Success isn’t rooted in great accomplishments.  Where is it rooted?  And how does this apply to LinkedIn Lead Generation?  Here’s today’s story and tip.

In this episode, I talk about:

  • Review of LinkedIn Lead Generation Tips
  • The Secret to Success
  • Constant Content Creation

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Where did everyone welcome to this episode of the Path 1 Million. Yes, this is episode 148. So I wanted to do a quick recap before I got into today’s tip about a, the things that I’ve talked about on LinkedIn, starting with a lesson number zero, which was connecting with the right people. Tim Ferris has said on… Tim Ferriss has got the number one rated blog on iTunes; he’s a multi New York times bestseller. He was the first person that I ever heard coined this phrase that “My network is my net worth.” So within the LinkedIn environment, you’ve got access to the people that you want to connect with. Whether that’s to build a partnership with, whether that’s to have as potential clients or, get a job or whatever that might be, but you define who that person is that you’re going after.

Once again, if you, if you think that you’re just, everyone could be your client, I gotta remind you of that phrase. If you’re, if you try to be everything to everyone, then you’re nothing to no one. So being able to define your client, your target customer, your target, a partner, whoever that might be, that is all you all critical in growing your network and sending those connection requests out and and making sure that you can target your messaging towards those people. The next in episode 120, I talked about building relationships using the five step process, which is, whenever, whenever your potential client or whenever your potential customer partner, whomever it is, if they post something, if they leave something, how do you comment on it? What’s a good type of comment that you have and how can you leverage that comment to connect with other people?

birds of a feather. Again, go back and review that. That’s episode 120, where I talk about that five step process there and episode 127 I talked about the headline that you use inside of LinkedIn. A lot of people just put vice president or director or whatever in their headline and that’s all they put. But your headline is one of the first pieces of information that people will see when they’re inside of LinkedIn. So how do you go about getting people intrigued enough to click on your profile and actually start reading the content that you have there? It all starts with the headline. So putting your chief benefit statement in your headline, what is it that you, that you do for other people? Usually if you’re an employee, you’re always talking about what you do. Like I have, I can tell you 120 words a minute or whatever that might be, but when you’re a business owner, it’s all about what you can do for other people.

So make sure you include that in your headline. That’s episode 127 if you want more information on that hundred or I episode 134 I talked about the about section. So please keep in mind that over half of the people that were surveyed said that when they look up people on LinkedIn and deciding on whether they want to do business with them or not, first thing they do is they just check, check out their profile and if their profiles incomplete, if they’re missing sections that they don’t have a nice photograph that they don’t have the about section filled out or if they don’t have their work history filled out or whatever it is, they won’t do business with you. they’re looking for people who are very conscientious of the fact that their LinkedIn profile actually kind of represents them. It’s, it’s their brand and if your brand has half finished, if your brand has half incomplete, then people aren’t going to do business with you, they’re just ignore you and move on to the next person.

Again, this is over half the people that are out there have said that they specifically won’t do business with somebody who has a LinkedIn profile that isn’t filled out. So the about section is your opportunity to go into a little bit further depth as to what it is that you do the benefits that you offer to people. And more importantly, if you have free stuff to give away a free PDF, a free report, a free, newsletter, whatever that is, but you can include those hyperlinks in the about section. So that’s your first step right there and trying to connect with people and, and identifying those people who are interested in what you have to say and what it is that you have to offer. Very important a. Then next was episode one 41 where we talked about the different types of content to share that, the two basic types of content out there are the, 10 ways to do this, the five ways to do this.

Always make sure that you’re, that you’re promoting content out there that actually adds value to your clients and your customers. Making sure that you’re coming from a place of contribution. The second part of that content is the one that I’m a firm believer in and that is sharing stories. And I gave a great example in there of a nonprofit, a cat rescue who posted one story and that one story that took them like maybe five minutes to write it, but that one story got them at least one, $200 donation if not more. So I profiled that in one 41 episode, one 41 if you want to go back and review that to please do now with today’s episode again, I’m going to talk to you about today’s tip and I’m going to be sharing a story. So many moons ago when YouTube was just in its infancy, there was one guy who decided that he was actually going to go all in on YouTube and he started creating video content every single day about his family’s business.

