Experts are experts for a reason.  They have been there, done that.  They know where the pitfalls are.  So why don’t people want to pay for their expert advice?

In this episode, I talk about:

  • Inspection on my house
  • My Ego or My Future
  • Keys to Success


Good morning everyone. Welcome to the Path to 1 million. My name is Cliff. This is going to be episode 144. So

The house right now we are in escrow. And yesterday we had one of the big, there’s like two major milestones coming up with the house being an escrow. One of those milestones being of course is the first inspection where we have inspectors come out to the house. And they go over everything top to bottom. And then they come back and they tell the buyer, Hey, this is what we found or you know, here’s some potential problems here, or whatever it is. That process actually took place yesterday. One of the things that I thought was really cool at the end of the inspection period was that we’re, we’re sitting there on my couch and there was  five of us all sitting around in the circle and it occurred to me, I was like, man, everybody’s sitting in the circle right here is like an expert, right? They’re all good at their own specific thing. But we had this whole group of people that were like experts. And I kind of took a step back and I thought to myself, this is actually really cool because for me this is kind of like my dream state, right? To be sitting on a couch filled with people all trying to achieve a goal or some kind of an objective.

And you know, one of the things that I had to laugh at myself last night and something that I’ve done repeatedly is there was a point in time of my life where that would not have happened. Because for some reason I always thought that I was like the smartest guy in the room and I didn’t need to lean on anybody for their help or for their expertise. And it took me a long time to figure out that the truly successful people in life, cause you know, Tony Robbins said something that resonated with me. He said, “Success always leaves clues.” And when I started studying these, like really successful people out there, the one of the things that occurred to me was that they always, all these successful people out there always seem to have somebody to turn to. Some kind of an expert or a mentor or somebody who has achieved even more success or whatever it is.

And they took their egos out of the equation and said, Hey, you know what? We can, you know, I can move forward if you know, I can get some advice or whatever it is. A lot of times that shortcuts a lot of headaches because the people that you turn to for advice have been there and done that. And they can tell you, Hey, these are the pitfalls, this is what you, you know, what you should avoid and everything else. And I think, you know, for, for escrow and for everything that’s been going on, this has been a critical component to having everything flow so smoothly is because all these experts are on board. Now, of course, experts cost money and in the, in the game of real estate you have to pay for these people, you have to pay for these services, but you’re paying for that expertise. So that way when you go into a transaction or when you do a transaction, the transaction flows smoothly or they help you identify, you know, like good places from the bad places. Like maybe you should make an investment here, don’t make an investment here or you know, help you put together a business model, whatever that might be.

On the flip side of the coin, I know a couple of people and they live in another state. They decided to sell their house. And so I was chit chatting with them and I said, yeah, I said, if you needed any help or you know anything, if you’ve got any questions, you know, fire away. But the best piece of advice that I can give you is to hire a real estate agent to help you out. And they said, okay. So long story short, a couple of weeks later my phone starts blowing up and I looked down at my phone and they’ve sent me a copy of a purchase contract and they said, “Hey, could you help us fill out this contract?” I immediately wrote them back and I said, no. I said, I can’t help you because I’m not a licensed agent in your state.

You need to engage a real estate agent to fill this out. Because I knew that they had a real estate agent. That agent would have done it for them, but they didn’t do it. They were trying to sell their house on their own. And they kept coming back and said, well, what about this question? What about that question? And I felt so bad because I kept going back to them. I was like, I cannot answer that question. I’m not licensed in your state. For me to answer that question, it’s going leave me open to a lawsuit, which I really don’t want. Get a real estate agent. And I wasn’t saying get a real estate agent because I’m a licensed agent. I was sitting, I was telling him to get an agent because the agent has experienced, the agent has the expertise, the agent has done this before so the agent can help them achieve their objectives.

But their counter argument to that was that, well, we don’t want to spend the money on an agent. And it always amazes me how people will sit there and take a look at the entire piece of the puzzle and say, you know what? I don’t want to spend 5% to make that 95%. If somebody walked up to me and said, Hey Cliff, if you invest $1,000 we can guarantee you’ll make $50,000 on the back end. I would make that trade any day of the week. But there are people out there who will say, Nope, I won’t spend that thousand dollars. They just won’t. For some reason, they just think they should get, get that money for free or whatever it is. So that’s the whole point of having these experts involved as is being able to help you move to that next level or help you to achieve a certain objective.

And it has been experts every single step of the way. Whenever I’ve made monumental progress in my life, whether it’s a phone conversation, whether it’s meeting them face to face, or whether it’s even buying their book for crying out loud, whenever I have made steps made huge steps forward in my career, in my business, in my personal life, it is because I take my ego out of the equation and I say to myself, what can I do to get an expert on vault involved or whatever it is, learn from them, get their advice. That’s exactly why it’s called, you know, advice. And I don’t have a problem if the, if the, if the problem is big enough, I don’t have a problem paying money for them to get that, to get that experience from them, to get their knowledge from that, to be able to step inside their world and be able to see, okay, so if I, if I walked down this way, these are the potential pitfalls.

This is how I can mitigate risk. And then this is how I can move forward. But some people don’t want to spend that money. And when you don’t spend that money, when you’re walking down that alley blind, when you can’t see what a potential pitfalls are in front of you, then failure is going to become a part of it because you’re going to fail way more often than you’re going to succeed. And now for these people that were selling their house, not surprisingly, their house fall out of escrow because the buyer changed their mind. A lot of mistakes were made during the process. From when I was able to understand. And at some point in time, of course these people stopped asking me for my advice because my advice was just like a broken record. Get an agent, get an agent, get an agent anyways, their house fell out of escrow.

They never did sell their house. So you know, granted they did save money, they really did and they gained a piece of experience from it, but it wound up costing them the money that they would’ve made on the sale of their house. So now they are regrouping and trying to figure out what it is that they want to do. If they’re going to try to sell it again. I have no idea that’s just beyond me, but all I know is that for the transaction that I’ve got with my house being in escrow right now, I feel much better. Because I know that I’ve got the right group of people around me that are helping me out to achieve my goals. If I did not have that in place, if I wasn’t, if I didn’t remove my ego from the equation, that would be the fastest way for me to shoot myself in the foot.

And that’s exactly what I’m trying to avoid. So anyways I just wanted to share that story with you and give you a little bit of an update and I’m very excited. I know I said this at the beginning of the show, but I’m very excited that the inspection went well. There were no major issues involved. Of course, that’ll be another story for another time that we’ll have to share with you. But no major issues were, were you know, were found, were identified and everything was like super small, like a $2 fix at home Depot, whatever. So very excited about that. Things are rolling forward and I will be back again tomorrow with another story. I hope you guys are all doing well on this a Thursday and I will talk to you again tomorrow.