I believe I have a ghost in my house.  No proof though.  So here’s a story about how my mom experienced my ghost.  Without me ever telling her that I thought I had one.

In this episode, I talk about:

  • Halloween!
  • Foot steps in the hallway
  • Mom’s encounter with … something


Good morning everyone. Welcome to the path to 1 million. This is going to be episode 165. Before I begin. Happy Halloween! Absolutely love this time of the year. It’s like we get the trifecta of the best holidays. We get Halloween, there’s Thanksgiving and then there’s Christmas. One month after another after another. I so do love this time of the year. Anyways, wanted to share with you a bit of a ghost story. I’m not going to make a claim that my house is haunted or that there’s any such thing as it ghosts. Cause people all the time will say to me, you know Cliff, you’re an engineer. You’re a man of science. How can you believe in ghosts? Well, you’re right, I am an engineer. I am a part scientist. So that means that I don’t ignore any possibility and I don’t ignore any explanation.

I go with what works, but my default position is not always, “There’s a ghost!” So I just want to get that out there on the table. I have been living in my house now for a handful of years and something happened like when I was sleeping at night, something that I noticed. I would wake up and it would be in the wee hours of the morning, one or two o’clock or something along those lines. I would wake up in the middle of the night and I would actually hear footsteps in the hallway outside of my bedroom door and the footsteps always did the same thing. It was like somebody was starting at the one end of my house, walking down the hallway and then stopping in front of my door in front of my bedroom. The first few times that this happened, Of course, I freaked out cause I think somebody’s actually in my house.

Even though I’m really good about locking my doors, locking my windows, I would get up out of bed and I would open a bedroom door. Nobody’s there, right? I would go over the entire house. I’d go through every bedroom, the living room, whatever it is. Nobody was in my house. Now, this didn’t happen all that often, but it would happen like maybe like once a month or once every six weeks or something like that. I would wake up to hear footsteps in the hallway. Now is it possible that my brain somehow or another, my subconscious, whatever it is, dreamed this up? Yeah, it’s totally possible. I love watching these ghost shows on TV, like ghost adventures and ghost hunters, things like that. So you know, maybe it was like my subconscious at night was just saying, you know, playing games on me, playing tricks on me.

I totally acknowledge that. Right. And the thing is, I didn’t tell anybody about the footsteps in the hallway. I kept that to myself. Because if anybody asked me what was causing it or anything else, I wouldn’t have an answer to it. Especially my parents. Now, if you’ve ever met my parents, my mother especially, she is hyper religious. She does not believe in ghosts at all. And at the same point in time, if it is a ghost, then in her mind it’s a demon. Right? So the last thing I want to do is tell my mom that I have ghosts in my house cause then she’ll be thinking I’m into devil worship or demon worship or something along those lines. And a, she will just pray for me 24 hours a day. She’ll burn candles. She’ll do a Jericho March around the house. You know, somebody come in here, do an exorcism, whatever, she would go over the top.

Right. So anyways, this, this like would occur over a period of year. You know, 18 months I’d wake up, I’d hear footsteps. I’m like, Oh okay, it’s the ghost walking in the hallway. I’d go back to sleep. No big deal. My parents come out to visit one time. And so what it is is I have on one side of my house, I’ve got three bedrooms. I sleep in the back bedroom, which is the master bedroom. And I put my parents in the front bedroom. That’s where my office was. So I just tore my office down, put a bed in there for them to sleep at while they were here. So there’s like a bathroom. And a bedroom separating us. And of course there’s the hallway that’s there. One morning I am fixing breakfast in the kitchen. Mom walks in and she says to me, she goes, “Did you ever see who was messing around with your car last night?”

And I thought that was a very odd question to ask because when I went to bed the night before, I slept soundly until I got up in the morning. So I didn’t get up out of bed. I certainly didn’t check on my car. No clue what she’s talking about. So I look at my mom and I’m like, “I’m sorry mom, I’m completely confused. What are you talking about?” And she says, well, she says it was, you know, early in the morning and dad and I were asleep and we heard a couple of beeps come from the window. Now my front bedroom just to let you know is like next to my driveway, which is where my car is parked. She said, we heard a couple of beeps come from your car. So we heard these beeps. Dad got out of bed and he looked out the window to check to see if anybody was messing around with your car. And at the same point in time I heard you walk down the hallway. Now the fact that I was asleep kind of makes that impossible. And as far as I know, I don’t sleep walk. So I said to her, I said, I’m kind of curious. I said, were these like soft footprints walking down the hallway or where they like heavy, like I’m wearing shoes or boots or something like that. And she goes, Oh no, you definitely had your shoes on. Cause we could definitely hear footsteps walking down the hallway.

So I say to her, I’m like, okay, here’s one more question. Did the footsteps start in front of your door and walk to my bedroom or did they start at my bedroom and walked down the hallway and she goes, Oh no, it was you were walking down the hallway. And I thought it was interesting because she was like so certain that I had gotten out of bed so certain that I had walked down that hallway because she was 100% certain that she heard footprints in the hallway. Now keep in mind, like I said before, I didn’t tell mom about any of this, didn’t mention a word, didn’t mention a whisper. This was long before I was writing and posting stuff on Facebook. So there’s no way on a planet anybody could have told her about this except it was all up here. Just something that I cataloged up here and kept up myself.

I think I shared it with like one person who has never met my parents. Right? So anyways, when you start, we just started knocking down those variables, right? You have to wonder like, you know what is causing this, right? What is making this happen? So anyways, it was hilarious because, you know, when my mom, like I said, she was absolutely convinced that I walked down the hallway and I, I just asked her point blank. I said, I didn’t ask her, but I said, Oh, I said, well then that must’ve been my ghost. I just threw that out there. And she kind of went quiet for a little bit and I said, “Mom, I didn’t get out of bed. I didn’t walk down that hallway. I didn’t hear any beeps come from the street. I didn’t hear anything like that.”

I said, “I was out cold last night and I didn’t wake up at all.” And she turned white and she turned around and walked down to the kitchen and never brought it up after that. So anyways, love sharing that story. It was nice to get a little bit of validation there again. Could there be something where my mom was inventing, you know, her brain was inventing people walking down the hallway. Yeah, of course. I totally acknowledge that. But after a while you have, when you have to take a look at the situation, you have to kind of wonder, Hey, what’s, what’s the theory that best fits the facts? You know? And sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith and kind of go with what your guts telling you. So anyways, just wanted to share that goes story with you on this Halloween day.

Like I said, absolutely love this day. I got a big tub of candy sitting here. I’m hoping that I get lots of kids at the door today because I don’t want any candy left over because candy makes me fat. If I have to eat it when the little kids are gone. Last year I ran out of candy, which is a good sign. So I’m hoping that I will run out of candy again this year. I hope you guys have a fantastic Halloween and I look forward to sharing another story with you tomorrow. Be safe out there and have a great day. Have a happy Halloween. I’ll see you tomorrow.