is like, you know what’s going to happen cliff, you’ll confirm this appointment and then Monday the AC people will call and say we’ll be there today to get it fixed. Cause I’ll feel bad cause they didn’t get it fixed on the weekends. So I told the lady, I said No.

I said just I’ll let you know if I need something. Well Monday comes and goes and I don’t hear anything from AC people like nothing at all. So finally I called them up on the phone and I’m like, Hey, you told me that somebody was going to be there Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. I didn’t get any phone calls. The AC is still not fixed. And Lady Goes, Oh, I’m really sorry cliff the technician. There must’ve been some confusion in there, you know, and I half expected her to say, we’ll have somebody out there today, but that did not happen. So then Tuesday rolls around now and it’s like late in the afternoon and I finally get a phone call from the owner who says, we’re, we’re, you know, like 10 minutes from your house. We’re going to go over there and we’re going to take a look at it.

I will call you by the end of today with a resolution. But by now my guests that are my current guests are in the house, they have been baking forever. And so the next day rolls around and of course the guy says, I’ll call you later today. He never calls, right? It’s now at the end of the day. Now it’s like Wednesday. So this problem has been lingering for almost two weeks and I live it. But then I remembered something that I had been listening to on a Jocko podcast and he talks about this in his book, extreme ownership, something that’s a book that I’ve dissected, you know, a million times. I think I can learn a lot about leadership from him. But I go and I take a look and, and he always talks about in there like, you know, whenever the situation is getting rough, the first thing you need to do is you need to take a step back.

And he always talks about like the six inches. Just take yourself back. Just detach from the situation and look around and see what’s going on. And it occurred to me that when I did that, when I took a step back from the situation, I had to ask myself one simple thing, right when I started off on this whole thing, my goal was super simple. Fix the AC. That was it. I just wanted to fix the AC so they could be happy. So I wouldn’t lose any more money. But what happened was, is my goal shifted, right? And I didn’t do it intentionally. It just shifted and it went from fixed the AC to all of a sudden have this AC company fix the problem. That’s became the goal. And because I was so fixated on having this one AC company fixed, I lost track of the bigger goal in my mind.

And as soon as I saw that, it was like as clear as day and I, I was like, you know what? This is stupid. So I called the other company and I said, I need you guys to book an appointment. And they said, well, we can be there like Thursday at eight o’clock in the morning. I said, great, because at least I knew that they would show up. And it just so happened that on Wednesday afternoon I got a call from the owner of this company that said, Yep, we discovered what the problem was. There was actually two issues with your ac unit, but we fixed them. Both. Your ac unit is running just fine. We’re super sorry that this happened, blah, blah, blah. But it was, it was one of those things where I realize that, you know, in my attempt to just get the problem fixed, I had shifted the focus.

If I had taken a step back earlier in the entire process when I first called them up on the phone and when I, when I all of a sudden got delayed, like somebody will be there today, nobody was there. That’s when I should have picked up the phone and had somebody else come out there to do it. Trust goes a long way in this business. I totally get that. But at the end of the day, am I more concerned with taking care of my own business or am I more concerned about taking care of somebody else’s business? And in my mind it wasn’t worth it really at the end of the day, because the AC unit in and of itself costs me about 280 bucks to get fixed, which is not that big of a deal. But I refunded close to $600 to the airbnb guests that were staying at my house. So the true cost to get this ac unit fixed was probably closer to 1000 bucks.

If I had taken action, if I had kept my eye on the ball and said, the primary goal here is to get the AC unit fixed in the house, I just need somebody to come over there and fix it, then I wouldn’t have lost so much money. I would have refunded probably some money for the people up front that reported the problem, but the next set of guests that came to the door, that would not have happened. So it really is about making sure that when you have that goal in mind that you keep that goal in mind. Don’t shift your focus, don’t get obsessed with this is the one path and one path only because then your, your goal shifting, whatever it is, focuses from achieving this objective versus following this path, which is exactly what I was guilty of and something that I’m going to have to remind myself on a daily basis. And I actually got bid on it again. It was a onetime wasn’t enough, but lesson learned. I’ll show that story in another day. Anyways, I’ve taken up enough of your time today, so I’m going to call it a day. I hope your guys’ Saturday goes really well, and I will talk to you again tomorrow with another episode and the second most popular episode of my Facebook lives and I will see you then. Have a great weekend.