When it comes to my body, I’m bad.  Physical health is a challenge for me.  But I do it anyways.  Because it drives home an important life lesson.  You have to be bad in order to be good.

In this episode, I talk about:

  • Retrospective on doing the 25x5k challenge
  • What physical challenge is next for me
  • How my body impacts the other areas of my life


Good Morning, everyone. Welcome to the Path to 1 Million. This is going to be episode 166. So today is November 1st. I completed my 25 by 5k challenge. And I know I’ve talked about that a lot lately. What I’ve been thinking about over the past few days is what I’m going to do for my next body challenge. The reason why I spent so much time and effort thinking about these body challenges is because really overall in my life being on this 1% journey is about focusing on all the areas because I really do believe that all the areas of your life are interconnected. Mind, body, business, relationships. I recently added spiritual to that list as well. So what can I do on a daily basis that’s going to help me to improve on these main areas of my life? So when taking a look at the next challenge that I want to do. Yesterday one of my good friend of mine, Ryan posted a note and asked me if I was going to do this GRIT challenge.

Now I belong to this monthly group of marketing, entrepreneurs these misfits that we don’t really fit anywhere else together, but we fit really good together. And they started doing this thing called a GRIT challenge where every single day the physical trainer in our group, CJ releases a new set of exercises for our people to be able to go out there and complete these every single day. It’s something different. Sometimes the exercises are something that you can do in your home. Sometimes you have to go to a park. Sometimes you have to find like, one of the challenges was to run uphill and do some kind of burpees, challenges or things like that. I really thought about signing up for that cause I thought it’d be really cool. 28 day challenge to do. And my only problem is is that during the month of November, there’s going to be a four or five day stretch where I’m moving, I, I’m thinking of, you know, here I am, I’m in the middle of Texas or I’m in Oklahoma or Missouri or whatever state that I’m in while I’m in the process of moving, trying to find a rest area or a park or someplace else like that that matches the criteria of the challenge.

And the thing is, is you have to do the challenges every single day. You can’t skip a day. If you, if you skip a day, if you don’t post, if you don’t put your stats up there, they kick you out. Right. That’s, that’s one of the rules of being in this 28 day challenge. It’s, it’s a pretty high bar to meet and I would absolutely love to push myself to meet that challenge, but I just don’t think I can do it because moving across the country is going to be stressful enough. I’m going to have enough on my mind as I’m moving without having to worry about trying to find a park or a rest area or someplace that I can go to actually, you know, meet these criteria. So the thing is is like what can I do over the next 30 days? Cause I still want to do a challenge, right?

These, these challenges have become very important to me for the reason that it drives home a very key lesson that I learned in life. And actually I’m reading a book right now that’s called Copywriting Secrets because I do want to get better at writing copy at being able to write better messaging that is going to take clients that is going to take clients of clients and get them to take some kind of an action. Whether that’s to sign up for something or to schedule an appointment or, or buy a service or whatever that is. But I want to get a lot better at copy writing. And I had some experience at that earlier this year. I fell in love with it, so I want to get better. But what’s interesting is that with that whole speech right there inside of the book, he wrote something that I thought was interesting.

He says, “You have to commit to getting good at something. And then you gotta go do it. And then you have to practice it. But before you can be great, you have to be good. Before you can be good, you have to be bad. And before you can be bad, you have to try. But you have to do something.” And it reminded me of when I started this whole 25 by 5k challenge, I knew that I was going to have to go out and train myself to actually run a 5k. And so the first time that I went out there, I remember I skipped week one and week two of the training and went right to week three. And the first very first day that I went out running is, you run for five minutes, walk for three, run for five, walk for three, repeat for, you know, 30-40 minutes or something like that.

And I remember that when I went out there and I said, Oh, I can run for five minutes. So I ran for five minutes and at the end of five minutes, man, I was sucking wind. I mean, I couldn’t believe it. I was like way out of shape. I’m like, Oh, I go on, you know. And I kept looking at my phone, I’m like, man, am I have five minutes yet? You know, come on, five minutes, get there. Maybe, maybe the, maybe the clock stopped. Anyways, I made it to five minutes and I stopped and I walked for three and I just remember sucking wind, sucking wind, sucking wind, right? I was bad at it. I was absolutely horrible at running a 5k and I thought to myself, man, this is going to be an uphill battle. But you know, the thing is is that you have to be bad in order to be good.

And you know what, as the weeks went by, five minutes became eight minutes, which became 10 minutes, which became 12 minutes, which became 15 minutes of running. And I was pushing myself that entire time. And then when I finally got to a point where I was actually able to go out and run a 5k without stopping, that’s when I started the 25 by 5k challenge. But it wasn’t until towards the end of the 25 by 5k challenge that I realized that I could break the 30 minute mark. And for me breaking that 30 minute mark, that’s great. So I went from being bad to being good. Maybe I could actually run a 5k and after a while of being good, suddenly I had the opportunity to become great. And I decided it was worth that pursuit. So it’s just a lesson in life, no matter what you do matter where, where I’ve gone, I’ve always started out being bad at something, but you can’t be, you can’t be good unless you’re bad and you can’t be great unless you’re good.

That’s just how the process goes. Doing these physical challenges for me drives home that point. Cause like I said before, I’ve never put a lot of emphasis on my body. I mean, I’ve always tried to be healthy, but the older I’ve gotten, the more I realized that my health is more important. I want to have a good quality of life forever. So doing these physical challenges for me anyways has been a gateway to remind me that that’s the important lesson in life. So anyways, for my next challenge, what I’ve decided to do, I’d love to do that GRIT challenge. I think that would be so much fun. It would be tough both mentally and physically. I’d love to do it. But like I said, there’s going to be like a four or five day period where I’m moving across the U S and I do not, I just don’t think it just be too much for me.

So what I’ve decided to do is I’ve done a another, I’ve implemented a 30 day challenge and I will be starting today, but my challenge will be the 3,000 burpees. That’s going to be my challenge. So every single day I’m going to be doing 100 burpees. Every day. And granted the last time that I did burpees was some time last year, I can’t remember exactly when 3000 burpees, I will be doing a hundred burpees every single day over the next 30 days. And every Monday is going to be a measurement day where I’m going to see if I can do 100 burpees faster than I could a week before. So guarantee you that during the first week or maybe even week and a half of doing this, I am going to be bad at doing these burpees. But you know what? After when I start bleeding into week two and week three, I’m going to start being bad at burpees to start being good at doing these burpees.

And then the last week I am going to get to the point where I’m going to be great at doing burpees. That’s just how the process goes. So anyways, that’s going to be my next challenge. It’s going to be starting today. If you don’t know what a burpee is, I’ll probably be releasing a video later on today. I’ve got a couple of phone calls this morning and a couple of meetings this morning. So I’ve looked for that probably sometime this afternoon, but I’ll be releasing a video of that happening and I’m going to be going from there. So anyways, I just wanted to thank you guys for stopping by today. I do appreciate your time and attention. I hope you guys have a fantastic Friday. If not, make it a great Friday. I will be back again tomorrow with another story. But look for my burpee video later on today, but I’ll be back again tomorrow with another story and I will see you guys at that time.