What can 7 Bucks do?  We all find ways to keep ourselves motivated.  Driven.  What is one of those ways?  Here I discuss mine.

In this episode, I talk about

  • The story of 7 bucks
  • Back Against the Wall
  • My Journey Back from a Low Point


Hello everyone. Welcome to the path to 1 million. This is episode 117. What can seven bucks do? Well, this week did not turn out at all. Like I thought that it would when I sat down over the weekend to kind of plan out my week and how everything was going to go. I forgot to add one little footnote and that was get sick. I did not anticipate it at all and a Sunday when I wasn’t feeling well, I did not think it was actually going to be enough to put me down both Monday and Tuesday, which put me behind two days this week. Again, something I did not anticipate happening, which completely threw me off track and getting sick. Of course I have been pushing myself hard on both Wednesday and Thursday to meet my big deadline for today, which is going to directly impact a couple of deadlines that I have coming up next week.

What was interesting is that on Wednesday I got a text from someone who was helping me out and he asked me if I wanted to postpone the deadline from Friday until bump it off until next week. My response to him was absolutely not. The thing is, is that even though I lost two days this week, doesn’t mean that I will bump to deadlines, but more importantly, it means that I was going to have to dig deep even though I am still recovering, even though on Wednesday, even yesterday that I was feeling really weak, I somehow had to do this mountain of work and get a lot accomplished in short order. So the great question was, is that, you know, where does, you know, where does this motivation come from? You know, that, and I started thinking about that yesterday and as I was, I was, I was working and I was grinding away and I started thinking, man, alive, where does this motivation come from?

You know, where, what does this drive that really like helps to, you know, to push me forward. And it seems like if my back is against the wall or a, when the clock is really counting down or whatever it is it just seems like that’s when I do my best work. That’s when I do my best to performance is, you know, when, you know, when the chips are down or when the chips are stacked against me. And what’s funny is, is that, you know, in doing this, Ya know, of course I’ve said this before, but the universe just seems to have this way of speaking to you. And I started thinking about Dwayne Johnson, Aka the rock, probably the highest paid actor in the world at the moment. If you followed him at all on Instagram, which I absolutely love his Instagram feed, by the way, if you follow him at all on Instagram, he’s got like 15 million followers.

The guy is crazy. And every single time that he’s on there, he’s always giving praise to, to the other actors, to the other people in this production companies or a, he’s calling out a special fan that is trying to, that is trying to do something or has a special question for him or something. And it’s always amazing because he, he always seems to be like, out of all the people that I’ve ever seen go through Hollywood and all the interviews that he gives and a lot of people, I’m just thinking to myself, man, I could not hang out with that guy and just have a beer. Not at all. I don’t even think he and I functioned on the same planet, but with the Rock, I really think I could. And when I listened to him and listen to him talk, you know, it’s interesting because his entire approach to this, to his, his view on life and what drives him and what motivates him, but more importantly is how he treats people all seem to point back to the same core origin story, which is seven bucks.

And if you, if you go back and you listen to his origin story, he had graduated high school. He was on his way to you know, he was a college athlete. He had a lot of people from the NFL that were interested in taking a look at them. But what had happened was he wound up getting bumped from his football team where he played in, he played at a, I think it was the University of Florida. Anyways, he wound up getting bumped from being, you know, first string on that team and that really upset them. And of course he PR he, he’ll admit that he’d disintegrated during his senior year. So he decided that rather than go for the NFL, that he would go for the CFL Canadian football league, which he says at that time was 250 bucks a week, which, you know, back in the 80s wasn’t a ton of money, but it was some money and he, every, every penny that he made, he sent back to sent back to his wife at the time.

And you know, finally he got bounced out of the CFL and he showed up in Miami and his dad picked him up at the bus station and here he is, he’s like 22, 23 years old. He’s completely crushed. And his dad asked him, you know, how much, how much money do you have? And so the rock looks into his wallet and he counts out $6 and change basically seven bucks. And that’s when his life was like really at its lowest point. From there, we all know what happened to the rock. He went on to become like a top wrestler and a WWE, a, he launched a movie career, which kind of stuttered at the beginning. But now he has found a stride. He has connected and he has really built a, an audience which is spectacular. He is one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. He’s become a producer and he has a production company, which he now as as partnered with to do the last fast and furious movie. I’m not a fast and furious fan, you know, whatever, whatever, whatever the movie is called. But I think if, you know, all things considered from his standpoint, he said that whenever things are going good, whenever he’s about ready to do the next big thing, whenever he’s about ready to break through,

He always remembers that seven bucks always. It’s like a, it’s like a reality check for him. And I think that’s why the startup doesn’t go to his head. I don’t think that’s why his money goes through his head is because he actually takes a step back before launching into his next big project. And he always remembers the bad times, not because he, you know, wants to remember what things were like when they were desperate or anything else like that. But just to remember where he was from, where he came from, where he started. And that’s an, that’s just another piece of humble pie. That’s what keeps him gives them a good, strong measure of humility. And so from my standpoint, it started making me think about in my life where I come from and what motivates me. And I know that there was a point in time where I almost got kicked out of college because I didn’t take college seriously.

Truth be told I was stupid, I was immature and I was irresponsible. My parents stepped up, my parents said, we will pay for your next semester of college. You have to get your grades up. And I already told them I had a plan to make that happen. I explained to them what the plan was. They went ahead and they paid for the college tuition out of their own pocket, which for my parents being retired at the time, they didn’t really didn’t have the money to do. So they put it on their credit card, the pay for it. It was a private college in Florida, no less paying for my room and board. We’re talking thousands upon thousands of dollars here and they gave that to me. No strings attached. I mean, my mom could have very well said, well, you know, we’ll pay for your college if you go to college in Michigan or something like that. But they didn’t. They went ahead and they paid for my college education in Florida, no strings attached. And they said, go chase your dreams. And for me, that’s something that I think back to a lot

Because that for me was one of the lowest points of my life and thought, you know what? They, they believed in me enough to allow me to continue to pursue my dream and the life that I have now and the options that I have now and the skills that I have now. And even the thinking, the way that I think and the way that I live my life is all due to the investment that they made in me because they believed in me. And the last thing I want to do is squander that gift. Anyways, just wanted to share that story with you today. I hope you guys have an absolutely fantastic Friday. Absolutely fantastic weekend and I will talk to you guys again tomorrow. I’ll see you then.