Watching a great documentary on Hulu called “Climbing K2: Beyond the Comfort Zone”.  I love watching mountain climbing journeys because of the adventure just getting there.

In this episode, I talk about

  • Climbing K2
  • Adventures in Traveling
  • The Journey is almost better than the destination


Hulu – Climbing K2: Beyond the Comfort Zone


Good morning everyone. Welcome to this episode of the Path to 1 Million. This is going to be episode 167. I apologize for the late addition going out today. Apparently if you do 100 burpees, it actually really wears you out. I did my a hundred burpees yesterday. Actually. I felt fine. Had a lot of energy throughout the day, which is good cause I needed it. And when I went down last night, Holy sweet Moses, smell the roses. Did I go down? My alarm went off at about 3:30 AM Pacific goes time this morning. And I went right back to sleep, woke up then about four o’clock. I called and talked to Sherry for a little bit and then I put the note on Facebook broadcast and this morning and boom, I was, as soon as I posted it, I was gone. Like literally gone. Like literally like I won’t go like 20 minutes ago.

And I’m like, Oh crap, I gotta get shower. I got to do Facebook live. So I wanted to talk a little bit about I wanted to talk a little bit about something. So last night I was watching this documentary on Hulu and it’s called K2 and out of your comfort zone, and it’s this group of, there’s Swiss climbers, there’s German climbers. I, there’s some guy from Finland that’s on the team and their ultimate goal is to go and climb K2 and K2 is in the middle of Pakistan. If you know anything about a mountain climbing, I love watching these mountain climbing documentaries, love, love, love them. It’s actually my bucket list item. I want to go to like the base camp of Mount Everest. I think that would be just a totally cool journey. Anyways, so these guys want to go and at the very beginning of the documentary, the leader of this expedition says, you know, we could get on a flame plane and you know, we could leave out of Geneva and just fly to Pakistan and they go climb the mountain.

He goes, but what fun is there in that? So him and these other guys, they have these, all these Mercedes, these alternating vehicles kind of like, they almost look like Humvees, like high end Humvees or something. And they pack them full of gear pack and full equipment. And they just, they drive, they track and they’ve, they left Switzerland and they went up through the Ukraine and they’d go up to Latvia and they were in Russia, which just seems like every police officer in Russia is crooked, but they come down and then they start going through you know, all these like different countries on the map. And finally they’re in Pakistan, but they’re showing their journey along the way and all the obstacles that they have to, you know, they have to overcome. They haven’t even made it to K2 yet.

And we’re about 45, 50 minutes into the documentary and it’s just showing all the challenges that they got in it. There’s like some areas where like, especially in Pakistan, they don’t even have like really good quality roads. So a lot of the time these these Mercedes all-terrain vehicles, they get stuck, they get stuck in the sand. They get stuck in the rocks. There was one point where there was like a flood through the area and the road completely disintegrated. And you know, all the local people that are there, they’re, you know, they’re not out, you know, protesting and say, Oh, the government needs to take care of us and all this other stuff. They actually created a little business and they, they got these little boats where they can ferry cars across the Lake. And so these guys with these big monster, huge Mercedes, somehow or another get their Mercedes onto these little tiny boats.

And you know, they get ’em across there and they were all commenting like, yeah, if we were back in Europe right now, this would probably be like a 15 year, you know, ordeal trying to get all these permits and everything else. But these people just stepped up and fix their own problems. So I was like, yeah, that’d be about what it would be in the U S as well. But anyways, yeah. So, you know, it always reminds me like every single time that I’ve traveled to, every single time that I’ve accomplished anything worthwhile in life, it has always been the journey that’s been of more interest to me than, you know, the actual goal. And, and when I, when I tell people about my, my trips across the pond to, to Europe and even into Australia, you know, it’s always that journey and it’s always those ordeals that pop up along the way.

