I get asked “Why do you do this?”  A great question.  And here is the answer.  Plus I hate Investigation Discovery.  Because I love it so much.

In this episode, I talk about

  • Crime shows on Investigation Discovery
  • The image you portray
  • Why I do this


Good morning everyone. Welcome to the path to 1 million that this would be episode 126. So let me start off today’s Sunday fun day by telling you about something that I hate. I hate investigation, discovery. I hate it. I hate that channel. I hate that station. I hate the very concept of it. Not because like I bear some kind of ill will towards those you know, towards the people that put it together. I hate it because it’s a huge time suck for me. For some reason. I always loved, ever since I was a little kid, I always loved the who done it. The murder mysteries, you know, somebody who commits a crime and the police, how they chase them down. The that show forensics files for instance, that it’s just something that I just cannot stop watching. I love all the science. It’s on there.

I love, you know, how they capture all these guys. I love how they, how they catch all these people and you know, I love that. And the problem is that it’s a huge time suck, right? I’ve got so much to do and there’s so much on my plate and you know, for some reason when I start watching it, I can’t stop it. One of the shows that I really, really love actually I really hate it, but I really love it, is the show that’s called disappeared and disappeared really is they, it’s, that’s the premise of the show. It’s, it’s about these people who, you know, are living in a, you know, just my normal life. They’re just people that are on the street and they’re hanging out with friends or at a bar or whatever it is and they’re having a couple drinks, a couple of cocktails and they say, okay, you know, got to go home now.

So they get in their car and they go home and nobody ever sees or hears from them again. There’s not a drop of evidence whatsoever as to what happened to them. Then they get in an accident the victim of foul play did they just decide to start their life over and go someplace else? Nobody knows. They literally just disappeared off the face of the earth. No one can find them. They do these searches, they do these like nationwide man hunts. They get all these television stations involved and trying to find these people that are just disappeared. Nobody knows what happens to them. They just just disappeared. There was one episode I was watching the other night and the reason why I, this episode, this particular episode resonated with me was because somebody made a comment to me about someone made a comment to me about, you know, what I do with these like Facebook lives and how I talk about you know, the areas of voice and tried to improve the mind, body, business and relationships and, and really just telling everybody what’s happening behind the scenes.

And when I make a mistake and I’m, I’m very public with when I make a mistake. And what was the lessons that I learned from it, you know, cause I’m not perfect. The other day they had an episode of this disappeared where a on this farm was like 260 acre farm, 300 acre farms, something like that. The husband woke up in the middle of the night and turned over and his wife was gone. So he starts looking for his wife. He gets in the truck, he’s driving around the farm cause he doesn’t know what happened to her. The next morning he calls his son and his son lives just on the other side of the farm. And he says to his son, I can’t find your mother. She’s been missing. I need you to move the cows, which the son thinks is a very odd thing to say because if mom was missing, I should be helping find mom not moving the cows.

But the son says, well, okay. And he starts moving the cows right. And then they still can’t find them. So the one son decides to call the, the local police to get them involved. And the police come out and they know who the husband is cause he’s like a pillar in the community. He’s very active in politics. So the police come out there right away and they ask the family, they’re like, you know, does, does your mom have any kind of there’s the mother, have any kind of depressive you know, episodes. Is she sad? Has she been, you know, struggling or whatever that is? And the husband says, no, absolutely not. And all the kids kind of look at the dad and they say dad, mom’s been taken antidepressants now for Cain years. That says something right there. So immediately, of course now suspicion is starting to is starting to fall onto the father.

Like maybe the dad had something to do with the mother’s disappearance. So anyways, the entire episode goes by, they do this massive hunt on the farm. They get all these people involved cause people know the family and there’s like literally like hundreds of people trying to comb the farm there. They’re combing everything that they can. They bring out these search dogs and the search dogs lack onto the scent. But at some point in time they can’t find the scent anymore. And the dogs, you know, don’t, they don’t know where to go. They can’t point people where to go. And this, you know, this search episode went on. Meanwhile, of course the dad is acting really squirrely and the police are not believing anything that the father has to say. But the father is like, you know, you know who I am and I’m very involved in politics.

So just, you know, do what I say. There’s no reason for you to look over there. There’s no reason for you to look over there. Please feel like completely confused. Anyways, at the end of the episode, a couple of things pop out that were really stunning. And of course, first off is the dad comes out and he tells the family, you know, well, mom’s been missing now for six months, by the way. I have been seeing this other lady. But I didn’t start seeing her until after your mother disappeared, which I thought was odd because I would think that if my wife disappeared, I wouldn’t start going out and seeing somebody else like within a few months and just seems very odd to me. And of course, you know, one of the other things that popped up was the fact that they finally did find the, they did find the sun was out for a walk one day with his two little girls on this like really, really far corner on the property.

And they came across these skeletal remains, which was actually proven to be the wife. Of course, the police aren’t saying anything about any kind of forensics evidence that they did on the skeleton. But at least at least they now know what happened to their mother and they can, they can lay their mother the rest. But the thing is, is that with the, during this episode, the way they framed it out is that this entire family, you know, the father did a really good job of putting on this front for the community that, you know, we are the perfect family. We’re the perfect Christian family and we follow God’s values. And you know, if they’re going to pass any laws in the area, we want to make sure that it follows the Bible and what it is that they’re saying. And you put it in this really good front.

The only problem now is that it’s completely all destroyed just because of the fact that nobody in the community believes him anymore. The things that he’s told the police, you know, just simply just don’t add up. And then on top of that, now of course with being on disappeared, that’s like yet another nationwide show that has exposed this family to the entire country. And of course, you know, if you’ve been on any of these message boards that are out there, especially these ones related to crime episodes, man, those people out tear, just brutal, you know? So it wouldn’t take much to go look at a message board and just see everybody out there saying, oh, the father’s involved, the father’s involved. And no matter what the father does now, he’s not never going to get rid of that stigma. You know? And so that’s why, that’s why it’s super important that you need to make sure that, that when you’re doing stuff, if you’re, you know, up there sharing lessons that you learned or putting your persona out there, that it’s always a good idea to make sure that you’re being perfectly honest, which is what I always strive to do with these shows, with, with these episodes that I’m putting out there is, you know, sometimes everything rolls my way.

Other times it doesn’t. And I get sick. I can’t continue this, the challenge that I’m working on, whatever it is. But I always go back and revisit the challenge. And so it’s not only a matter of just putting out that front and showing everybody, Oh, look at me, I’m perfect. Nobody on the planet is perfect and nobody can maintain that. The, the more important thing is just making sure that you’re, you’re honest and honest with yourself and honest with the people that are around you. So that’s why I want to make sure that when I’m sharing these stories and putting these stories out there, that I’m sharing not only these successes, and not only that happy times, but also the sad times as well, and the failures that come because I’m only human and not everything I’m going to do is going to be absolutely perfect. So anyways, just wanted to share that with you on this Sunday morning. I hope you guys are having a fantastic weekend. I want to thank you all for stopping by. I really do appreciate that and I will catch you all tomorrow with another story. I will see you then. Have a good day.