I’m doing my 25x5k challenge … and this is week 5 of training.  The other day, my body started giving out.  Mentally, I kept pushing myself.  But what happens when your body simply gives out?

In this episode, I talk about:

  • My 5k Training Progress
  • What David Goggins does when he fails
  • The future of my training


Hello everyone. Welcome to the path to 1 million. This is episode 97. Apparently I cannot do math, so I wanted to get to episode 100 and, and countdown like the most popular episode that was out there. But I started my countdown on the wrong day, so I’m not going to talk about the third most popular episode today. I’m actually gonna say that one for tomorrow cause then it’ll go Saturday, the local Sunday. Then it’ll look on Monday. So many ways. Let’s get started with today’s story.

The other day I came around the corner and that’s when the tunnel vision hit. Up until that point in time I had been doing good. I’ve been feeling really good. Yeah. But it really came in like really like focused and I’m not talking focused as then I was focusing on my goal. I’m talking, you know, it was like, it was like blacking out almost. And I was running at the time the temperature was about 83 degrees, a little humidity hanging in the air and I could hear that David Goggins voice pumping in my head. That was like, don’t give up. Don’t give up, keep running, keep running. At some point, in addition to this tunnel vision that was going on, the next thing that happened was the fact of that I could start to feel heat coming off of my face like to the extreme, like one second I could not feel it and the next second that’s all I could feel.

It was like my head was literally on fire, but I’m thinking to myself, keep pushing Clif, keep pushing, keep pushing. Then I started to see stars and at that point they’re a little voice in the back of my head said to me, you should probably stop running now cliff, cause something’s really, really wrong. So I did more, more importantly, I stopped running because I realized that if I was going to have an issue, was going to have a problem. If I was going to keep pushing myself, then I would probably fall flat on the pavement and nobody, nobody knew I was there. Nobody knew what I was doing and I would be completely on my own and I felt bad because this particular track here that I was on, this running track is training for my 5k goal. My 5k goal is to run 25 5k’s in a row.

I am in the middle of training right now and I’m been sticking really good with my training regiment. I have met all of the goals that I have set along the way. This particular day I was to run for nine minutes, walk for one and then repeat that cycle three times. So I had did, I had done the first at nine minutes a okay. Everything was feeling good. Of course my body was revolting, but I’m like, you can do this. I made it through the second nine minutes. AOK into the third nine minutes is where the tunnel vision came in, where the stars came in, where the heat came in and I knew that there was something that was wrong at this point here and I suspected that something was wrong because as I was doing these runs, I just wasn’t feeling as good as I should have been.

And the one thing that occurred to me of course after this was over was the fact that I need to figure out what’s going on. I have been reading David Goggins book, can’t hurt me in there. He is going for the world record for pull-ups and so he gets on to, he announces he’s going to do it and next thing you know they’re having him on the Today show. They, they say, don’t worry, we’ll set everything up. So they pull a truck in there with a bar on it and they have all these cameras, they have all these glass windows. So people walking by can see what they’re doing. People were coming in asking for selfies with them got completely like distracted. Anyways, his first attempt to, to dif, to break the world record for pull-ups, a, he failed. He failed miserably. He didn’t even make it to the halfway point.

And afterwards he did what they always call like an After Action Report or AAR, which is something you learned from the Navy Seals, which is where you kind of do an autopsy on your failed event, “What did you do wrong?” And you take a look at everything that is on there. So from my standpoint, it wasn’t that I mentally didn’t want to do it, it’s just that something was happening within my body that caused me to start to break down, to cause me to start having these problems. So I had to say to myself, you know, I need to figure out what it is that I’m doing wrong. And at the same point in time, while I’m doing these running as I’m doing this racing, I was also well aware of the fact too that I had almost made it to 205 pounds as far as my weight goes.

So I decided to scale back on the number of carbs. But what I didn’t realize at the time, and I and I eat throughout the day, but what I didn’t realize at the time was scaling back on the amount of carbs also translated into scaling back on the amount of calories that I was eating. So while I was eating constantly throughout the day, when I sat down at one of these websites that actually counts for your calorie calculator. I was consuming about 1600 calories a day. Now for an active man that is my age, I should be between 2000 and 3000 and if, because I’m so active I should be closer to 3000 so I was getting probably roughly about the half the number of calories that I was supposed to have in any given day. But this would also explain to like after lunch for instance, for some reason I would have the worst food coma after lunch ever.

