Every day, I’m making progress on moving.  But rather than tackle everything all at once, I broke it down into smaller chunks.  A lesson I learned from my golf pro years ago.  Here’s that story.

In this episode, I talk about:

  • Throwing away junk
  • Golf Lessons and Life Lessons
  • Improving Your Game


Morning, everyone. Welcome to the path to 1 million. This is episode 136. Today is going to Mark the, I’ll have to say the eighth or ninth days so far that I’ve been pulling my stuff down from the attic and going through it. And what he did is just kind of go back in time a little bit. Last year I decided that when I would travel back to Michigan and I was back there for a couple months, is I would Airbnb out my house and that means that all of my personal effects and everything else like that had to go up into the attic. So I just shoved stuff up into the attic as quickly as I could and I got it up there and I didn’t look at it, didn’t touch it until now. The house being an escrow, obviously I’ve got to clean out the attic.

So when I went up into the attic, I was actually surprised at how much stuff there was. I didn’t think that one person was capable of collecting so much junk, but there was, it was all up there in the attic. And I knew that if I tried to tackle that whole thing all at once, that I would go absolutely stir crazy. So what I decided to do was like every single day I would just pull down five or six boxes from the addict, bring it down, and then I would go through every single box and I would be ruthless. Like, do I really want to keep this? Do I really want to throw this away? And what I was surprised was that out of every five boxes that I’m pulling down, usually about two to three of them, I’m throwing away, you know, I don’t want that stuff anymore.

Obviously things that are of sentimental value I am going to keep a, for instance, the other day I pulled open a box and it had some cassette tapes in it and I was almost tempted to throw it away. But as I was going through there, I found, and I, I can’t believe I still have this, but I found a cassette tapes from when I was in fifth grade, sixth grade, seventh grade and eighth grade band, our concert performances, those cassettes were in there. Somehow my mom got a copy of those and she gave them to me at some point in time and they’ve just been sitting in a box. So I’ll have to figure out a way to digitize those. Anyways, as I’m going through this, it made me think about how like the big projects that I have like in, in business or whatever it is, and how it’s always important to make sure that you break those things down.

And it was probably one of the lessons that I learned. You know, one of those things that weren’t articulated clearly when about maybe five or six years ago, I decided to stop embarrassing myself on the golf course and actually signed up to take a golf lesson from a golf pro. And of course he’s up there and he was like, okay, cliff, show me your swing. So, you know, I swung and I missed the ball like I typically do. I was all over the map, my feet were pointing all over different directions. So from that point forward, he would always, every single week we would get together, he would always say, you know, focus on this one thing cliff, just this one thing, practices for an entire week when we get to give back, when we get together next week we’ll focus on something else. So all I would do is focus on that one thing and I would hit the ball like maybe you know, 25 yards, right?

And then the next week we would get together and we, he would focus on something else. Like this is how you rotate your club head through your swing. And all of a sudden, I noticed that of kitten at 25 yards, I was now hitting it like 40 yards or 50 yards, right? Every time we got together, he would make one little tweak to my swing and the ball would go a little bit further and a little bit further. And before I knew it, I was hitting the ball consistently straight, anywhere between a hundred to 125, sometimes 150 yards, which got me very excited of course, because after all these years of shanking the ball or a, you know, doing a slice or whatever it was, I was actually hitting the ball straight and I was actually getting some good yardage on it. Very, very excited. So he takes me out, we actually go out onto the golf course and I step up there to the tee and I grabbed my golf club probably my three wood and I swing as hard as I can.

And I, of course I missed the ball, right? I just like all those lessons that he taught me just went right out the window. And he’s like, cliff, what happened? He says, you were doing so good. You know, when you were on the driving range and you’re hitting the ball a hundred, 150 yards and you’ve completely fall apart. What happened? And I said, well, you know, I know that this is a par four and you know, I wanted to crush the ball and send it like 200 250 yards. You know, Don range and he’s like, cliff. He says, that’s not how you play golf. You know what you do is you focus on the process, you focus on the systems and everything that I taught you, you can hit the ball a good hundred hundred and 50 yards. Now if you think about it, right, this is a par four, it’s about 400 yards.

If you hit that ball a hundred 125 yards after three swings, you’re going to be really close to the hole and then all you have to do is do a chip shot and put it in the hole and par is good enough for you because you’re just starting out. And it made me think about how, like how many times that I’ve stepped up to the plate and tried to hit a home run like right off the bat, right? So like, Oh, this is going to be the business process that works really well or this is going to be the big thing that works really well or whatever that might be. And I put all my efforts into trying to hit a home run off the bat when it’s a lot easier to go for a base hit. There was some statistics out there that I looked up a few months ago that I found absolutely interesting, but your, your fortify, your four to five times more likely to get a base hit than you are to get a home run.

So if you focus your team on just scoring base hits, you can still win the game. What games are won by? Well some games are won by home runs in the last minute, but those are always flutes. But more the more of the base hits that are scored more than the runs that are scored or because of base hits that happen along the way. So for me, when he told me that about, you know, changing the, the approach to golf and just focus on the process, it’s all about the swing cliff. It’s all about the little things that you do through this swing and how you position your feet, rotating your club head and how you position your arm and everything else. Follow the process, follow the system. It will work, it will deliver the results. So I remembered that when he told me that I took a step back, took a deep breath and I went up there and I just hit the club or I’m sorry I swung the club just like I did when I was in golf practice.

And sure enough the ball went like 125 yards. Right? And the other people that I was playing with, you know, they all knocked it 200 250 yards. But he told me, he said, don’t worry about that. Continue to focus on hitting that ball 120 125 yards. And what the amazing thing is is that we all made it to the flag at the same time. You know, it was like these guys were really good at hitting the ball off the tee, but as soon as they started getting closer to the hole, their game fell apart. And what was interesting was that my game stayed consistent. Now, you know, did I win that? I am I tiger woods abs? Absolutely not. I don’t think I get a replay at that level, but what it did is it gave me the confidence and told me, you know what?

It is about the processes of the whole system. Just keep swinging the club the same way. Follow the process, follow the system, and the results will follow. Anyways, I just wanted to share that story with you guys today. I hope you have an absolutely wonderful Wednesday. Today’s Wednesday. God, I get so busy I can’t keep track of what day it is. I think today’s Wednesday. Anyways, I hope you guys are having a fantastic Wednesday. Thanks for stopping by. I really do appreciate it. And I will be back again tomorrow with another story. I will see you then.