My 25x5k challenge is nearing completion.  But I noticed something yesterday when I finished my run.  Something that I didn’t think was possible … but suddenly is.  Here’s my story.

In this episode, I talk about:

  • Running a 5k in 90 degree heat
  • Is it possible?  Can I do it?
  • My plan for tomorrow


Hello everyone. Welcome to this edition of the path to 1 million. This is going to be episode 160. I wanted to give you guys an update on my 25 by 5k challenge. So the other day, I wrote and I talked about how the fact that I went out and I did run and I was doing this new running technique. And when I got up there and I started doing this running technique, I noticed that,uafterwards my knees were aching, like really bad. Like that night,I laid down in bed, and I was putting a pillow between my knees and they just ate. And I thought there was something wrong with my knees. But fortunately, my good man, CJ Thomas, told me that it has to do with the muscles around the knee.

So it actually got me a little bit excited because I thought it’s just because of this new, this new running techniques. So the other day I went out there and I went for a run and Dumbo me when I, I just thought about, Oh, I gotta go for my run. And I went out there and what I didn’t realize was that I was running in 90 degree heat. There was like three days this last week where it got above 90 in long beach area. And as Dumbo me, I was out there running in it and I shouldn’t have, I should’ve, it didn’t even occur to me that it was like that hot until I got into like the halfway point. And I turned around and I was running back also that I could feel myself like overheating. Like it was almost like I was going to drop from heat exhaustion or something.

So anyways, I was running with this new technique. So the first cause when you run a five K, it’s really 3.1 miles. So I ran 1.75 miles and then at that point I turn around and I started run back before I really started to feel like extreme heat in my head. And so I would run for awhile and then I would just, I would walk, you know, I’d get to a point where I was like all of going to get overwhelming. So I’m like, okay cliff, just walk, take it easy dude. You know, don’t kill yourself on this run. So I would stop running at about maybe about the two mile Mark I did. I stopped running and then I walked for two minutes and then I would run for like another quarter of a mile, maybe almost another half a mile. And I’d walk for another two minutes and then I would walk for, or I’m sorry, I would walk for two minutes and then I would, you know, run again and eventually I finished it.

Anyways, when I took a look at the time when I got done running, I was really shocked cause I did 3.2 miles in 35 minutes. And this is about, it was either six or eight minutes of walking, I can’t remember. But I was really shocked at how much faster that I was able to run. And so all of a sudden a thought and it occurred to me like, what a great thing to do for me to go out and end the 25 by 5k challenge and see if I can break the 30 minute barrier. Because every single time that I’ve tried to run it before, I’ve never been able to break that 30 minute barrier. But maybe with this new running technique I can. So I decided to take today off from running, let my body completely rest and relax and I’ve been like carving up with simple carbs all day.

Not complex carbs, but simple carbs. So make sure that my body’s got fuel for tomorrow morning when I go. I’m, you know, normally when I’m on my diet to try to lose weight, get rid of my pot belly. I drastically cut back on carbs. But today I decided to actually, I started last night is I started to like carb loading, I think is what they call it. So I started doing that because I really do want tomorrow morning to be able to break that 30 minute barrier. For me that would be the great way to be able to end all the 25x5k challenge. Like I said before, I still want to be able to run five Ks, but that would be just a great way to end that event is to do it below 30 minutes. So that’s my goal.

So the moral story is that tomorrow’s Facebook live. I will actually be filming it from the beach here in long beach and it will probably be, if I were to guess anywhere in between, my broadcasts will probably go live anywhere between 10 30 and 11 East coast time. When I am done running the race, I will definitely jump on and do a Facebook live and give you guys the results. Whether I was able to break it or not, go me and kinda go from there. I was actually looking at some of those action cameras. They got like GoPro knockoffs. Cause I’d love to be able to take you guys on the journey with me while I’m doing these things, either running or biking or whatever other challenges that I’m gonna be doing next. I actually have the next challenge, the physical challenge lined up, all ready to go for next month.

Something very simple that I can do here in my home and something that’ll be ridiculously challenging. Anyways, I just wanted to share that with you guys today. And what’s what’s happening? Like I said, sometime tomorrow between 10 30 and 11 o’clock, I will be going live with the results of my run. So wish me luck. Send positive thoughts by way. Thank you Nancy. I can use all the luck that I can get, but I want to do this tomorrow. So anyways, sorry for the late addition going out today. I woke up this morning and I had one of my screaming really bad, like headaches. I don’t even like to turn the lights on when those happened. They’re not migraines. My doctor tells me I don’t have migraines, but they really do hurt bad. And I think the, I think the headache finally subsided maybe about one or two in the afternoon. And then today I just had, you know, other things that I wanted to address and take care of. And Sherry was the one that pushed me and said, you know, Cliff, you need to do it cause you committed to 365 days of Facebook lives. And she’s absolutely right. So here it is, the late edition updated on the 25 by 5k run a and I will talk to you guys again tomorrow with an update. I’ll see ya. Have a good night. Bye.