Momentum is awesome.  When you get started, when you build momentum, it can really help to carry you forward.  At the same point, it can help to carry you backward.  What do I do to control the momentum in my life?

In this episode, I talk about:

  • Struggles with the 25x5k challenge
  • People who complain.  Always.
  • How I direct momentum


Hello everyone. Welcome to the path to 1 million. This is going to be episode 137. So I am knee deep into the hole, a 25 by fiveK challenge, which is where I run a five K every day for 25 days straight. I was thinking back when, it was a handful of weeks ago and I started doing the 25 by fiveK challenge and I actually ran my first five K. And then like the very next day I got sick. And I didn’t want to run when I was sick for obvious reasons. Uhut I remember I was down for like two to three days. I had like a fever going on and it was hard to breathe and I was choking and I just remember thinking to myself, wow, you know, just, you know, take a couple of days off. So I did. And you know, after those few days of being sick, of course there’s recovery time for that and I was coughing up all this junk and everything else and it was literally like a couple of days turned into almost two weeks before I felt like physically ready to go out and run a 5 K again.

And when I went out and I ran that 5k I remember it was like a struggle for my body to get used to running again. I had ran for two weeks. And I remember that I made it to the two mile mark and for those of you that don’t know, a fiveK run is actually 3.1 miles. So I made it to the two mile mark and I decided, okay, I’ll take a break and I’ll walk for a couple of minutes and then I’ll run again. I made it to the two mile mark walked and I remember after I walked for a couple of minutes that when I started to run again, it was like my legs were like seizing up. It was really hard for me to get running again. Not because I didn’t want to or that I didn’t feel that I was ready. It was because like I like the muscles in my legs, like couldn’t like function or something.

It was really weird. And I was talking to a girl about this. She was like in her mid twenties. And I made a comment, turbo home training for 5k and she actually told me that she was in cross country in high school. And so we were talking about that and she actually made a comment, I told her about my legs seizing up and she laughed and she says, yeah, she says that’s something that I face as well because what I found is that like for the first two miles that I run, my body will complain and they’ll be like, Oh, I’m too tired or I’m too cranky or this hurts or this aches or I don’t have enough energy or I need more water. I’m dehydrated. Can we stop? Whatever. But once she makes it to the two mile mark, it’s like her body goes quiet and says, okay, we’re running.

So let’s just run. And I thought that was interesting cause it got me thinking about the whole concept of momentum. And so the next time that I went up for my run, I said, you know what? I’m going to see if that happens to me. And sure enough for the first two miles, my body did nothing but complain, complain, complain, complain, complain. Once I made it to that two mile mark, it was like all of a sudden everything went quiet. And I said, you know what? If I ran two miles, why can’t I just run another mile? I’ve already ran two. I don’t feel like stopping. So let’s do this. And sure enough, I ran a five K. And I know that part of that was effect that I hear we run a five K even though I took a couple of weeks break. But I realized that there’s actually something to the power of momentum.

And once you start that momentum, once you build that momentum, that momentum can actually help. To carry you forward. It actually makes things easier for you as you’re moving forward. You’re still gonna have problems that you got to solve along the way. I totally get that. But it started getting me thinking about the concept of momentum and how momentum plays a great deal of whatever we choose to do in life. Whether that’s to produce something or to pursue something academically, or if it is to chase a new business venture or to accelerate your career or whatever it is that you’re doing. Momentum actually plays a huge role in that because when you first start out, you don’t have any momentum, right? Nobody knows. No matter what you’re working on, whether it’s a project, whether it’s business, whatever it is, nobody knows who you are. But once you start turning on and actively doing things to promote your business or to start talking to people or getting in front of people or figuring out how to produce, you know, content for social media and whatever that is, once you start that process, you start to gain momentum.

And the more you talk to people and then people tell you you know, no, I’m not interested in this or your project or your fundraiser or whatever that might be. That’s okay. You still got that forward momentum going. And if they don’t know anybody, anybody, you know, or I’m sorry if they’re not interested, maybe they know somebody, but you can play off that momentum to move forward. And it got me thinking that with momentum, momentum is a very tricky thing because there’s actually two aspects to momentum that can actually really hurt or help you. And the first is, is that when you get momentum going, if you don’t continue to feed that momentum, then it will actually hurt you. It will actually slow you down. And an example of this would be, I started a podcast a couple of years ago that was called Long Beach Impact. And when we started the podcast, it was all about interviewing local entrepreneurs and thought leaders in the Long Beach community.

