How does my secret love affair tie in with my weight?  Good question.  For the longest time, I had no idea what I was missing.  Until I experienced it.  And how it would impact my life.  Here’s my story.

In this episode, I talk about:

  • My first time
  • How this impacts my weight
  • What happens when I leave my love behind


Hello everyone! Welcome to the path to 1 million. This is going to be episode 173. I want to share a little bit of a story with you for this particular Friday. So I remember way back in the day, it was probably, well it wasn’t probably, it was the first time that I flew to Europe. I went to Paris, I’d always been wanting to go, always wanted to see Paris. I, you know, had read books on it. I had maps of Paris. I was like all excited about it. So I make it to Paris. And one of the things that I was completely unprepared for was the fact that the food was going to taste so good. All my life I had grown up thinking that fuel, that food was just nothing more than a fuel source, just something that you just eat when you got hungry.

But I was actually really surprised when I got over there and just, it just tasted so good. And I remember more than once during a meal that it actually felt like I was having a foodgaism in my mouth. And I just was like, Oh my God, this is like totally awesome. And I remember on my first trip to Europe, I was actually gone for three weeks. So I really got a chance to sample a bunch of different foods, different kinds of cuisines. I actually absolutely fell in love with sauces because growing up my only sauce that I ever had was gravy. But I absolutely fell in love with the different sauces that was offered. And so I remember when I came back to the States thinking to myself, I want to eat like this every day. That’s what I thought.

Cause there was a lot of people in France that could actually cook just as well as what you can get inside of restaurants. And so what this did is it actually put me on this path. I, and I didn’t understand it or really know it at the time, but it put me on a path to the point where I was buying all my ingredients fresh. I wasn’t buying anything boxed anymore. Like a staple of my diet through my twenties was shaken bank. You know, and that to me was like a different meal cause I could go to the aisle and I would see all the ‘Shake ‘N Bake’ that were up there. And they had like at that time they had like five or six different flavors or something and I would buy one of each pack because that was one for every day of the week.

And that’s how I cook because you know, it’s just fuel. Well when I didn’t, I get until later on when this whole thing about processed foods became really popular was the fact that by default, by switching over and only cooking with ingredients that I could actually pronounce and say and, and actually cook with things that I know and keeping my, my cooking simple and focusing on, you know, whole ingredients versus processed and everything else. I managed to skip a lot of the foods out there that can actually make you gain weight. And what was interesting is that I was thinking back yesterday about all the times in my life where I had actually gained a lot of weight. And when I talk about a lot of weight, it’s like maybe 25 pounds or something like that. And I know people have gained a lot more weight.

But for me it got a little bit freaky when I gained 25 pounds because number one I had been 180 pounds for as long as I can remember. But number two, getting up there to like to two Oh five approaching almost to 10 that’s when the doctor was telling me that my cholesterol numbers were through the roof and I needed to go on medication and all these other problems were popping up and something happened with my liver and everything else like that. So I had to go through all these tests and, and everything else. But the amazing thing is, is when I finally shed those, you know, 20 or 25 pounds, my numbers all went back to normal. And I thought that was kind of a, an interesting concept, but it, you know, one of the things that I was thinking about was the fact that I had gotten off my diet, my secret love affair, so to speak.

I had left my all food lover behind and I was just eating like just stuffed the, to get me feel because I was really busy at the time. I wasn’t spending the time everyday to cook on the weekend, everything else like that. Plus there was other issues going on that was keeping me out of the kitchen. So I was literally just eating food just as fuel and if, you know, if you got a little bit hungry or you were staying hungry, it’s like here just, you know, eat more carbs and that’s not the answer to anything. And I realize that especially lately with getting more into getting more into cooking and stuff, is that how much I really missed it? You know? And some of the things that, you know, that I really experimented with was I would find things in my life that I really like.

