My morning routine is responsible for my success.  Sounds far fetched?  Believe it or nuts, success hides among the monotonous.  Here’s my schedule and my story.

In this episode, I talk about:

  • Morning Routines
  • Content Creation
  • Where Success Comes From


Hello everyone. Welcome to this episode of the path to 1 million. This is going to be episode 145 as promised I’ve got my episode out today and I’ve been driving all morning and I’m a bit wore out, but that’s OK. What I’m gonna to talk to you today about and actually driving around today, it impacts me quite a bit, is the routine that I follow every single morning. And I’ve, I’ve know I’ve shared with you before, the fact that I get up at the ungodly hour of three o’clock, I get up there and when I’m up at three or whatever it is, it’s not that I just Willy nilly do whatever from three o’clock until like maybe seven or eight. I actually have a very regimented schedule. And the reason why I have a regimented schedule is because there’s certain things that I need to do in the morning time that’s gonna help me be successful throughout the day and not only throughout the day, but throughout the week.

So in the morning times I have my, my slots dedicated to, you know, my alarm goes off at three. So between three and three 20 I am usually like, you know, in the shower and then when I get out of the shower I am you know, take, you know, shaving or you know, whatever it is. But I, I do that and then I block out a certain amount of time to read. I block out a certain amount of time to write. I block out a certain amount of time to prepare these Facebook lives. Because the reason why I do that is because it’s important to me for, you know, my business. And not only that for my goals and for my objectives to be able to create assets that I can use in my business. So for instance, these Facebook lives are an asset because it is a story that I am sharing with people that conveys some kind of a lesson learned or that people can get to know me or whatever it is.

But that’s the lesson that I am sharing for that particular day. So these Facebook videos become an asset. And then what can I do with these assets? Well, it’s, it’s, it’s almost too simple to not share. But using this video from Facebook, I’m able to turn it into a podcast. I’m able to turn it into a written article. I am able to post this video to YouTube, be able to post it to LinkedIn. So this one video that I’m creating on Facebook, I am now able to leverage on all of these other platforms. And so not only to share my story with everybody that’s on Facebook, but be able to share my story on all these other platforms. Because not everybody first off is on Facebook. Second off, not everybody’s going to consume the content the exact same way. So I create this content via video form.

It converts into a podcast very nicely. From there, I can do written articles, people can read, they can listen or they can watch. And it’s, it’s the, it’s oftentimes it’s this type of content that will actually get me introductions to, people will actually get people to say to me, Hey cliff, we are interested in using your services or whatnot. Just because of the fact of me pushing out this content. It’s not the real sexy stuff. It’s not the road glamorous stuff that you put out there that are going to get people to, you know, interact with you. And I really wish it was. But you know, success really does boil down to the routine. It really does boil down to being disciplined every single day. The rituals that you perform to move yourself forward, whether that’s in your career or if you’re promoting a nonprofit or if you’re promoting, you know, a for profit business, whatever that is.

It’s the activities that you set yourself up with on a single daily basis that you focus on and say, okay, today is not complete unless I get activities one, two, three, four, five done. And those activities basically are the same every single day. So every single day I produce a Facebook video. Every day this I turn around and I’d put it out as a podcast. I put it out as a video. I put it out as a written article, so I know that doesn’t sound like extremely sexy, but it is the way that you continually get your message out in front of people. You always have to keep yourself in front of people, keep yourself top of mind. That’s why, for instance, when I designed the PDF for the LinkedIn lead generation, it was all about, here are the daily tasks that you need to perform.

Just use the sheet every single day and do the do these activities every single day. It probably take you about a half an hour, but doing these activities in your business will move forward if you do at once, it’s not going to count. If you do a Facebook live video just one time a, you’re not going to gain any traction doing it every single day converted in all the all platforms. You’re going to gain a significant amount of traction. And by producing it every single day, being consistent with your message, consistent with your story, then it’s really going to, it’s really going to do wonders for your business and for getting your message out there and for connecting with people every single day. So even as I’m going mobile right now, fortunately I’m able to do a majority of this on my phone, but if not, I have my laptop here with me and all I need is a Starbucks and an internet connection and my distribution schedule for that particular day is done.

So it’s that discipline. It’s the daily routine every single day. These are the activities that I follow. This is the path that I follow. A classic example would be like the other day I shared a story. I believe it was, yeah. And yesterday’s episode where we talked about having the inspection at my house and I got, I did the Facebook live and I sat down and I started going through my process of distributing the the content out there onto all of these different platforms. And right in the middle of that, my mom calls cause she was all excited. She wanted to know how the, you know, how the inspection went and everything else like that. And so I answered the phone just to make sure it wasn’t an emergency and she says, Oh, I just wanna know how the inspection went. And I said, actually it went pretty good.

Mom, can I call you back in like an hour? Because I wanted to get done with my routine. I didn’t want to sit there on the phone and talk with her and disrupt the routine. I wanted to keep the routine moving forward. So anyways you know, I just wanted to share that with you today. It’s, you know, success is found in the routine and I know that sounds extremely dull. Sounds extremely boring cause everybody always wants to go for the big win, but it’s absolutely true. It’s these daily activities that you do, the little tasks that you do that’s going to help you be able to help you to achieve your goal, achieve your objective, whatever, whatever that might be. I think the classic example, I go back to all the time I was in college, it boils down to every single, every single homework exercise that I did.

It was all routine and I was doing them again and again and again. But you know, you, you do well on the homework, you do well on the quizzes, you do well on the quizzes, you do well on a test. If you do well on a test, you do well on the exams. That’s exactly how I was. That was the only way that I was able to graduate college with any kind of a really good GPA as I had to start thinking that way. It boil down to the monotony of all the tasks being done every single day. So anyways, just wanted to share that with you today. I hope I had a good connection. It was flashing back and forth and telling me low connection, high connection, normal connection. Anyways this’ll be posted up there at some point in time. But anyways, I hope you guys are having a phenomenal Friday and that you guys got a good weekend. Actually, it just happened again. So I got a low connection network. Don’t understand why. Cause it says I got a soon as I got full bar strength. So anyways, I will talk to you guys again tomorrow with another story. I will see you then.