And when we started, nobody knew who we were. We had a basic website set up, but we didn’t have anything to show anybody. But fortunately I was lucky in that the producer that I was working with, she had some connections in the area and they kind of did the podcast as a favor to her. But once we had those episodes recorded and we were actually able to leverage those episodes to get other people to appear on the show, things started to become much easier and things really started to cook. And I remember that we made it up to about episode 19. And right about episode 19, this is like we’re all three or four months into doing the podcast. That is when I went through this really dark period of my life with, you know, like the divorce going on and there was other crap that was going on in my life and I was just completely not happy with what was going on.

And so the podcast suffered for it. You know, I wasn’t putting any effort into doing the podcast anymore. So, you know, I had lost that momentum. And after like maybe four or five months, I tried to pick up the podcast again. But man alive. I mean it was like super difficult to get going again. And I just, I don’t know, for some reason I just, I lost interest in it was like that ma, that magic, that momentum was actually gone. Which is a real shame because the podcast actually turned out to be insanely popular even though I haven’t done anything. But that’s another conversation for another time. But if you don’t feed that momentum, it will stop. And the second thing is, is that momentum. Really, if you think about it, if you look up the definition in the dictionary it is a force to move you in a certain direction.

But that could be a positive or a negative direction. Like I talked about in episode one 31, whatever you feed your brain or whatever questions that you ask, your brain becomes your new reality. So for me, I remember like long time ago when I worked in a cubicle world, there was one guy in our area that every single time I talked to him, everything was bad. All the time, 24, seven, his life was bad. I would walk up to him in the morning and I’d be like, Hey Bob, good morning. You know, and he would look at me like, man, what’s good about it? And he would walk away. That’s exactly how he would start his day. He was already convinced. He already was mentally framed out that his day was going to suck. And guess what? His days always sucked. And he would come by my cubicle and talk to me and he would go into great detail about how his day sucked and about how his wife was doing all these stupid things and his kids were just completely out of control.

And there was like nothing positive in his life. And I remember it got to a point where I started to avoid him. You know, every time I got around them, it was just like, it was so bad. And I had to sit there and say to myself, I can’t believe that there isn’t one positive thing in this guy’s life. But because he had already convinced himself that things were bad, your brain manufacturers your reality. So that’s what his brain would do. And that’s what his brain would focus on is everything that was bad in his life and that’s the momentum that would carry him a down this, you know, negative path. You know, and it just always struck me as crazy that there was nothing positive. If he won the lottery, he would complain that he had to pay taxes. If his kid invented the cure for cancer and saved millions upon millions of lives, this guy would complain cause he had to foot the bill for college.

No matter what happened in this guy’s life, he would always find some way to, to complain about it. So momentum can either send you further down the rabbit hole or it can, it can continue to make you super successful. Lately I’ve been reading and please do not send me any hate mail, but I’ve been reading a one of Donald Trump’s books that’s called Think Big. And he talks about how in the nineties like before the nineties he was really super successful. But in the 90s his world turned completely upside down. The market turned, everything turned. He owed all these people like hundreds of millions of dollars and he had no clue how he was going to pay it. But I’ve noticed that this is a repeating pattern amongst a lot of successful people is that they see a great deal of success, then they lose it. But the difference is that they now understand that when they’re seeing all this success happen, it’s because of that momentum that they have built.

They start from nothing. They, they start from scratch and this momentum continues to build and build and build. They lose and then what happens is as they rest on the laurels of that success, right? They’re like, well shoot, I can’t do anything wrong. You might as well have a party. Let’s go out and have a good time. And they don’t feed that momentum, right? That’s the first thing I talked about. How as you always got to feed them momentum, they don’t feed that momentum. That momentum eventually fades. And then if you get a market turn or market correction or the great depression or the great recession, whatever you want to call it, but when those events happen, these people wind up losing everything. Because they didn’t keep feeding that momentum. But you know what? The really successful people always come back because they learned this hard lesson.

And that is when you have that momentum and you are going forward and you’re seeing your success, there’s nothing wrong with celebrating that success, but you have to continue to feed the momentum. If you don’t continue to feed that momentum, it will die and you’ll just wind up repeating the same mistakes in the past. So that’s the tricky thing when it comes to, when it comes to momentum, you always have to feed it and you always have to direct it. To be successful in life, you have to make sure that you direct it in a positive direction. And every single time that I’ve always started a project with the best intentions of moving forward, that’s what I always tried to do is that’s where I focus my momentum. And that’s why when it comes to negative things in my life, I try not to dwell on them, solve the problem and move on, but I don’t dwell on them because the instant that I start dwelling on negative situations, that’s where my momentum will carry me. And that’s not what I want to have in my life by any stretch of the imagination. I want to continue to go up. I want to continue to improve. I continue to be successful. That’s where I want my momentum to carry me. Anyways, that’s all I have for today. Thank you guys for paying attention and stopping by. I really do appreciate it. I hope you guys have a phenomenal Thursday. I’ll be back again tomorrow with another story and I will see you then.