The story we tell ourselves becomes manifest.  Always.  If you say your day will suck, guess what?  It will.  How can you re-train your brain to see the positive side of events?  I share my story.

In this episode, I talk about:

  • Natural versus Trained Mindset
  • How Your Brain Makes Your Story Real
  • Change Your Story, Change Your Life


Hello everyone. Welcome to this episode of the path to 1 million. This is episode 110. My name is Cliff. Thank you for listening through giving, giving me your attention on this episode. I really do appreciate it. Yesterday I was having a conversation with a really good friend of mine and we were talking about some of the, some of the upcoming changes that were going to be occurring in my life and something I will be sharing with you probably over the next couple of weeks. But we were talking and has, he and I were chatting and I was like, yeah, I’m really excited about this. I’m excited about that and Dah, Dah, Dah it. He came back to me and he goes, no, he says I would, I would actually love to be able to trade outlook with you cause your outlook is like so positive. You know, you always seem to be just in a really good mood and stuff and I don’t really think of myself as negative but I just wish I had your level of positivity and that right there kind of made me laugh because I know that like throughout life it seems like I run across like groups of people.

There’s always that one group of people out there that when it comes to having a positive outlook on life, they’re there. They are always positive. They were born that way for whatever reason or another, no matter what you say to them, you can’t phase them. Sometimes I wish I could just punch them in the face because I’m like, how in the world can you be so stinky, positive right now? But they are, you know, and it’s, it’s something, it’s a gift that they have. It’s a natural ability. It’s natural talent. I acknowledged that. I on the other hand, haven’t been always programmed this way. I went to college, I got my degree in engineering and engineering by default. If I were to summarize it up is the teach you how to find flaws in anything no matter what you do. Because as an engineer, if you design a product, if you’re designing a car, if you’re designing an airplane or a rocket ship or anything else like that, when you design it, you want to find those flaws because obviously people might die from using your product, right?

So you know, there’s a huge amount of responsibility that goes into designing these particular things. So as an engineer, I was trained, this is how you find the faults. And then afterwards when I worked at GM for a number of years and then I turned around and worked for Boeing for a number of years, it was that exact same thing. What is the fault inside of the system? And that right there for me to make this mind shift from finding fault to finding success took a lot of work. Because as I said before, a lot of these things are actually habits, habits to do, to develop habits that you create. And so for me, I’ve had to take a step back and say, you know, what is it that I really want to do? What is it that I want to accomplish? And for me I wanted to have more of an impact on the world.

I just didn’t want to have to worry about focusing on flaws, focusing on where things might break. You know, the, the term that NASA uses a single point of failure. I didn’t want to focus on those things but yet found as I was getting into my business and I was working with people that one of the things that kept popping up was the fact that I kept focusing on the failure parts. And it wasn’t until I was in a conversation with someone and he said, you know, rather than think about all the ways that this deal could fail, why don’t you think about how you can make your customer successful and make your clients successful? And that really impacted me cause I was like a total mind shift. You know, I’ve always tried to consider myself to be a positive person. Excuse me. That’s a story that I keep telling myself, clip, you are a positive person, but I know that sometimes my actions don’t align with my words and that’s when I know that I have to do a mindset because you know, this is the person that I want to be.

So how do I change my language? How do I change my thinking to do that? And so by changing the conversation from, you know, what’s wrong with this? Or what’s the fault involved with this too. Now you know, how can I find success? Really frames out the conversation. One of the things that Tony Robbins said is that the story that you tell yourself becomes manifest. So if you’re constantly telling yourself, I can’t do this or I can’t do that, your brain works overtime to make sure that you can’t do it. It builds those walls up in place. Classic example of this is just the other day I went to the I, there’s an ace hardware like five blocks from my house. And I went there to get something because it’s a lot closer to the home depot. But I walked into the store and I’m like, I just need this nut in this bolt.

I walked all over the store and I remember thinking to myself, this place is like obnoxiously like dance. It’s compact. There’s things everywhere. I’ll never find the nut and bolt in this store right that I need. And sure enough, what happened is I walked all over that store and I couldn’t find it, could not find it. So finally I was like, you know what? This is stupid. So I asked somebody there, I’m like, Hey, I’m looking for this stunt bolt. And she says, oh, it’s right over here. So she takes me right to it cause she knows where it is. And then I had to laugh because this is a joke that I make with some of the people that I, that I go with inside of these stores. When they say, yeah, sometimes I look with my eyes closed. What I didn’t know was about there’s a, there’s an actual a psychological cases.

So she with this called a Scotoma, if I pronounced that correctly, where if you tell yourself you can’t find something, your brain creates a blind spot to it. So by telling myself that I was never going to find the nut and bolt, guess what? My brain made that a reality. It completely blocked it out. I probably looked right at that nut and bolt that I needed and I kept a right eye and going because I could not see it. So now when I go back to the, when I go back to ’em, when to go back to the ace hardware store, I don’t sit there and say to myself, I’m never gonna find it in here. As a matter of fact, I saved myself time. Unlike I need to find an employee and I walk up to them, I’m like, Hey, I’m looking for gorilla glue or I’m looking for insulation or I’m looking for this and they take me right to it.

I get it. I get out of there and I’m on my way. You know, Ditto with it. I know I shared this story with you before. I had the brake light switch in my car broke and I was in my house steaming because you know, the next day I was gonna have to take time off work. I was going to have to take it to a mechanic to get it fixed. He was going to probably charge me like $400 to do it. And it was probably something super simple. And then when I finally calmed down and my brain says, you know, cliff, there’s probably a way that you could fix this. I said, yeah. So I got on Youtube and I typed, you know, brake light switch, Honda accord and there was a one minute video on there and I watched it and the guy said, if you have a nut, a bolt and a Washer, you can fix the brake light switch that’s on your car.

This is how you do it. And I’m like, crap, I have a nut bolt and a washer so I wouldn’t order my junk drawer. Got It. Followed his directions online, boom, fixed the car. Now, I would never tell anybody today that I am a mechanic. But the thing is now is I’ve changed my thinking to the point where if somebody can show me how to do it, I can do it if I don’t know how to do it. And this applies to youtube videos. So really at the end of the day, the difference between being in a positive state and negative state, this is something I have to work on every single day. Every single day I prime my environment, I prime my morning and I prime my evenings every day I take a look at my diet, I take a look at everything that’s in my life that can affect me and impact me because I am on this 1% attorney to try to get better.

And this includes making sure that I am living up to the words that I’m saying and that I’m actually walking the walk. And that is, you know, it does me no good to try to be a positive impact on people and to inspire them to do good if I can’t even do that in my own life. So I’m always looking for any kind of an edge that I can give myself. And you know, another thing I looked, I’ll probably talk about in a future episode is the impact of Diet on attitude. You know, something that I completely ignored over the years, but over the last year has become very important and very central to me. Yesterday, I did a five k run. First time ever, I could do a five k run without stopping. Man, that put me in a good mood for the rest of the day because I scored that one accomplishment because during that whole time that I was running, I kept telling myself, you can do this. You know, I had to keep reminding myself and I’ll probably talk about that a little bit more this weekend. But anyways, I just wanted to share that with you guys today. Some of the things that we’re just rattling around in my side of my head. I wish you all a happy Thursday. I will be back again tomorrow. Manyana with another story. I will see you then. Have a good day.