The past can control you.  Just like the future can control you.  The only thing I can control is this moment.  What I choose in this moment impacts my day, my week and my life.  How do I choose what to do in that moment?

In this episode, I talk about:

  • Being haunted by the past
  • Defining Moments become Defining Chapters
  • What about the future?


Good Morning, everyone. Welcome to episode 139 of the Path to 1 million. Saturday morning. And I hope you all are having a fantastic day. The other day I was clicking around on Amazon and there was a Star Trek movie I hadn’t seen in awhile. So as I’m packing my stuff, I put it on the TV and it was playing in the background. And if there’s a certain part in this episode, of course there’s aliens involved in aliens, can do whatever they want in the star Trek universe. But there was one scene in particular where a captain Picard was sitting with this, a very attractive lady and he made a comment about about how, you know, life is precious and it’s made of these precious moments. And she said, well, then be in this moment with me. And somehow or another, she was able to like slow down time and really extend that particular moment out.

And it was actually the way that it was filmed. It was really beautiful. And it got me thinking about how some moments just seem to be more magical than other moments out there. And I started thinking about all the times in my life where I’ve, I’ve made decisions, I’ve moved forward or I accomplished something no matter what that was. But it’s got me thinking that in order to actually like to move forward, to accomplish what you want to do, you have to be present in that moment. And I think what happens is, is that for me, and I’ve been guilty of doing this before like many times in the past, is that for some reason I actually like, rather than be present in the moment, I’m present in the past, if that makes any sense. So for instance, a classic example of this was when I was going through chemistry class in high school. The chemistry teacher and I did not get along at all.

And he kept telling me the whole time that I was going to fail and I wasn’t gonna, you know, get good grades in chemistry and I was going to get bounced out of college. And all this other stuff. And I remember that I carried that with me up until I got into college. And even when I signed up for chemistry class, I was actually had to take two chemistry classes to get my engineering degree. But I just remember like going into that class like still in the past with regards to my thoughts on chemistry and getting bounced out of college and stuff. And his voice kept ringing through my head the entire time. And you know, obviously the, the teacher came in there and I know I’ve shared the story before, but one of the things that she said when she walked into the classroom, which contradicted what my high school teacher said, was that you can’t learn chemistry by reading a book.

Someone actually has to teach it to you. And at that moment right there, everything he said to me, everything that happened in the past was, was gone. It like instantly evaporated because now this chemistry teacher was talking to my language. She actually got up there and explained how chemistry work. And I wound up rocking a 4.0 in the class. Ditto with like every other major event that’s happened in my life. It seems like I always get stuck with what I’ve done in the past rather than being present in that particular moment. Once I make the decision and actually say, Hey, you know what? I want to achieve this. I want to move forward, I want to, I want to do this, I want to learn this, whatever it is, whatever I did in the past is like gone, like just magically, just like erases itself.

And I’m just present there in the moment. The other day I talked about how I had golf for years and I was horrible at it. I mean, I sucked at it. The only reason why I went out there and played, because usually I was playing with other people and I would just go out there and then just one day I just said, you know what? I am tired of embarrassing myself. I’m going to get a golf pro. All of that golf that I did before that like didn’t matter. You know, it wasn’t like I was sitting here and saying in my head, Oh, I suck at golf. I suck at golf. Because that’s how I viewed myself from the past in that present moment. Went out and got golf pro and he sat down and said, okay, this is how you do it.

And that’s how he did it. And that’s how my, I went from like embarrassing myself to actually doing a pretty decent job. Not, not too terribly bad. Ditto with buying my first duplex, you know, all the things in the past like, well you’ve never bought a house before and you know, how do you know you can afford it? Dah, dah, dah. All these echoes from the voices in the past were impacting me inside of that moment. So every single time that I make a decision, every time that I’m like, whatever that this project is, whatever that goal is, it’s about moving forward. It’s about taking that next step and being present in that moment is very important. And I also think too, that this is not only applicable with, you know, just like with sports or anything else like that, but just with life in general, because some of the most magical moments in my life have always happened when I’ve been able to tune out all the voices, everything that’s going around me, and just be present.

Some of the most beautiful sunrises, some of the most beautiful sunsets, some of the most beautiful landscapes is where I just, I, I stopped. And it’s almost like I just get overwhelmed and I’m just, I’m, I’m in that moment. And sometimes I sit there and I say to myself, “God, I wish this moment would never end.” You know, it’s just, it is. It’s just absolutely beautiful. So anyways, being in that moment, being able to, being able to say, you know what? I know that I did this before in the past, but from this point I’m going to move forward from this point here. I’m going to make this decision to do X. Whether that’s, you know, hire somebody or find a mentor or buy a book or implement a new action plan or whatever that might be. But whatever action that you take in that moment makes that moment special, makes that moment different.

And it becomes a defining moment. You know, like, like I said, I was talking to yesterday about buying my duplex, that moment that I made that command decision that I was actually going to get my duplex. I remember that because that was a very memorable moment. That’s, that’s the moment that I decided that my life was going to take a different track. Usually you don’t forget moments like that, but that’s the moment that was there. And when I look at back at it now it actually seems very special to me because I actually had the, the courage, I had the drive, I had the, the, the, the, the, the, the want, the desire to move my life forward. So you don’t forget these kind of like what I will call defining moments that are in your life. Ditto for when I went off to college or when I made the command decision to move back to Michigan.

All of these moments are defining moments. It’s where the, where it switched just hits on my head and from my standpoint, those are the moments that I always go back. I always take a look at. Those are the moments that usually define new chapters in my life. And that’s how I enjoy moving forward and going forward and those moments, there’s power in that. There really is when you make that decision and you say, you know what, I’m going to do this. There’s so much power in that because it’s like the past that’s completely goes away. You don’t worry about the future because you can’t control the future. It’s just what you do in that moment that really counts and makes it special and makes it magical. Anyways, just wanted to share that thought with you. It was what was going through my head this morning. I hope you guys have a fantastic Saturday, and we’ll be back again tomorrow, tomorrow. Just to give you a brief preview, I’m actually going to talk about the power of champagne. So anyways, I will talk to you guys tomorrow and have a great Saturday.