Michael Jordan had a 103 degree temperature and food poisoning … and managed to help lead the Chicago Bulls to an NBA Championship.  So why can’t I run 5k?

In this episode, I talk about

  • Negotiating against myself
  • Michael Jordan’s Food Poisoning
  • The results of my 5k run


Morning, everyone, welcome to this episode of the path to 1 million. This is episode 111. The other day my body was aching. It was hurting, it was begging me to stop. It seemed like every step that I was taking was just more agonizing. My side was really hurting, you know, my body was saying, please stop, please stop. Please stop. And the only thing I said was Michael Jordan had the flu about six weeks ago. I committed to do this 25 by five k challenge, which is you run 25, five Ks, you know, 25 days in a row. Did that come out right? 25 days in a row, run five k when every day. Anyways, that was my plan. And so what I did is I looked up a five k training plans online because I knew that if I just went out there cause I am getting up there in years, believe it or nuts.

So I looked at these training plans online and it walked me through these plans where it was like, for instance, you would walk for, I’m sorry, you would run for five minutes and then walk for two minutes, run for five, walk for two. And it was just a condition your body to get running. And these plans are called couch to five K, right? If you’re sitting there on the couch eating Cheetos within six weeks, you can supposedly run a five k, which was, you know, my my plan, I executed this training plan. It was over a period of four weeks. I was doing everything that I should. There was like a rest day built in. So I would run then the next day I would take a rest day and every time, every, every time that I would go out and run a five k the time for running and got a little bit longer.

So for instance, one time it was five minutes and the next time it was eight minutes and then the next time it was 10 minutes and then it would go down to nine minutes. And then it would go to 12 minutes and it would repeat these cycles until like the very end where I ran for 15 minutes, walk for one minute and then ran for 15 walk for one that would, that to me was like a once a five k run at the end. When I measured the different, the distance and I looked on my little app on my phone, it said, you know that I had run five k. I was very excited about that, but the thing is I want to run a five k without stopping. That was my whole plan. So the very last training day was run for 15 minutes and walk for too, so now it’s September.

Actually it’s September, I believe it was September 3rd this last Tuesday. Anyways was like the first day that I was actually gonna officially start the 25 by five k challenge. I get out there and I started running and I made it past the 1.5 mile mark, which is about 15 minutes of running, which is the most I had run in any length of time, any length of time during my training so that I knew that any every point from here on was going to be like a new little personal record for me. I went, I ran the 1.5 and then I made it to two miles, which I was very happy about. And then when I got to the 2.5 Mile Marker you know, my body was aching, my side was hurting. It was like, let’s stop, let’s stop, let’s stop. And I reasoned in my head, I’m like, you know what cliff?

The last time you ran you ran 1.5 miles. You are now at two miles. You’re approaching 2.5 miles, maybe at 2.5 miles you could just walk for like a minute or two just to give your body a break and then move on rather than pound through all three miles. Right? So that was the, that was the deal I made with myself. I negotiated with myself and I said, I’ll make it to 2.5 miles and I’ll stop. So I make it to the 2.5 mile marker and my body is aching. And I stopped and I walked for about a minute and I’m gasping for air. And the minute turned into about a minute 20 I said, you know what? This is stupid. I said I was going to do it for a minute, now I’m at a minute 20 I got to go. So I hit the timer and I started running again and I finished the five k and I remember thinking to myself, you know, cliff, you gotta be proud of it because you know, you did run 2.5 miles at the time, refer that you ran 1.5 miles.

But throughout the day I kind of had this feeling like I failed, right? Cause it was a 25 by 5k challenge. I wanted to run the full five k but I didn’t because you know, like I negotiated with myself, you know, what can I, you know, I’ll stop at 2.5 and I felt really bad. But then my brain was like, well, you know, cliff, you’re getting older, you know, and you know, maybe you should take it a little bit easy. So the next day that I get out there and run, I’m like, you know what? Yesterday I ran 2.5 miles. Today I’m going to run 2.75 miles. So I’m gonna push myself a little bit more and then I’ll go three and then I’ll go 3.25 which is about five k run. So I get up there and I run and I make it to the 2.5 mark and my body is screaming, we need to stop, you know, I’m hurting, I’m sore, the legs feel funny, got this ache in my side and I make it to 2.75 miles and I stopped running and I take another minute break.

Now when I start running again, it’s like my body is going into full on revolt. Like I can’t get my legs to move. It was like really hard to move forward and I’m just thinking to myself, man, what is going on with me? So I’d managed to finish the, the three, the, the five mile, the five k run, excuse me. And I get done and I’m walking up the stairs and I’m walking towards my car. And once again I get this feeling like I failed. Right? Cause I really did. I really did want to, I really did want to run the entire five k the next day. I remembered that, that my plan was that I was going to go ahead and I was going to run three miles. Right? So I was just gonna I was gonna push it again, run three miles, get me that much closer to the five k.

