Huey Lewis released a new single the other day.  And it got me thinking of when I was a kid and the challenge I had in getting their album passed my mother.  Welcome to Sunday Funday.

In this episode, I talk about:

  • Huey’s New Track
  • My First Huey Album
  • Crafting my master plan

Show Notes:

Huey’s New Single:

My Huey Video:


Good morning everyone. Welcome to this episode of the path to 1 million. This is going to be episode 133. The other day I was completely caught off guard when I was looking at my Facebook feed and lo and behold, I see that Huey Lewis and the News has released a new single. And like I said, I was completely surprised by that. I belonged to their, their Facebook group. They haven’t mentioned anything about cutting an album or recording an album for that matter. I know that Huey Lewis has been suffering from meniere’s disease, which is something where he can’t like hear music. It all sounds like gravel in his mind. So I was really surprised that they came up with that single anyways. So he came out with a single and of course, you know, I bought it cause I’m a huge Huey Lewis fan.

I’ve been to more concerts than I care to count. And you know what’s funny is I’m driving down the road and I’m listening to their new tune on my stereo. And I started thinking back to when I was a kid and I was probably maybe 13 or 14 at the time and I really, you know, at that time I had heard Huey on the radio. But I didn’t have any albums. And the thing is with growing up at my house, my mom was like really hyper religious. So trying to get anything like secular music into the home was going to be, I realized it was going to be a real challenge. And so anyways, I was at Meyer’s shopping with the family. We would go to Meyer’s once a month kind of like Laura Ingalls Wilder style. We would roll in, we would roll into the big town of Saginaw once a month and we would get groceries for the month cause we have more like one of those huge freezers.

Anyways, as we are at Myers I went through the music section and of course there’s Huey Lewis in the news and their sports album and that’s the album that I really, really, really wanted to get. And of course I pick it up and I’m looking at it and I flip it over and I’m studying it because I know that when I go to ask mom if I can buy this album, she is going to, you know, look at the names of the songs that are on there. And of course the first song that’s on there is the heart of rock and roll. And according to mom, rock and roll leads, the sex was leads to hell. So no way on the planet am I going to get that? Another song on that album is called I want a new drug. So drugs lead to rock and roll, which leads to sex with leads.

The hell can’t get the album clicks. You’re going to burn in hell. And next thing you know, the pastor of my church is going to pull me off to the side and explained to me that sex leads to drugs, leads to a hell, leads to, you know, damnation. And you know, you can’t be doing that. And he’ll hit me upside the head with the Bible and it would just be all of this unnecessary drama. Now next to the next to sports is the album for which you, you came out with, you know, a couple of years later. And so I pick up the four album and I’m looking at that. And of course, you know, the, the four album is, is different than sports and it’s got you know, it’s gotten more like 50s do op style singing to it. There’s some acapella that’s on there as well.

And I look over the names of the songs that are on there and you know, nothing says anything about drugs or rock and roll or anything else like that. So I put the sports album down and I, and I craft this plan in my brain. So I walk up to mom at Meyers and I, and I show her the fore album and I’m like, Hey mom, can I get this album by? He will listen to news. And she’s like, well, I don’t know about that. And I said, well, you know, you can listen to it. And if you decide that I, you know, it’s, it’s too much for me or whatever it is, you know, you can always do what you typically do. You can burn it on the grill and you can smack me upside the head with the Bible and you can tell the pastor and he’ll tell me how much I’m going to burn in hell.

So mom says, that sounds like a good idea. So I use my allowance, I buy the album, mom listens to a couple of the songs and a few days later she gives me the album and she goes, wow, I really liked that. Huey Lewis and the News, they’re really good cause they’re like, you know, it’s like acapella style music. And I’m like, cool. You know. So over the next few weeks I’m listening to the four album and everything is going really good. I’m loving it. And so, you know by then we get ready to roll into Saginaw, the big city of Saginaw. Again, it’s time for our monthly trip, Laura Ingalls Wilder style into town to go get our groceries. And we, we roll into town and there is the sports album by Huey, listen to news. So I grabbed the sports album and I walked with the mom and I’m like, Hey mom, can I get these sports album by?

It’s by Huey Lewis and the news and you’re already like them. And she goes, yes, I do. Like you listen to news, yes, you can get that album. And I’m like, great. So I managed to get my sports album out of there without having to have you know, mom listened to it, which was probably a good thing because as soon as, you know, as soon as I want a new drug or something else would’ve popped up there, then that would’ve led to sex, which would’ve led to hell and burning and damnation and all that other fun stuff. Yeah. So anyways, it was probably the first time ever, I guess if I was going to try to relate this back to, to some kind of a business or something kind of aspect, but it was one of those lessons where I learned that, you know, sometimes if you can get people to agree to something small, they will agree to something big on there as well.

But I was happy about just having the albums. I listened to those things practically until the cassette tapes wore out. You know, like I said, I’ve been to so many of his concerts and I’m glad that you know, they’re coming out with the new album. You know, by now they’ve got a ton of money. They don’t have to come out with any more albums. They could actually sit and retire. But, you know, music is something that they absolutely love to do. My God, you guys are giving me a ton of likes, psyche, you know, it’s Sunday fun day, you know, just something something I was thinking about from, from being a kid and amazes me how crafty I was back then. In the day. So anyways, gang, I have a special treat for you today. I have been convinced probably against my better judgment to a release, a a release a Huey Lewis lip sync that I did when I was in college.

It was a dare. I had way too much caffeine in me. And so anyways, they had a camera filming in the cafeteria and you would have to go and pick a song and then you would lip sync it in front of the camera. And the bunch of guys that I was hanging out with college dared me to do it. So anyways, I will be somehow or another I managed to find that VHS tape. Somehow or another I managed to get it digitized and so I will be connecting that to this video after it gets posted up there so you can see my sanity and craziness and way too much caffeine on that particular day. Believe you’re nuts. I was really high strung back in the day. Not someone ties strong now, I guess maybe, I don’t know. Anyways, kids just wanted to share that story with you.

He will. Lewis said an album is going to be actually come out the whole thing in its entirety. You coming out next year. I hope he gets better cause I’d love to just go see him in concert again. You know, when you do. So you see Huey Lewis in concert and I know as songs for like way old and stuff, but it’s really cool seeing everybody stand up and listen to his music and they’re all singing to it and they’re all clapping to it and it’s just really good time. It’s like a favorite bar band almost. Anyways, that’s my plug for Huey for the day and my love affair with his music and his albums. I hope you guys enjoyed the story. I will be back again tomorrow with some more good information for you guys. I hope you have an absolutely a fun time today on this on a Sunday. I hope everything is going well. Yeah, that’s it. That’s all I got for today. So I will see you guys tomorrow.