Why can’t Steve Jobs management style be repeated?  Perhaps the crazy idea is that you can’t treat people like crap while trying to achieve your goals.  So who do you emulate?  Here’s my story.

In this episode, I talk about:

  • The failure of Steve Jobs management style
  • My “Path to 1 Million Goal”
  • Starting from the Inside-Out

Resources (Affiliate):

The Magic of Thinking Big

I said This, You Heard That

Ronald Reagan Autobiography

Winston Churchill Biography

Larry King Biography


Good Morning, everyone. Welcome to this episode of the “Path to 1 Million”. This is going to be episode 143. I read an interesting article last night, so everybody on the planet knows that the Apple company is the probably arguably one of the most successful companies out there. It’s one of the most richest companies that are out there. They’ve made billions upon billions upon billions of dollars. Everybody that I know of any ways that buys Apple products absolutely loves Apple products. Well, maybe one friend bought one Apple product and took it back because he couldn’t stand it. But anyways, what’s interesting with the entire Apple story, of course, is is everybody knows that Steve Jobs founded Apple and there’s been so many movies that have been made about him starting with the pirates of Silicon Valley. And then after his death, of course the came out with all these other movies talking about Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs.


In Silicon Valley, a lot of CEOs, of a lot of other companies, started to take a look at Steve Jobs and how he managed Apple. And it was no secret that Steve Jobs treated people poorly, especially at the beginning of Apple. And this was reflected throughout his movies and everything else. And he just, he treated people really bad really just for some reason he was not able to really be able to communicate with his employees. And so, you know, basically just treat them like garbage. So a lot of CEOs said to themselves, obviously this is the secret to greatness. So these CEOs started to adopt the Steve Jobs philosophy of treating people like crap. And of course a lot of these CEOs turn around and went promptly out of business because you know, when you treat people poorly, they’re going to leave. So what this tells me is that Steve Jobs, you know, and his management style is not the rule, but he is actually the exception of the rule.

The exception of the rule being that relationships are important. What you’re saying to people and what you do to people and how you interact with people are important. So this was actually part of, you know, and I wrote an article about this yesterday and posted it to Facebook called “I can do better” with the fact that I want to impact a million people. And while I’m all for trying to inspire people to make small, incremental improvements in their life, here I am at the other side of the coin, somebody does something in public that really irritates me. And for some reason it’s just, you know, my, my brain and my body just gets flooded with these evil thoughts and calling them Pinhead and everything else. So, you know, this is exactly why I make the capital investment that I do into reading the books. The two books that I’ve got on my agenda right now, of course I’m reading “The Magic of Thinking Big.”

And I know that’s backwards out there on the video. But you know, I’m focusing on again “The Path to 1 Million”. What can I do to elevate and get in front of more people and, and inspire more people. With that being said, of course I know that it boils down to communication. So the next book that I got, “I said this, you heard that”. This is something that the pastor of the church that I listened to has been actually talking about over the past few weeks. So I went ahead and I got this. This is part book, part workbook, part video. But the whole thing is is that I want to be better at communicating. I want to get better at communicating obviously at scale, being able to communicate to many people but also to be able to communicate with that individual person. The better communicator that I can be,

then the more that I can deepen that relationship. Because like the pastor of the church said and I thought this was actually very revealing, the better communication that you have, the more you’ll be able to connect with people and be able to deepen that relationship with people. So it behooves me now to become a better communicator, to try to deepen that relationship. And of course to take it a step further, because I’m a big believer in media and getting your message out, I have the biography of Ronald Reagan on its way. I’ve got a biography of Winston Churchill that’s on its way. And I also have another biography from Larry King that is on its way. So I’m making the investment into studying how these people were able to build relationships, build followings, be able to inspire people to take action at scale. The moral story is that I take a look at myself, I take a look at the individual and I realize that a lot of the goals that I have for myself and this movement that I’m creating really starts from the inside out.

And if I can’t master that communication, if I can’t figure out how to treat an individual properly and be able to communicate with them and be able to build a relationship with them and to understand them better then I don’t think I could be able to do that at scale. Cause it always starts with the one and it actually works its way out. I’ve never once in as much as I love Apple products. And right now I’ve, you know, I’ve gotten my iPhone, I’ve got my MacBook, I’ve got my iMac that is behind me. I’ve got an iPod shuffle. I love Apple products. But I don’t, I don’t admire how Steve Jobs treated people. I don’t admire the methodology that he used to get Apple to, to that level of success that it has. And I think that, with Steve Jobs passing away and the new management team inside of Apple, I think they’re doing actually an okay job of continuing to build the company and continuing to innovate.

But from my standpoint, I’m more of the Gary Vaynerchuk approach. Which is where, it’s about building the honey empire. If I’m going to build the tallest building in the city, I want to do it because I built the tallest building in the city, not because I tore everybody else down. That’s not part of my modus operandi. So I want to make sure that I am wired internally to be the best that I can in order to be able to communicate my message to other people. And so if I have, you know, a horrible personal life, if I have horrible relationships in my personal life, I don’t understand how I can expect to be able to build that at scale. So that is why I make the investment in these books and why I spend probably too much money on books and why my bookshelf is full and overflowing.

They’re all over the floor trying to pack them in the boxes. So cause I want to make sure that, you know, that I’m able to, to be able to communicate with people, be able to communicate with them, clearly be able to deepen that relationship with them. So anyways, just some of the thoughts that railing around in some of my head in the back of my head. I thought I would share those with you today. I hope you’re doing really well on this Wednesday afternoon. I will be back again tomorrow with another story and I will see you then.