But man, for some reason, just internally, I just feel like I wasn’t like delivering, right. This isn’t, this isn’t what I wanted to do, this isn’t the goal that I wanted to set. And I don’t know if it’s fate. I don’t know if it’s destiny. I don’t know if it’s dumb luck. I don’t know. You know what you might believe. But I was preparing to do my Facebook live in the morning and this video popped up and it was called Michael Jordan had the flu. And so I’m watching this video and you know, take a trip back in time. It’s 1997 the Chicago Bulls are dominating the NBA. Michael Jordan probably would be one of the best basketball players ever to live. He is just basically just running the court, managing the court and they are a force to be reckoned with. 1997 they’re going for the NBA finals.

The championship is on the line and they’re playing against the Utah Jazz and they’re tied at two games a piece. They’re going into game five the day of the game. Michael Jordan has the flu, right? That’s what they broadcast all over TV. He’s got 103 degree temperature. He is sick. He is severely dehydrated. But in spite of all of that, he goes out and he plays the game. And not only does he play the game, but he managed this a score like 38 points of the game. And he had all these assists and rebounds and he was just setting, you know, all these, you know, personal records that particular day. But he powered through whatever made him sick and come to find out later on they revealed that he actually had food poisoning a, so that was part of the temperature thing, part of the part of the sickness that he had.

And you know, I’ve had the flu, I’ve had the worst case of food poisoning advert that I think a human being could have. So I know that when I was sick or whatever, I mean, you know, I didn’t do anything. I just lay on the couch and I just take it easy. But this guy here, I started thinking about it and I’m like, you know what? This is the guy here who, you know, he’s got two eyes, he’s got two lungs, he’s got a heart, he’s got legs, he’s got arms, he’s got a brain, he’s got, you know, everything that I’ve got he’s got, but the only thing that’s different that he’s got is his mindset. And his mindset was like, you know what, I am going to show up and I’m going to win. I’m going to play my best. I’m going to put it out there on the field.

So now I get ready to do my next run, the run that I negotiated with my body and said I’m going to run the three miles. So I get out there and I run the 2.7 miles and sure enough, my body’s in full on revolt. My legs don’t run a run, my side is hurricane, my stomach is aching, you know, and I’m just, I feel dehydrated. I just, I don’t feel like I can move on, whatever it is. And a three mile marker comes on and my body goes, Yay. We get to stop, we get to stop and we get to the three mile marker and I keep running and going, I do not stop. And now my body’s like, what? You were supposed to stop back there? Wait a minute, this is what we negotiated. And I said, Michael Jordan had the flu. I run a little bit longer, my body’s like screaming like crazy and my site is aching.

I feel like I’m going to throw up my buddies like, hey, you know we’re going to throw up right here on the sidewalk. Do you everybody want to see that? And I just said, Michael Jordan had the flu every single time that my body went into full on revolt during that run. All I said was Michael Jordan had the flu and I kept going. And the next thing you know, after I sail past that three mile marker, there was the 3.25 marker that was coming up. And that gave me even more incentive. And my buddy was like, please stop. We can do this tomorrow. You don’t have to push yourself. And I said, Michael Jordan had the flu every single time. Michael Jordan had the flu. And of course I crossed the 3.25 mile marker.

And I kept running. I ran for about an extra a hundred feet just to make sure that I had crossed that marker, but I had run that extra a hundred feet and I just kept saying “Michael Jordan had the flu” and “Michael Jordan had a flu” and “Michael Jordan had a flu” Boom! And I did it.

Always in life. It seems to me that that getting started as never the hard part. It’s always that commitment to finish what it is that you’ve started and to see yourself through, especially through the tough times. And when things get really difficult. And especially with my body exercises, that’s always been my toughest cause I’ve never absolutely been athletic. But at the end of the day, you, you have to, I have to find something inside of me that I can hang on to, that I can cling on to you, that I can draw strength from, where I can actually say to myself, you know what? I’m not gonna negotiate myself into a lesser position because I deserve more because I’m earning whatever it is that I’m doing. And in this case, I ran the full five k without stopping that alone. That victory right there framed me out for the rest of the day. I was just absolutely unstoppable. I was unbeatable, bad news raining down on me. I did not care because I accomplished that goal and everything that came along, my brain was set. Anyways, just wanted to share that with you today. I hope you guys have an awesome weekend. I’ll be back again tomorrow with another story and I will see you then.