Believe it or nuts, I got stung by my LinkedIn Profile.  Here’s the story about how I lost a deal but learned a powerful lesson.  You need to control your online narrative.

In this episode, I talk about

  • The sting of failure
  • Powerful Lesson Learned
  • LinkedIn Tip #2


Hello everyone. Welcome back to the path to 1 million. This is episode 127. Today. I wanted to share with you a a little bit of a storing back. Probably, maybe, I would have to say probably about five years ago. I was using some linkedin classes that I was taking at the time to try to get some more business for my fledgling business. And I had connected with this gentleman, a really great guy who provided software to automotive dealerships and the software had something to do with making sure that every salesperson that was in the rotation. You know, if a new customer would come onto the lot or whatever it was, that they would actually track their, you know, their movements and were they able to get the customer into the car and you know, cause there’s all these stats that they have around when you’re selling cars about, you know, being able to figure out, you know, where the break in training was so they could provide the employees with more training or whatever it was.

Anyways, I was looking at taking their training model cause it was very hands on and creating like an online version of it. And he and I were negotiating back and forth. We had a really good relationship and put together a proposal for him and sent it over and he said, John, we’re going to talk about it at our next staff meeting, senior staff meeting and you know, I’ll let you know the results of it after that. And I said, okay. So I was pretty confident in the plan and the pricing was good and you know, I understood their objectives very clearly to be able to meet all their objectives. And what was interesting is that after the meeting got over and he and I connected I told him, I said, hey, so how did it go in the meeting? He’s like, well, it was a little bit rough, you know, when we talked about the training plan and everything else, when I was a little bit surprised by that and I said is there anything in particular?

That was a little bit rough. And he comes back to me and he says, well, this is, to be honest, your linkedin profile didn’t do you any favors. And I was completely surprised by that because during the whole conversation I had with them, yes I did use linkedin to connect with this guy. But I was really surprised that he came back with this feedback. I thought for sure he would say something about the proposal or maybe the pricing was too high or whatever it was. And I remember I just said to him, I said, Hey, what is I, I don’t get it. And he says, well, the thing is we were talking about you in the meeting and in the meeting they actually pulled up your linkedin profile in front of everybody to see. And truth be told, we really couldn’t tell what it is that you do.

Your profile was like Kinda like all over the map and this kind of confused people in the room. And they’re like, well, does this guy really do what he says he does? Or is he just making this up as he goes along or you know, what’s, what’s the situation? So that really stung me in, in the fact that, you know, here I am trying to get business and something that I really didn’t put a lot of effort into, which was Linkedin was actually hindering me. And it was one of those hard lessons I had to learn that with. When it comes to your online profile and people are googling you all the time, they’re going to take a look at all of these different platforms that are out there. A lot of people talk about how like job recruiters will look at your Facebook profile, right?

And they see you drinking you know, alcohol with your friends and having a party and they’re like, well, do we want this person really to be portrayed in charge of our group? But linkedin is like the professional side of it. It’s, it’s the where you know, your professional accomplishments are. And even if you’re job hunting or if you own a small business, having your linkedin profile like complete is extremely important. But it wasn’t just a matter of having the profile complete. One of the things that I learned very quickly in dealing with the, with the linkedin profile is that you do have to treat it like it’s a business, whether you’re employee or whether you actually have your own business. Even if you’re an employee and you go and you sit in front of a job recruiter, you’re in the business of selling yourself.

You know, you become the product in that case and you’re trying to sell the recruiter that you are the best person for the job. So with that being said, one of the lessons that I learned very quickly is of course courses with the profile. One of the most powerful pieces of marketing that you can use and one that’s most often overlooked is the headline. So whenever you leave a comment, whenever you like someone’s posts, whenever you contact them using inmail, there’s two pieces of information from your profile that will appear in front of them. And the first of course is your name right, what it is, and the second is your headline. And a lot of times on linkedin when people put in their headline, they will just put down like what their position is, right? I’m the vice president of this division. Or they will put in there something along the lines of you know, I a the senior salesperson for west coast, or whatever it is.

But that’s all they do. They treat it like an employee’s status of this is what I do versus putting something in there that says this is the key benefit that I provide. So there’s nothing wrong with putting something into that says, you know, this is my job position. But when you put your key benefit in there, the key benefit statement in that you’re communicating very quickly to the people who are just looking at your comment or looking at a, you know, who viewed my profile, you know, here’s the person’s name. This is the key benefit that I provide, which is really what businesses do. If you’re in the, if you’re in the business, the business space or the business to consumer space or whatever it is. Being able to communicate that chief benefit statement upfront can oftentimes make the difference of whether somebody is going to click on your profile and investigate further or if they’re just going to ignore you.

If you just say that you’re the vice president of sales, odds are the people are just going to say, okay, they don’t know what to do and they’re going to walk away. Versus that if you actually sit there and say, you know, I am the vice president of sales. We help companies plan tax strategies for tax season or something, you know, along those lines. Something that is the key benefit of what your business or what your service provides cannot times make the difference of whether somebody is going to investigate you further or if they’re just going to click off your profile and just keep right on moving. So that was one of the key benefit statements and one that I see all the time when I look inside of Linkedin is the fact that people aren’t utilizing that headline statement like they could. That is a prime piece of real estate and that in most cases it’s the first piece of real estate that people see your name and then your headline run underneath of it all the time inside of Linkedin.

Go in there and take a look at Linkedin, take a look at when people post stuff in there, you’ll always see their name and you’ll always see their headline and they’re really good people that know how to use linkedin. Always include their key benefits statement in that headline. This is what I do for you. Not a feature. Definitely not talking features. A big difference between features and benefits. It’s not the feature, it’s the benefit statement, the chief benefit statement, so making sure that you include that in your headline. Like I said, it can make all the difference from people clicking on your profile and investigating and further versus having them skip over your profile and move on to potentially a competitor. So that was one of the lessons that I learned along the way. Include the key benefit in your headline statement. Anyways, just wanted to share that linkedin tip with you guys today and a little bit of a story. I’m going to be talking again about the profile again next week cause I try to keep these videos less than 10 minutes and I’m running up against nine minutes already. Anyways, thank you guys all for stopping by today. I really do appreciate it. I will catch you tomorrow with a another story. Have a fantastic Monday and I’ll see you tomorrow.