Answers elude you?  Can’t figure out how to solve a problem?  For me, sometimes I find the answers in the least, most unlikely places.  By doing something completely different and unrelated.

In this episode, I talk about:

  • Watching Documentaries
  • Taking small side trips
  • Finding Answers in Unlikely Places


Good morning everyone. This is the path to 1 million. This is going to be episode 169 yesterday after I did my Sunday fun day talking about that particular topic there Sherry and I had a conversation and I said, you know, what we should do is when I get back to Michigan is that we should make it a point to watch a documentary every week. And she said something that I thought was really cool and she said, well, what we could do is make sure that every week, you know, each one of us can pick a different documentary to watch. So that way I can get exposed to, you know, new ideas or watched documentaries that I would never watch before. And I thought that was actually a very intriguing concept because it reminded me of the fact that human beings as human beings, it seems that we’re built on patterns.

And in my life I’ve noticed that I seem to get into these patterns where I kind of watched the same kind of things all the time. I’ll go and watch the same YouTube videos all the time. I’ll read the same kind of books all the time. So even like the other day I was talking about throughout several of the episodes from a, from previously before, like one 64 and one 65 I talked about this climbing K2 documentary. And I mentioned before that I absolutely love watching these documentaries about these guys who climb these, the climbing these mountains and the challenges that they have to endure both mentally and physically to be able to climb these mountains. And you know, what happened is sure enough, when I got done watching that documentary about climbing mountains, I started watching another documentary about climbing mountains. So this one wasn’t quite as good as the other ones though.

But anyways, I watched this video on this documentary and it occurred to me that, you know, I’m stuck in this pattern of watching the same kind of things all the time rather than randomly picking something new. And it’s always occurred to me that whenever I do that, whenever I go and do something different or you know, consume a different piece of content or pick up a book that I normally would not read or go to an art gallery or go to some kind of a store that I would never go to before. It’s always opened up my mind to new possibilities. But the only way that my mind is open to those new possibilities is if I break that old pattern. So for instance, an example, this would be yesterday my, my plan for yesterday was to sit around the house and, you know, we continue working on packing and all this other stuff and the truth be told, I am so burned out on packing.

It’s not even funny. And so it’s like when you get burned out on somethings like, man, I don’t want to do it. And, you know, just keep doing, following the same pattern over and over and over again. And so yesterday I made a trip to some store in LA to actually go out and to buy some things for Sherry’s daughter. It’s a store that’s owned by this rapper. His name is Tyler. He has an alternate ego named Igor. I have no clue who this guy is. I’ve never listened to any of his music. I don’t know anything about this guy, but I went up there just so like it gave me a chance to get out of the house, go someplace new and actually do something that was a little bit different. And just from doing that alone and just like being in the store, I mean there was like a, there’s like this bodyguard or this doorman out front. And he would only let a certain number of people into the store.

And if you, you know, if there was too many people in the store, they would actually kick people out. They would actually say, sorry. Too many people in the store. And they would take a group of like five or six people and boot them outside and be like, you guys have to wait in line. And the people would get incredulous by this. They’d be like, Oh, like I can’t believe that this is happening. And they would just, they would just leave, just walk off. And meanwhile all of a sudden all these other people want in the store and they, they gladly stand in line, which is actually where I found myself. And I remember sitting there thinking to myself, I can’t believe I’m standing in line to get into a store to actually buy stuff. But you know what, the whole experience was different and it was like, it just a chance for me to like almost take like a mini vacation from me and what I would normally do.

So these pattern interrupts every now and then. I think that’s what the experts would call them. Doing these pattern interrupts every now and then is always good. Cause it opens you up to new ideas. It opens your, opens you up to new experiences and you never know when that new experience and how it’s going to impact you and how it could reframe your thinking, how it could impact how you do your job, how you are building your business, how your philosophy in life might come along. But getting exposed to these new ideas and seeing how different people handle different things can oftentimes also help you solve problems as well. And there’s been more than one occasion where I have been beating my head against the wall, trying to look for a solution to a problem. And for some reason I can’t find it online and I’m thinking, well, maybe I could do this.

Maybe I could do that. And I watched some completely unrelated video to the topic where they discuss a very similar problem to what I’m facing and then it occurs to them. I’m like, you know what, if I take what they did and apply it to what I’m doing, boom, there’s solution. But if I hadn’t have, you know, wandered off into some different direction. If I hadn’t decided to pick up a some, you know, piece of, you know, like S like YouTube video, like something I would normally never watched it. I just put it on just for background noise or whatever it is. But if I hadn’t taken that step to do something different than a lot of times the solution might’ve alluded me for another day or another week or another month or who knows, maybe I never did find a solution. So by pulling in these different pieces of information, different content, and then how can I apply it to my life has oftentimes helped me to produce better products, better solutions, better answers for not only the problems that I’m facing, but perhaps the problems that my clients are facing.

So with all that being said, it’s always a good idea to do something that’s weird. Do something that’s different, do something that’s crazy, whatever it is to give your mind that, that pattern interrupt to be able to say, okay so I’m doing something new, doing something different and giving yourself a vacation. Cause by doing that you start, you start breaking that old habit and then start creating a new habit, which is what I’m trying to do everyday with the 1% journey is that I realized that improvement often comes at the expense of sacrifice. So there’s some old habit that I have that I am trying to break in order to adopt a new habit, cross mind, body, business, relationships, and spiritual. So I talked yesterday about gratitude and starting this gratitude journal. And it’s hard because every single day at the end of the day I am climbing into bed. I’m usually really tired by this point in time.

I’m, I’m thinking about if there’s some kind of a YouTube video or something that I can watch a right before I go to sleep or something like that. And it is not my impulse to grab the gratitude journal and write down what it is. So to break that pattern interrupt to, to bring this new habit in, I have to break the old habit and the old habit is just to climb into bed and go to sleep. But the new habit that I have to do, and again, it’s a pattern interrupt, is I literally, when I get up in the morning, the first thing that I do is I shut my alarm off and I grabbed my gratitude journal and I put it right on top of my pillow. So that way that night when I come in, that green pillow stands or that green book stands out and against my pillow, and so it’s like, Oh, that’s right.

I have to do that. So it’s a, it’s another pattern, interrupt them because I want to make it a habit over the next 30 days. I have to remember to do this every single day. As soon as I get up, I shut off my alarm, grabbed my book, put it on the pillow. It’s just, it’s like trying to, trying to become mechanical. If I don’t do that, if I don’t do that action in the morning, that night, I won’t remember to write in my gratitude journal. So again, the gratitude journal. It’s an exercise for 30 days that I am actively doing, but again, it’s just something where if I’m going to do something new, I have to break something old. I have to, I have to sacrifice some bad habit that I have in order to get a good habit that I am trying to do. And you only do that by doing things that are weird, different, odd, because those things that are weird, different and odd have a funny way of becoming just a part of you and just normal so well, whatever normal means. Anyways, just wanted to share that thought with you guys today. I hope you guys have a fantastic Monday and have a and make it a great week and we’ll be back again tomorrow with another story. I will see you at that time. Have a good day.