We are in the last 90 days of this decade.  Can you believe it?  In my life, each decade is marked with a theme.  Now the new decade is here and I wonder what that theme will be?  What will your theme be?

In this episode, I talk about:

  • What each decade theme was for my life
  • What has been my theme lately
  • What will the next decade bring


Where did everyone welcome to the path to 1 million? This is going to be episode 135. I was reading this morning, I was going through my Facebook feed of trying to get caught up on everything that’s happening out there. And one lady that I follow her name is Heather Compton, wrote a wonderful post that was called the last 90 days. And it was like a real hit, a real smack upside the head that to think that with today being October 1st, we are in the last 90 days, not only of this year but of this decade. And it got me thinking about all the different milestones, all the different decades in my life. And I know that as a kid especially being a little kid and it was probably because of the passing of my father, he was here one day, gone the next, I had been very acutely aware of the passage of time and what is, you know, what is moving forward in life and the fact that, you know, cause people will look at me and they’ll, they’ll always say, you know, you know, you only live once and the clock is ticking.

And it’s like, yes, I know that beyond a shadow of a doubt. So I started thinking back to all the different decades that have passed, you know, in my life and how I would how I would label them or how I would call them. And I would have to say like in the 90s for instance, the 90s to me were all, if I were to define it, I would actually define it as the resume years. In the nineties everything I did was because I wanted to build up my resume. So that was like going to college and getting my bachelor’s degree. That was getting my master’s degree. It was getting my engineering job at GM and then it was getting my engineering job at Boeing. And you know, I was talking to somebody the other day about how when I moved to California, never wants as a kid that I ever dream about actually living in California.

I thought I might wind up either in Seattle or Texas, but it never even crossed my mind to move to California. I never sat there and dreamed about one day living in California and you know, being so close to the beach and all this other stuff cause growing up California was like the land of fruit and nuts. So anyways, I moved to California just for my resume because it was the next step that I wanted to take in building my career and climbing that corporate ladder. And that’s all they did in the nineties getting my certifications and everything else that, that I thought would help my resume. And I remember that towards the end of the nineties I was extremely unfulfilled. I was very unhappy. Getting out of bed every single day was like a pure challenge because, you know, there was nothing, there was nothing that really excited me about what I was doing or where I was going.

It’s like I said, I had spent all my life trying to figure out what I could do to make HR happy so I could get that next promotion or what I could do to get a little bit more of a pay raise. So that kind of bled into the two thousands and the two. If I were to kind of like say what happened here, I would actually say that the two thousands for me was kind of like, what do I want to do? You know, that would be like the chief question that I asked myself and I didn’t know. So I just went like experimental. It’s like, you know what, let’s just try everything. And if you’ve been reading my Facebook stories, that’s where I started talking about that guy. And when that guy kinda took over he went crazy. He got into art, he got into music.

I was going out, I was like, you know, dancing, dancing my ass off every single weekend at the clubs and staying out til all hours of the night. I was meeting all kinds of people. I really started to travel international at that time and I decided, you know what? I’ve always wanted to learn French so I’m going to learn French. And everybody told me I was crazy because you live in Southern California, you should learn Spanish. But I didn’t have any desire to learn Spanish again. You’re doing something because you know, it makes other people happy. No, I want to do stuff that made me happy. So I go out and I start learning French. And then when those years go by, it was like, I was absolutely convinced that I wanted to get into real estate a, because all these millionaires out there actually have real estate as part of their portfolio.

And I said, you know what? I actually want to learn how to do this. So I got into real estate, you know, that’s not a resume builder. That’s not going to help move my career forward. So I got into real estate and went full core into that and learned about renovations and contracting. And I think my, my, my, my business skills actually went through the roof and I started getting an experimenting with with software and started getting into a little bit of marketing and everything else. And that, that kind of led me towards the, you know, the 2000 and tens. Right now we’re in the 2000 teens, at least for now, for the next 90 days. But I started getting into that and I would have to say that I, if I were to think about, I was thinking about this morning and I would have to say like maybe the first handful of years for the 2000 and tens I, I was kinda like flatline.

I really didn’t do anything. I really didn’t. I really didn’t like move the ball forward or something. It was like, I was just like living like every single day, like the same as the last day, which made me extremely unhappy. But I, if I were to define this decade, I would actually say that this is kind of like where I started to get really excited about stories and throughout my entire life even when I was a little kid and all the way up until today. The concept of stories, the concept of sharing stories and now being able to share stories at scale and being able to experiment. How do you tell better stories and how do you get more effective at crafting arguments? And how do you you know, how do you communicate? How do you connect with people at scale? That has been like my driving force over the past, I would have to say like four years ago, I think is when I started this campaign.

Everything I’ve done has been, has been around that central core idea. And of course, story has gotten me into the world of marketing which has led me to work with people on how to connect with other people at scale, whether it’s connecting with potential clients, connecting with potential partners or whatever that is, or even just connecting people and just sharing stories just to make them feel like feel like they’re not alone. But that would be how I would define the last part of this decade. And now it’s interesting is, and of course I didn’t even think about it. I’m not going to say it’s a coincidence because sometimes I just think happens and doors opportunities. But it kind of, you know, struck me as a little bit odd because now with the houses being on the market and we’re now in the second week of escrow and moving back to Michigan, it’s like, I’ll be back in Michigan for like maybe a couple months before the 2020s start.

So it’s like this whole new decade, this whole new chapter of my life is starting. And I just started thinking about, wow, you know, everything’s gonna change. Everything is going to be different. But you know, I do have a big plans for, you know, the next decade. It’s just that this is how it worked out. I didn’t plan it. I didn’t look at a calendar and say, wow, the 2020s are coming. Maybe what could I do for like a big bang or whatever it is. Cause usually decades wind up kind of defining themselves. So it really got me thinking, I mean here it is and if you, if you’re a big believer in setting yourself up today for success tomorrow, whatever form of success that might be, whether you get better at your job, whether it’s launching a small business, whether it’s starting a nonprofit or volunteering or doing whatever that is that you do it would be interesting to see, like over the next 90 days, you know, what you think, what would you put into place?

What would you, you know, if you had, you know, the world at your feet, which you do thanks to the advent of the internet, but if you had the world’s your feet, what would you do? What would you, what would be something that you can add to your skillset that would set you up over the next 90 days? So that way, the first 90 days of the new neck decade makes you, makes you successful. So anyways, it was, you know, just some of these thoughts that were going through my head this morning the different decades of my life. Like I said this, we’re getting ready to go into the 2020s you know, if you think of anything that you’re excited about for the 20, I would absolutely love for you to leave a comment. Or if you, if you want to put down a list of how you would define a different decades, how would you define the nineties or the eighties or the two thousands or whatever it is, I would love for you to leave those comments down below and let me know what you think. I just wanted to share that story with you today. Just some of the thoughts that were going through my head. I hope you guys all have a fantastic Tuesday and I will see you again tomorrow with another story. Take care. Have a good day.