And he came from a place of contribution trying to help people out and being able to select the best kind of products that they could and B, become absolutely knowledgeable. And he made this investment inside of YouTube. And at that time he also made the same investment inside of Twitter. And he would just keep a look out for people that were looking for a, different products or whatever it is. And, and if they, if, if he found that they were looking for products, first thing he would do, like inside a Twitter is he would ask a question and then that question invariably would leave to lead to him creating a YouTube video the next day. And he did this day after day after day because in his heart he felt that this was going to be the right thing for him to do for his business.

If anybody believes in social media and that this is the way to connect, it was him, he, he was laying the groundwork for this. And he did this day after day after day and after 30 days he didn’t see any results. After 60 days he didn’t see any results. And after 90 days he didn’t see any results, actually would take him. 18 months before he finally finally started to see some really explosive growth in his business. And he was able to take his family’s business from 3 million to $60 million just on leveraging YouTube and engaging people on Twitter. So today’s LinkedIn tip for you is to follow Gary Vaynerchuk say example and everything that I’ve given you so far in, in LinkedIn, tip zero through LinkedIn. Tip four is something that you need to do every single day. It is a campaign. There’s no strategy, there’s no quick, there’s no get rich quick scheme or anything else.

You have to produce the content every single day. You have to engage with people every single day. You have to send out connection requests every single day. Now, does this mean that you have to spend all day doing it? No. You certainly can if you want to. But my recommendation would be is to create a checklist that you can use every single day. I recommend doing that first thing in the morning. I talked about morning routines last week in episode, I think it was one 43 I believe, where I talked about how I, I I, every single day I get up early in the morning and one of the activities that I do is to make sure that I’m moving my business forward. I’m very conscientious of the time that I put. So create yourself a checklist. So that might, that checklist might look to be something like, for instance, from episode zero, you know your connection requests, you’re going to send out 10 new requests, connection requests every single day.

That’s what you’re going to do. You don’t have to send out a hundred, you don’t have to send off 500 just send out 10 just focus on 10 new connection requests every single day. That’s what you’ll do every single day. And the next thing that you’ll do is you’ll focus on, building those relationships. So these connections that you connect with, especially people that you want to have our clients make it a point that every single day I’m going to comment on at least two posts that are out there. And then I’m going to respond to all the comments that are in that post. Again, go back and review that particular episode, but just make it a point every single day to create your checklist and then follow it. Don’t worry about how all, I’ve been doing this for a week and nothing’s working or I’ve been doing this for two weeks and nothing that’s working the this, the key to success is a sustained campaign.

Always writing content, always putting content out there every single day. Even if nobody is reading it. Trust me, somebody is, I get messages all the time from my content on Facebook, from people. I just got one this last week where I was talking to somebody back and forth on Facebook messenger and he actually said, by the way, keep writing your posts because I do read them. I do engage with them. I do not. he never likes them. He’s never commented on any of my posts or anything, but every single day he reads the posts cause there’s some people that that are just out there lurkers. So make sure that every single day that you’re creating content, that you’re putting content out there every single day. You may not get the engagement that you’re looking for. You may not get the likes that you’re looking for. You may not get the comments that you’re looking for, but people are watching you.

They’re always watching you and keep putting that content out there. Because what’s going to happen is one day that one connection requests that you made a year ago, somebody is finally gonna pop and say, you know what? We know I’ve been watching you online. You’re always bruised and content. You’re always active. You’re always trying to help people. I love the stories that you put out there. let’s you and I talk about doing business together. It will happen, but it only happens if you create it in a sustained campaign day after day after day, like with these Facebook lives or sometimes they do this Facebook lives, nobody watches and I got other days where I got 200 people watch. It doesn’t matter. It’s producing the content every single day cause you won’t get those magic numbers. You won’t hit it big unless you, unless it is a sustained effort on your part.

So anyways, that is LinkedIn tip number five, write yourself a checklist or you could go to lead system and download the checklist there, I’m actually in the process of rewriting it. So when I get that entire free PDF, a rewritten, which will probably be in the, within the next few weeks I will come out here and I will notify you and let but I always include checklists with everything that I do because it makes things easier to just print that checklist out every single day. Follow that checklist every single day. All right, ladies and gentlemen, that’s all I have for today. Thank you for bearing with me. And thank you for tolerating me over the weekend as I went mobile. I’m still mobile now, but I’m actually back on my regular schedule, so to speak. So anyways, I just wanted to share that with you. I hope you guys have a fantastic Monday and make it a great week.