Many times, life has presented me with 2 paths.  One path, I already know.  It is well worn.  But what about the other path?  Here’s my story.

In this episode, I talk about:

  • Understanding why I always chose the same path
  • Why I started choosing a new path
  • What makes me happy


Good morning everyone. Welcome to the Path to 1 million. This is going to be episode 171. Yesterday I am clicking around on YouTube because I could barely lift my arms from doing all these burpees all the time. I’m clicking around on YouTube and there’s a video on the Tim Ferris channel. And if you don’t know who Tim Ferriss is, he’s got the number one rated podcast on iTunes and he interviews like the best world class performers thought leaders in in the world. So I’m watching this seven minute segment where he’s interviewing Dr. Maté and they’re talking about, they’re talking about being able to heal yourself. And Dr. Maté said something that I thought was really interesting in the interview. He said, “We don’t react to what has happened. We react to our perception of what happened.” And that really spoke volumes to me because there’s been so many times in the life where, you know, I have been faced with the decision or a choice, like do I go down Path A or do I go down Path B?

And a lot of the times the my habits, my perceptions will often dictate which path that I will walk down. And there’s no such thing as a, you know, the right path or the wrong path or anything else like that because, you know, I’m just not wired to, you know, do something that’s like illegal or something. But whenever it’s come to a choice in life that I’ve had to make going down pathway or path B, I’ve been noticing these patterns and I want to talk to you a little bit about some of these things that I’ve noticed. So, you know, one of the big, one of the big things that I’ve realized is that the, my ability to travel and for the longest time when I was in my twenties I had this vision in my head that, you know, I would love to go to Europe.

I would love to go to Paris. I’ve always wanted to see Paris, but I was always waiting for that special someone to be there and go with me. Right? So, you know, as I’m waiting for the special someone to show up and I’m like, you know, I date somebody for like maybe a month or six weeks or something and it would just fall apart. And it just kept going, kept going, kept going. There was one day where once again I’m faced with this decision, right? It comes up in front of me again and I have this decision and path a is I, you know, I continued to wait for somebody special or path B is that I just go, you know, throw caution to the wind and go by myself. I mean people, people travel all the time by themselves. I actually met people who prefer to travel by themselves rather than travel with someone.

And so I remember I made it to that point where I was like, you know what? I know that I’ve already done path a and I’ve done path a quite a number of times. I didn’t get exactly where I wanted to go, so now I’m just going to go try path B. So, you know, I bought a plane ticket, I packed my bags and I went and I traveled there by myself. Now what’s interesting is that, you know, the, the more than I travel, the more that I experienced, the more that I love it. But when I do think back of all the times that I’ve traveled and all the adventures that I’ve had, I, it seems to me that all the adventures that I really love and the adventures that I’ve written about and I’ve shared about on Facebook and I’ve made it into my travel log and that continued to really stick with me are the ones where I actually had somebody with me on that journey.

So it’s nice to know that I’m no longer restrained in the fact that, you know, if I want to travel somewhere by myself, I certainly can and I will have a fantastic time, no doubt about that. But the better adventures always take place when there is, you know, when somebody has been there to share in that journey with me, once again, another fork in the road. So as I’m doing this, I realized that every single time that I make a decision or I go on an adventure or I share something new or you know, whether that’s, you know, along the area of mind, body, business relationships, and every time that there’s a fork in the road, it’s always better to have that journey and to be on that journey with someone else, for those aha moments, for those special moments that pop up along the way.

So like for instance, even on this, this path to 1 million documenting every single day, my journey or my Trek as I’m doing this right, what are the things, what are the things that I’m learning along the way? Who are the people that I’m impacting along the way? And I share all these details with you and bring you along on the journey. Because it’s, from my standpoint, I always seem to feel better about what I share with others versus if I just did this flying solo. So from, from a standpoint of choosing whether it’s Path A or Path B is correct or whatever it is, a lot of the times I already will know what Path A is because I’ve been following Path A forever. I’ve been on that path. I’d done that path several times. I’ve met success, I’ve met the failure, whatever that might be.

Again, I’m not really big believer in failure because failure to me is just nothing more than a state of mind. But I already know the Path A. But Path B is always something new, always something different. And that to me adds the spice to life that helps me to grow as an individual. That presents me with new challenges that have to be overcome where I have to actually use my brain to get myself out of, you know, out of situations or you know, figuring out what the next step is to do or whatever it is. But that’s the path that I always choose when it comes to that, a fork in the road. Because for me, having the new experiences, having the new adventures coming in, having that new people in my life is really what adds to adds to me.

And they become part of the, the color, the design of the tapestry that is ultimately becoming my wife, my life that is still being woven together. So anyways, I just wanted to share that with you today. It was something that I, like I said, I was watching that video yesterday and he said that and that, that to me was so powerful. Perception is everything and how you handle everything in life, especially the decisions and the habits that you have coming along. So that’s exactly why I continued to document this journey every single day just to say, Hey, this is what I learned. This is what you know, I’m, I’m doing. And I see the impact that I’m having on people out there. And every time that I see it, it just absolutely makes me smile that somebody is reaching beyond their, you know, their normal habits or the comfort zone and doing something new and being able to inspire people. And I absolutely love that. I really do. So to me that’s part of the journey and just to keep going. And I, and I absolutely want more of it and I’m always going to be here sharing my story with you guys. So anyways, just want to share that with you guys. I hope you have any fantastic Wednesday so far. I’ll be back again tomorrow with another story. I will see you at that.