And a lot of people were like, Oh, I’m on vacation and I don’t want to be stressed out and dah, dah, dah, dah. But, you know, the thing is, is that I always view these things as part of the adventure. You know, whenever some kind of an obstacle comes up, that’s, that’s in the way, you know, and it’s just, it’s just part of the adventure, you know? And I, I remember on my trip to Italy and my friends convinced me to go with them and meet them into Dubrovnik. I’d never been to Croatia before drove Nick being the capital of Croatia. And I was like, man, what am I going to get this opportunity to do it again? And I had to somehow get myself from Rome to Dubrovnik. And so my goal plan was, is just to take a train across to Italy to Bari and then hop a boat from Bari and take it over to Dubrovnik.

And man, just getting from Rome to Bari in and of itself was an adventure. Being on a bullet train, I thought it would be super easy, but then there was like flooding in the path. And so, you know, I speak English, I speak French, but they’re only speaking in Italian and I have no clue what that means. And so I’m just, you know, following the crowd and the whole time I’m doing this, I’m smiling because it’s part of the adventure. And I think at the end of the day, if you know that everything in the end is going to work out, as long as you put forth your best effort, as long as you, you know, put in the work and you say, you say to yourself, you know what, you know, everything’s gonna work out, everything’s just gonna be fine. I just need to relax and just pay attention to what’s going on.

You know, everything works out. And those adventures there, those little adventures, they’re like just making it from Rome to Bari. You know, that’s, I, I remember like almost every minute of that trip, everyone to know the detail just because there was struggle along the way. And for me that made the, that made the adventure totally worth it. And it’s like that with everything, you know, building a business, building a career, it’s all these little details, like doing these a 3000 burpee challenges. That’s why I wanted to step in there and create a video on day one. So I would have some kind of a record of what it was like to be at the beginning, you know? And that’s a, that’s a small regret of mine. I wish I had more cameras with me and could figure out a way to be able to do it while I was running.

You know, I’m doing the 25 by 5K challenge cause that would’ve been something else I could’ve documented as I go. And so when I’m thinking about these other challenges that you know, I’m going to be signing up for in the future, like for instance the, the grit challenge,uand next year I’m, I’m looking at a, a bike challenge and I’m looking at all these different challenges and the course, the first question that I’m asking myself is, what is the best way for me to document my journey to accomplish that goal? And I’m, I’m in love with video. Video is the platform that I have chosen to document this. So now I’m like, okay, well how can I get cameras? And you know, I’m actually for crying out loud, looking at drones and things like that. But I, I just, I want to document that journey cause that’s the fun part always adds the spice to life.

You know, it’s, it’s the journey, it’s the destination, it’s all of it together. And I think just the journey alone makes the destination that much worth you know, your goal, your objective makes it that much more worthy to, you know, to achieve it. And to once again do it again. Because, you know, even though I’ve had what some people would consider bad experiences over in Europe, to me, they’re a part of the adventure. And I would do them again in a heartbeat and I want to have more of them. All these mountain climbers that are participating in this, they’re not 20 something people. They are all in their fifties. Some guy’s approaching 60 that’s in there. And I couldn’t believe that when they were talking about their ages last night on the documentary and my head snapped back and I was like, sweet Moses, they look like they were older, but I really couldn’t tell it cause I’m not a good judge of people.

But man, when these people were talking about, I think the youngest guy in their group was like 47, you know, so yeah. You know, definitely get out there, you know, definitely take advantage of it. Because you know what, if you don’t take advantage of it one day, you’re gonna wake up and you won’t be able to take advantage of it. So always keep that in mind. Always keep that in mind. Anyways, that’s all I got for today. I get this feeling right now that I’m babbling. Like I said, I just roll out of bed like 20 minutes ago. So anyways, I hope you guys have a fantastic day. I gotta get some coffee in me and start waking myself up cause I got things to do today. Anyways, I will see you guys again tomorrow with a, another story somehow. I’m going to plow through a a hundred or more burpees today. But anyways, I just wanted to say thank you for stopping bikes and I will talk to you again tomorrow.