Self-doubt lives amongst us.  It colors many aspects of our lives.  So why do some people seem to overcome their self doubts?  Here’s a story of my self-imposed challenges to face those self doubts.

In this episode, I talk about

  • My 25x5k challenge
  • Preponderance of Proof
  • Facing down my Lesser Self


Hello everyone and welcome to the path to 1 million. This will be episode 128 and I called it the Battle against Self Doubt. Yesterday I was running a another 5k and as part of the 25 by 5k challenge that I’m currently working on. And I started thinking about afterwards, I started analyzing like afterwards like what did I did, you know, what, what, what was really good, you know, what was bad, what worked for me, what didn’t work for me. And the one thing that I seem to notice is when I go out for these runs and I’m still getting back to the point after being sick where I can run a full 5k without taking a, a stop somewhere to catch my breath. But it occurred to me that, you know, as I’m doing these runs, it’s interesting how the, the voices that come from my lesser self are always telling me, you know, hey, this would be a good time to quit.

Or Hey, let’s stop here and just walk. Or, you know, there always seems to be some kind of negotiation that’s going on right there. And I keep trying, you know, and I keep going back to my self saying, nope, we’re going to push further. We’re gonna push further, we’re gonna push further. Right? And keep that distance, you know, increasing rather than just repeating what I did before. And it got me started thinking about, you know, the whole reason why I do these particular challenges and why line up to do these challenges. And the thing is, is as I started to thinking about it, and I know that I’ve talked before about, you know, mind, body, business and relationships. And from my perspective, when I accept to do these challenges, it forces me to confront those areas of self doubt that might be in my life or that exist inside of my life.

So for instance, one of those things would be the fact that, you know, ever since I was, you know, a little kid for some reason another, I’ve always avoided sports because I was just horrible at it. I didn’t have any coordination. I remember as a kid everybody was constantly asking me like, Oh, you must be good at basketball cause you’re so tall. And I’m just sitting here thinking to myself, man, you must be really good at miniature golf because you’re really tiny. But really, once I got on out on the basketball court and I started dribbling, I mean I had the coordination of an epileptic monkey. And so it’s like because I wasn’t good at the sport automatically, I didn’t put in that time to practice. I didn’t invest any time in trying to get any better at it. It just kind of became this self fulfilling prophecy, prophecy that, oh, I’m just, I’m horrible at Sports.

Horrible at sports, never went out for anything. Absolutely loved baseball. I did softball for I think like a season a before I dropped out of that as well. But it was just always when it comes to any kind of sports or any kind of physical activity with my body, I’ve always just like really struggled in that arena. Now on the flip side of the coin, if you kind of view those four quadrants as like a matte mind, body business and relationships, the stigma that I had that you know that I’m stupid and that I can’t learn anything was laid to rest. When I got my degree in aerospace engineering, that proved to me beyond a shadow of a doubt, preponderance of that I actually could learn. It’s a choice of whether I really wanted to or not. This proved to me that I could learn.

So even as of today, when I take a look at some of the areas that are in my life and I sit there and I see something and I’m like, okay, I need to learn how to do that, there’s no doubt in my mind that I could for instance, a classic example of that would be when I made the command decision that I wanted to learn French, there was zero self doubt that I could learn the language because I knew that I had already tackled this one difficult thing. If there was any self doubt, all they’d have to do is slap my diploma in front of them and say look, I became an aerospace engineer. There’s no reason on the planet why cannot learn how to speak another language. And so you know, three years of hardcore dedicated effort and practicing and you know, I’d go over to France and disappear for three weeks, sometimes a month and just do nothing but speak the language while I was there cause I wanted to be able to speak it fluently.

I wanted to be able to communicate with it like hardcore. So for me on the mind aspect of it and being able to learn stuff, there’s like zero self doubt. But I’ve noticed that with other areas in my life, whenever I branch off to do something new, the voice of self doubt is still there. So the only way that will start, the only way. But one of the ways that I challenged this of course is by accepting these challenges that come up. So this group of people that I belong to, when somebody said, Hey, here’s a 25 by five k challenge, run a five k 25 days in a row, I said, you know what? I’m going to do that because running to me has never been like, like my really strong suit. It’s not something that I’ve done all my life. It’s something that I’ve done periodically.

It’s like I would run for a little bit and then I would just stop for a couple of years and then, excuse me, go back to running again. But for here it was a challenge and they said, you know what, I can do this. And so every single day I forced my body to do this and over this last weekend, even when I had these like debilitating splitting headaches that completely drained me of energy, I spent literally like Sunday, like practically all day, sleeping on the couch. I still got off the couch. I still went down to the beach and I still did my best to run a five k because this was something that I had committed to but also too is to be able to quiet those voices of doubt. So the whole time I’m going down there to the ocean to do my run, you know, my brain is sitting there saying, oh, your head hurts and you didn’t eat a lot of food today and you didn’t eat the right foods and all this other stuff.

I was like, I don’t care. I don’t care. I’m still going to run it and I still ran it and I still completed once again, preponderance of proof that I can actually do these types of things. That’s why I accept these challenges. So whenever the self doubt creeps in and says, hey cliff, you’re not smart enough. You’re not fast enough, you’re not physically capable you’ve never had any experience with some before or whatever it is. It’s a matter of collecting that proof to make sure that those voices of self doubt, the the lesser self that I’ve talked about before, the heroic self versus the lesser self. Making sure that lesser self cliff gets buried in a preponderance of proof that says, you know what, I did this before. I can do it again. Or in these areas that say, hey, you know, I doubt if you can do this.

I’ve done a few can, you know, branch off on this new business idea or work a re successful in this new venture or whatever it is. A lot of the times it just boils down to the fact that, you know what, I tried this before and I meant that maybe that didn’t work but I pivoted and I tried this and this did work and I slapped that evidence down in front of the lesser cell just to shut them up. So that’s why it’s always a good idea for me to be able to accept these types of challenges. There’s body challenges out there, mind challenges out there. There’s emotional challenges out there. Like I’ve been looking at other challenges out there that would really challenge me like on an emotional level and some of them that are on a business level. So I’m always looking for these new challenges to come up to be able to show exactly what I can do and showcase my talents.

Cause there’s people out there that do extraordinary things all the time. Do they have self-doubts you back? But again, if you take a look like for instance David Goggins, right? The guy was severely overweight, he had a real big attitude problem and he has completely turned his life around. He’s running these ultra marathons now. He’s lost like 200 pounds in weight. He’s built a very successful career for himself and literally every single day it is a battle and he talks about this multiple times. If you watch any of his videos from David Goggins, it’s literally is a battle every single day and he’s just encouraging all of us to face those demons, to face those self-doubts, not to run away from them. Don’t keep doing the same thing you have been doing, but keep pushing yourself. Always look for that boundary of where you think it is and then go beyond it. And that’s exactly what I do with these challenges. These challenges are designed to make me do something that I have never done before, just so I can quiet to the voices of self doubt so I can tell my lesser self to shut the fuck up. Anyways, that’s my story for today. Just wanted to share that with you. I hope you guys are having a phenomenal Tuesday. Got That day right. Anyways, I will be back again tomorrow with a, with another story. I will catch you guys later. See Him.