‘Tis the season to be spooky!  So why are these people angry with me?  It’s time for a mental shift.

In this episode, I talk about:

  • Freezing on Halloween
  • Ghosts, Spirits, Goblins … Oh My!
  • The Evil Stare Down


Hello everyone. Welcome to the path to 1 million. This is episode 147. I apologize for the delay of this going out today. I have completely lost track of time. Something that just happens when you go mobile. Anyways, Halloween is here. One of my favorite seasons. I always liked the last part of the year, October, November, December, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. And I love Halloween. It’s one of my favorite, favorite seasons of the year. So the other night Shiri and I decided that we were going to go to one of these haunted house places and I haven’t been a haunted house place in forever. So I was like, you know, I’m always up for the adventure so let’s go. So we went there and when we arrived I noticed that, you know, there was a good line to get in, but I didn’t think anything about it cause it doesn’t look like there’s like a lot of people in line, maybe 50 people, 75 people.

But anyways, we had to purchase our tickets and stand in line and when we did it was so cold. It was like freezing cold. Like I had my jacket on, I had my, my sweater on, I had my dress shirt on and my tee shirt on underneath of that. But I just remember that it was a super, super cold. And we got our tickets and when we got the tickets, the lady told us that it would be about an hour and a half wait. And I was not looking forward at all to stand in line for an hour and a half to get into the haunted house. So the other people came in behind us and before you know it, you know, the line would slowly move. Like we would move forward like maybe five feet every 15, 20 minutes, not that much. But we were moving up closer and closer and the longer we stood there, the colder that I got.

And at some point in time, Sherry says, “Oh look at that sign.” And there was a sign that said fast track with an arrow pointing towards the gate where people could walk in and it said general tickets to the arrow pointing to the right where everybody was standing in line. So then, sure, he goes, well, I wonder if we can get a fast pass ticket. Now if I take a step back in time, when we first arrived there, these four people came out of the bathroom. When we first got there, it was a two guys, two girls, and we were all standing in line. And rather than get in line behind us, they just walked right in. And so I wondered how they did that, but you know, I figured like maybe they were like next in line to get into the, to get into the attraction or whatnot.

And they said, Hey, let’s go to the bathroom before we go in there and wind up pissing all over ourselves. So anyways, so these, you know, four people walked right in. And I was really surprised by that. So I was like, okay, whatever. But when Sherry pointed out the whole fast track versus general admission, you know, I was like, well, maybe there’s a, you know, maybe there’s like a, like a different like pass you can buy when you go up there to the gate. So sure. He goes, well I’m going to go ask. So she goes up there and she comes back with two tickets and she goes, it was only $10 more to get the fast track and we can go right up to the gate. We don’t have to stand in line. And I was like, Aw man, this is like super cool. Now behind us was standing in this party of like four people.

There was like some guy that was like cutting jokes all the time, making fun of having to stand in line and I’ll call it was and everything else. And him and I made eye contact a few times because some of his jokes were pretty funny. But anyways, when, you know, when Sharon come up with the tickets and says, Hey, let’s fast track in. I was like, cool, let’s do it. Cause I was like frozen by this point in time. I was just absolutely like freezing cold. So we walk up to the gate and the lady goes, Oh, do you have your fast track pass? And we gave it to her and she’s like, great. And she waved us. Ah, you know, to go into the, to go to the haunted house. So we go inside the haunted house. We had a blast. It was like so much fine.

There was like all these people, of course, you know, the things that scared me the most was when we would be walking through some part. And I knew that somebody was hiding there and I was like, okay, let’s just keep walking, just keep walking, you know, and then I would walk by and then they would jump off behind you and scare the daylights out of you. And it was just, it was a lot of fun. And of course, you know, with these groups, I didn’t know this before, but it makes sense, but apparently like when a group goes through, they always find the, this person that scared the most and they focus on scaring that one person. So that was obviously Sherry and so every place that we went everybody was trying their best to scare her. And I was like, kinda like along for the ride.

She used me like a human shield to protect her from the bad guys that were there. I’m like, okay, you know, whatever. So we make it through the boat unfortunately. Make it through the haunted house. Excuse me. But fortunately it was like really warm inside the haunted house place. So I, I warmed up. It was really just nice and we make it off, we get done and both her and I are laughing. We had a great time. I have, like I said, I haven’t done this in forever and so we get done, we walk off and as we walk off we walk by other people and align really has not moved a whole lot. Say it’s, we walked, started walking around through the haunted house and as we’re walking along and sharing our like kind of cracking jokes and you know, going back and forth as we walked by this line, the guy that was standing behind us and he was complaining hinted, I made eye contact and man alive, he gave me like the worst stink-eye ever.

Like, almost like he was like looking at me like who are you to cut in front of all of us and get on, get, you know, get in there ahead of us. You know, who are you think that you could do that? And it kinda like bothered me and I was walking back to the car and you know, I can only imagine what this guy was thinking and I don’t want to put words in his mouth. I don’t want to sit there and say he was thinking this or thinking that cause I don’t know. All I know is that he gave me like a really bad case of the stink-eye and so you know, and we, we got back there and I realized that, you know, maybe he didn’t know that there was this fast track thing. Maybe he didn’t understand that there were two types of tickets.

Cause when you walked up to the booth and you said, you know, there’s two of us, so there’s five of us or whatever it is. They just gave you a general admission pass. You had to ask to the fast track pass. And they didn’t advertise it. The prices weren’t hanging up. They didn’t say here’s a fast track pass or here’s the general admission pass a, they just gave you tickets for the general admission pass. So you know, because you know, we don’t know or anything else. Fortunately we saw the sign, we asked and it was like $10 more and to shortcut that line and to be able to make it into the attraction much faster and get out of the cold. Yeah I would have paid that $10 you know, any day of the week to be able to do that. But it kinda got me thinking about how like in life in general, you know there’s always the two groups of people, right.

And the one group is always angry at the other group cause the other group always seems to be successful or always seems to have money or always seems to do this and do that. But they really don’t understand that, you know, the same rules apply to us all. You know. And sometimes it’s just a matter of asking the question and rather than get angry and pissed off at me because supposedly I cut in line, you know, the question that he should’ve been asking himself is, well, if they were able to do it, why can’t we, you know, what did they do that was so special to, you know, go to the head of the line and get into the attraction so early, you know, rather than ask that question rather than say, Hey man, what did you guys do? Oh, there’s this fast track that you can get what fast track.

And he could have been in there as well, but instead it was total stinkeye. It was anger, you know, on his part because he did not look happy at all. When, when he and I made contact. And so, you know, some, one of the things where sometimes it’s just better to ask the question, not be, not be angry because of somebody else’s success, but to sit there and actually pose the question, you know, how were you able to do it? You know, what was, you know, what was it that you did that was so special or that was so different? And you know, usually just by asking that question, sometimes it’s just the easiest response, you know, just $10 more and you get into the attraction that much faster rather than stand outside in the cold, you know? But just a different way of thinking. You know, instead of being anger, just ask a question. Anyways, that’s all I got for today. That’s what’s rattling around at the back of my head. I hope you guys are having a fantastic Sunday. I’ll be back again tomorrow with week five of the LinkedIn special and I will talk to you guys then.