Like, for instance, a spaghetti sauce. I was absolutely shocked when I was in the grocery store and I picked up a bottle of spaghetti sauce and I saw just how many carbs were in it. But also too how many grams of sugar were in it. And then you understand that when these guys are making spaghetti sauce, they dump a ton of sugar into it because they have to sweeten it up because nobody will eat tomatoes that have been cooked cause there’s like a tart flavor to it. So I just go online and I find a recipe and it says, you’re going to use carrots. And what I didn’t understand of course about the science of carrots is that when you heat carrots up, they actually sweeten up. And that’s why carrots are a staple in tomato sauce. So you know, rather than go out and spend, you know, $3 on a jar of tomato sauce as Chuck full of sugar.

I am out there making my own sauce, which costs a little bit more. But the thing is is that is way more healthy for me. And there’s no sugar in it. And then the actual sugars come from the carrots that are in there. So, you know, and it’s a trade off. And, and like I said, whenever I’ve started to, whenever I’ve started to to cook my own food and just focus on making sure that it can taste good while it’s made refreshing ingredients, I have always lost weight. And that in addition to having some kind of an active lifestyle, there was a book that came out, I remember reading it and it was called a course. I was, had my French infatuation going on, but it was called a French women don’t get fat and maybe you remember it or not, but it was written by the the representative for Veuve Clicquot is a very popular champagne in the United States.

I’m talking about champagne, not sparkling wine but it’s a popular champagne in the United States. And she wrote this book. And one of the things that really struck me about the stories that she was telling in there was the fact that that the, the French lifestyle is a lot more active than the American lifestyle, which I think is absolutely true. It surprises me the number of people that will just get in their car and drive for, you know, 200 feet to go to the grocery store 300 feet to go to the grocery store. And you know, where I live, whenever I have to go to the grocery store and buy something, I always walk. Only time I ever take my car is like if it’s raining. And that’s about it. So I think just having a more of an active lifestyle does definitely have an impact.

But I’ve always been a big believer in the fact that the, you know, the garbage in garbage out philosophy applies if you are eating, you know, processed foods. If you’re eating, you know, food that comes from a box or comes from a tube or something. I mean, cheese from a tube. I mean, I dunno, that doesn’t seem very, it doesn’t seem very appealing to me, but you know, if you’re eating these things, then you know, of course I’m going to gain weight. You know? That’s just, it’s just, that’s the way that the nature of the chemicals are. That’s the way it is. And that’s why for me it’s like, it’s always been this like grand experiment anyways, that if I really want to lose weight, then I need to focus on making sure that I eat the right things. And even with doing these challenges lately, like when I was doing the 25 by fiveK challenge every single day, it was, it seemed to be just a struggle to get the right kind of foods into my system to support this habit.

I very easily could have just drove to target and got a cliff bar or some kind of healthy bar or something else like that just to satiate my hunger. And that would be a very quick thing to do. But I’m not looking for the quick thing to do. I’m looking for the best thing to do. I’m looking for the right thing to do. And so while these things might absolutely give me energy or might fill my belly up or something along those lines, you know, I do think about the longterm effects in the state, the sustainability of, you know, eating processed foods of eating these energy bars that are just chuck full of carbs and more sugar and all these processed chemicals and stuff. So anyways, I would much rather stick with the food that I know, the food that I can control. The food that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt is going to taste good.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve bought something off a shelf and it just sounded absolutely great and I got home, opened it up and it was horrible. You know, the taste was just bad and they can call it whatever they want to call it, flavor. But truth be told at the end of the day, it’s as it’s bad. So for me, I just rather would control everything that just goes into my body and just take it one step at a time and see, you know, this tastes good, this is not taste good. How can I make it taste good? And then from there, you know it’s a support for the rest of my lifestyle because you know, yes, food is fuel, but food is also meant to be enjoyed. And that for me is an absolute imperative. I just don’t want to eat like a cow eats just to get fuel in my system. Actually want to enjoy what it is that I eat. So just wanted to share that with you today and I hope you guys are having a phenomenal week or you had a phenomenal week. Anyways, I’m make today a great day on this lovely Friday. I will be back again tomorrow with another story. I will see you at that time. Have a good day guys. See ya.