My journey is mind, body, business, relationships … and the recently added spiritual.  I challenge my body, which in turn challenges my mind.  But what about my spirit?  Here’s my story.

  • My spiritual 30 day challenge
  • How I train myself to do this challenge
  • What’s the Payoff?


Hello everyone. Welcome to Sunday fun day. The Path to 1 Million, this is going to be episode 168. So I want to talk a little bit about a side challenge that well it’s really not a side challenge that I’m doing. I was going to call it a side challenge but it’s not cause any, anytime that I challenged myself to do something over a certain period of time is a challenge. So the other day, as many of you are aware, I started my 3000 burpee challenge. I posted a video about that. And I got it up there and thank you for all the likes, comments on that video. I really do appreciate it. But another challenge that I started this month is cause remember when I’m doing these challenges and I’m on this journey, this 1% journey, it’s always about mind, body, business relationships, and a good friend of mine, Ulrich posted on here that it’s mind, body, business, relationships and spiritual.

And I realized that I should be also taken on challenges that that forced me to explore these other areas of my life. Meaning, you know, one of them being the spiritual side. And because I sit down and watch church once a week, I don’t know if that’s really challenging on my spiritual side or not. Maybe it is for some people not me, but I do get a lot of benefit out of it. So anyways my spiritual challenge that I’m taking on for the month of November, first time ever is this every single day I write down three things that I am grateful for. It’s something that’s an exercise that I do at night before I go to bed. And ironically, that’s why I picked the color green because when I put green on my pillow, I could actually see it and remember to do it.

If not, I’ll usually just crawl into bed and I remember I have to write something or there’s some kind of YouTube video that I want to watch. But anyway, so I started this challenge, actually I started it about a week ago, but the whole goal is to write down three things every single day that I am grateful for. Now, the conditions of this, when I started this challenge when I started this exercise was that I, I could not be generic when I wrote down what it is that I am grateful for. I had to put it like very specifically, like for instance, I could not say that, you know, I’m grateful for my health, right? Cause that’s way too generic. I have to actually list down and say what specifically about my health am I grateful for? So, for instance, if I’m thinking about my health in terms of running, well, what did I accomplish that day in terms of running that I am grateful for?

So, for instance, you know, last week when I ran, you know, rather than write down, I’m, you know, grateful for my health or I’m grateful that I can run, I actually specifically put, I am grateful that I completed a 5k in, under 30 minutes. Right? So I’m very specific about what it is and I’m acknowledging to, I’m acknowledging to God, I’m acknowledging the universe that that, you know, number one, every single day is a gift. I really do believe that. But number two, I accomplished something that day that I am grateful for. And I’m acknowledging, you know, the higher power, the higher being that Hey, this is something that’s very special to me. Thank you for allowing me to, to experience it. You know, cause running that 5k and under 30 minutes put me on cloud nine for literally like days cause I just didn’t think I could do it.

So I always give thanks for those, for those things, you know, and thinking myself. You know, other things that I put in here is you know, I am grateful for root beer floats because a, it reminds me of as a kid and being happy cause that was like my favorite ice cream treat of all times. And the other day I just felt like having a root beer float. So I had one and then that night it made it onto my gratitude list. I put other things on here like I am grateful because, because I can make sure he laugh in the sound of her laugh always puts a smile on my face. So that’s another item that I put on here. I am grateful for my mother’s blueberry pies. She doesn’t make pies as often as she used to, but every single time that she makes one, it’s because of me, you know, it’s because I’m coming home and if she doesn’t have, you know, if they don’t have any blueberries or anything, she always says, Oh, I feel so guilty cause I’m not able to make you a blueberry pie.

And with her, you know, having a hard time seeing and especially dealing with my dad and his dementia, every time that she does something like this, I know the effort for her is getting harder and harder for her to do it and I appreciate it that much more. So anyways, you know, I, like I said before, this is just something that I, that I just started. Everybody’s always talking about how if you do this challenge for 30 days, it’ll change your life and rewire. I don’t know about that, but I won’t know it until I get to the end of it. So I’m not keeping my mind close to anything. It just, every single night I sit down in my bed, I take a deep breath holding the book in my hand, and I just sit there and think to myself, what are, you know, what are three things that I am grateful for that happened today?

Or three things that happened today that I am grateful for or just overall in general. You know, and I talked about 5ks, you know, there was one day that I actually put in there, you know, I am grateful that I have the ability to run and I put that in there because I know there’s a lot of people that don’t have the ability to run, you know, maybe they’ve lost their legs in an accident or maybe they’re paralyzed and they can’t run or something along those lines. So I actually make it a point in there to say that I am grateful and thank you for giving me that ability. You know, I could you know, suffer, be suffering from arthritis or something else like that, that prohibits my ability to do that. So anyways, that’s something that that I always or that I’ve I’ve always wanted to do was to start implementing other challenges that would challenge me on multiple fronts.

This right here actually would be my first challenge, so to speak. So it’s something that I’m looking forward to doing. And of course it’s ironic that I pick, you know, I didn’t plan it this way, but I think it’s a little bit ironic that I start my gratitude challenge. I start my spiritual gratitude challenge the same month that Thanksgiving is here. Cause I know for a lot of people for Thanksgiving, it’s a lot of day to eat Turkey take a nap and watch football on TV. But Thanksgiving to me has always been that one special day where you give thanks for the labors for the entire year, right. Of going in there. And for me, I just felt like sometimes that’s, it’s always good to always express your gratitude, always be thankful for what it is that you have.

And what it is that you, you know, have accomplished. This right here is much more micro level every single day. Just saying something to the effect of, you know, thank you for, you know, thank you for the thank you for my ability to be resourceful, to be able to solve X problem right every single day, doing something along those lines. So anyway, just wanted to share that with you today on this a Sunday morning. I hope you guys are all doing well and that life is treating you good. I’m going to take off now and begin my day. So anyways I will talk to you again tomorrow with another story. I’ll, we’ll see you then. Have a great today.