Drum roll please!  Did I actually break the 30 minute barrier on my 5k runs?  What did I do to prepare?  Here’s my story.

In this episode, I talk about:

  • Where I do my runs
  • The obstacles in my path
  • and did I run a sub-30 minute 5k?


Good Morning, everyone. Welcome to episode 161 of the Path to 1 Million. Here I am at the beach where I actually do my running. You could see the path here that I run almost every day except for yesterday. So as many of you know, today was going to be my day where I was going to work like crazy

to try to run my first sub 30 minute, five minute mark. So last, yeah. Over the last couple of days I have been taking you know, reading up on what good diet is and you know, what good exercise and what you know, what good food to have in my system, what kind of carbs to have. So anyways, I started that on Friday and then Saturday I took that day off just figuring that they can actually help me to recover and make sure that I could get some more of the right foods that are in my system. So I just basically did a heart carb high carb diet yesterday. So anyways, got up this morning and I did my structures, came down here to the beach and let me show you guys a little bit better of a shot.

There was a lot of people down here running today. So anyways, I made it down here and I was doing my stretches and when I turned around, I noticed that on the second half of my 5k run, I was going to have a really strong headway. So I’d be running into the wind and I was not looking forward to that. I was hoping that this morning would be optimal for me to be able to run and you know, not have any impediments. So anyways, I got down there and I started thinking about some of the thoughts that I had last night about running a 5k. I’m going to share those more in depth tomorrow during that story. But anyways, so I ran out there and I ran the fiveK and what it is is the path isn’t marked for 5k, so I kind of have to guess where 5k is.

And so you know, the bad news is I actually ran longer than a 5k. A 5k is 3.1 miles and I ran 3.17 miles. The good news is, is I beat the sub 30 minute mark. Oh, I’m so stoked. So excited. I set my timer to go off at 29 minutes and 30 seconds and I had my headphones in listening to a steady beat music for the run. And when the alarm was to go off, that was slept me know that I had 30 seconds. So whatever territory that I could cover in 30 seconds that I would do it. And personally I knew I was in really good shape when I surpassed the three mile mark at my alarm hadn’t gone off. And that filled me with all kinds of optimism right there because I thought to myself, you know, if I can run a 10th of a mile in 10 seconds, which is about what I average than I’ve beaten the sub 30 mark.

And so anyway, so just kept running. I have my normal and then the alarm went off. And then I just, I sprinted because I wanted to make sure that they made it pass that 3.1 mark, which I did. I made it to 3.17 and then I stopped, grabbed my phone out of my pocket, fumbled with it and hit the stop button. So the time actually shows 30 minutes in one second, but I ran longer than a 5k so I usually made it in there. But anyways, just wanted to share that with you guys today. And like I said, tomorrow I’m going to talk about some of the thoughts that I had last night, but a, I hope you guys have a fantastic Sunday fun day. And yeah, so this is definitely something that we will have to crack open a bottle of champagne, Sherry and celebrate this and once I get there, so anyways, I will talk to you guys later. Have a fantastic Sunday. See ya.