Like literally like I could not keep my eyes open and it’s because my body was started for calories. It was starved for energy. So I reached out to my good buddy CJ Thomas. He is the top athlete x trainer guy that is out there. He is Mr Fitness. He does the 12 minutes of death that I talked about before. 12 minutes of hardcore exercise that will kick your ass. So I reached out to him about diet and he sent me a video that he had shot walking him through the Diet he has and I started adopting some of the things that he talked about. I did some other research online. The trick was to increase my caloric intake without increasing the number of carbs that I was having because I still want to lose weight. It’s harder to run when you have all this extra weight on you anyways.

But also too, I’m well aware of the fact that if I gain weight then my cholesterol numbers go up and everything goes up. So I want to make sure that I can stay stay trim. That’s where I want to go cause I do not want to take medication anyways. So the other day, like I said, I finished the third nine minute run with about three minutes to go. And so after that I readjusted my caloric intake. I went and I bought all the right foods that I should eat. Adding a lot more cheese to my diet. I added a sugar free peanut butter out there, which is like just nothing more than just like real peanuts. I did not realize the amount of sugar that they added to peanut butter, but they do. So anyways, I got a sugar-free peanut butter, which is chucked full of course of, of all kinds of really great calories and I bought some other foods as well to get my caloric intake up.

Another thing too that occurred to me was the fact that a lot of the water that I intake is in the form of coffee, which really doesn’t count. So I had to bump up my water intake because if I’m not getting enough water, my body can’t regulate the temperature. So I started making sure that the night before I go to bed, about an hour before I go to bed, I am drinking at least a liter of water and did our first thing when I get up in the morning drinking another liter of water, just pound it, just keep your body completely hydrated. That along with the chloric intake, my next run was actually going to be to run for 12 minutes, walk for, to repeat that twice and then run for five minutes. So my total running time would be 29 minutes, which would put me really, really close to getting the five k mark.

5K is about 3.1 3.2 miles. So I got out there the next day and I started my run and so I knocked down the first 12 minutes, no problem. I knocked down the second 12 minutes, no problem. And I set my timer to run the third and I was supposed to run five minutes, but I set it for eight and a half minutes because I owed myself those three and a half minutes from the other day when I wasn’t able to finish. So I set it for eight and a half and I started my run in. The thing is I felt so good. I felt so energized when my timer went off. I was actually shocked. I was so lost in thought and so lost in the running and the feeling in the end, the experience of it that it didn’t even notice the time slip by.

And if I didn’t have my earbuds I, I put in, it probably would’ve did a forest Gump and just ran all fricking day. So that was like super cool. So it’s just one of those things where, you know, it reminds me that these things all work together and just because when you try to do something, if it doesn’t work, figure out what didn’t work after, after the fact is that, you know what? This is the experiment that I tried. It did not work. So what do I need to tweak? What do I need to adjust? Just don’t give up and walk away. It would’ve been very easy for me to continue to try to do things at normal and I could have blamed any number of things for it, but I realized that this is my goal. This is what I want to achieve. Thank you Janine, for the like, this is my goal.

This is what I want to achieve. What do I need to do to get there? And it’s more than just a mental game. It’s also a physical game, especially when it comes to sports because I still want to track my goal. I still want to participate in 5k’s. There’s a couple of great ones that are coming up that are raising a lot of money for charity that I want to participate in. But at the same point in time, if my body is not conditioned to get me there, and it doesn’t matter how mentally tough I am, I can be the most mentally tough guy on the planet. David Goggins, he is mentally tough, but after a while his body just gave out for the pull up challenge. He couldn’t even get his arms to go up over his head. And if you, if you can’t even make it that far, you know, it doesn’t matter.

Your body has security you where you want to go and deal with anything that’s in life just because something doesn’t work the first time afterwards, figure out what happened and then just move forward from there. Anyways, that’s my story for today. I, I’m absolutely happy that I was able to crush that next level of training. My next run is actually going to be this Sunday. I’ve got two days of rest period, but coming up real fast. Thanks Robert for the like Coming up real fast is going to be the start of September, which is where I’m going to be doing my 25 by 5k challenge. So Wayne, thank you for the like appreciate it. And I will be reporting back when all that stuff happens. But anyways, I hope you guys have a phenomenal Friday going into the weekend, and I will talk to you again tomorrow. I’ll see you then. Have a good day.