We think about product or services.  But what about the experience?  With all our checklists, do we forget about the experience?  And what will draw our customers back to us?  Good questions!

In this episode, I talk about

  • Counting Cars (I love that show!)
  • Where is my wine?
  • Experience Matters


Hello everyone and welcome to the path to 1 million. This is episode 108. So per my promise I was putting together some notes for the next the next for the next potentially five weeks now. Very excited about that entire process. Anyways, as I was thinking about, you know, the, the overall vision of what I wanted to do and the direction I wanted to go, the experience that I want people to have with sharing with them this particular content in the background counting cars was on TV. And I absolutely love counting cars. I love that show. I love classic cars. I love how Danny and his entire team out there in Las Vegas put such care, their attention to detail into every single one of these cars. But you know, for those of you that don’t know the, the entire show of counting cars is, you know, people will come to Danny shop and say, well, I’m looking for, you know, a, a 19, 68 corvette, a split window in the back, or something along those lines.

And in what Danny will, Danny, his team will do is they’ll go out and if they find the car, they paint it. Of course there’s always a story associated with it. Like the guy will say, well this is the first car that my parents ever gave me or the first car that I ever bought. One of those things. There’s always, you know, some sentimental value that’s behind it. Danny really gets behind it and of course at the end they have the big reveal and the car comes out and the guy’s just absolutely blown away and sometimes people are crying, you know, oh this, you know, this particular car reminds me of a car that my mother used to drive, excuse me all the time when, when she was a child. Anyways, just absolutely a great show. And it got me thinking about the entire experience that these people have on there, like being in Las Vegas, being in Danny’s shop, how, how Danny takes them through the entire car brings back that story and say, well, this, we made a decision to paint it like this because of this.

Or we painted this image on the side because you know, we want you to always remember your father or that, you know, you were a veteran or something along the lines. There’s always some way to connect the car back to that person and that particular story. And I and I, I have to give him credit for that because his, his attention to detail, you know, it just goes beyond a simple checklist. It really is to about the experience that the customer’s having. And I think that’s a very important point. I think a lot of people forget about that. They get so stuck on checklist and making sure that they’re checking every single box that they don’t take a step back and think to themselves, what is my clients or my customers experience with this? Recently, actually over this last weekend, Sherry and I had dinner on the Queen Mary.

Now if you don’t know the Queen Mary is actually the ship that came after the Titanic. Obviously it did not sink. It actually was like around for during World War II to help transport troops back and forth between the United States and Jolly Old England. And now the Queen Mary has permanently more here in Long Beach, a restaurant there. It’s called Sir Winston’s. And Sir Winston’s is kind of like a higher end restaurant. I’ve been there before. I don’t go there all that often, but I’ve been there and I thought, you know, this would be a nice treat for us. We can, you know, be on the Queen Mary. We can have dinner there, we’ll have a killer view of long beach. And so we get to the restaurant, we sit down, we do have the killer view of Long Beach. Everything is awesome. The server comes up and puts a menu down in front of me and it’s the drink menu.

And on the drink menu is the list of cocktails, wines, and different champagnes. So it’s a special evening. So the server comes up to the table and says, have you made a decision? And I say, yes, we would like to start with two glasses of champagne, please. He says, “Okay. Thank you very much.” Then he takes the menu and he walks away. And I’m sitting there thinking to myself, gee, maybe we aren’t supposed to have any wine with dinner cause he just took the menu and he ran. He didn’t ask me if I was done with it. He just took the menu and walked away. So we waited at our table for maybe about 15 or 20 minutes before we finally got our glass of champagne. I don’t know what the server was doing at this time. Maybe he was super busy at that moment.

I didn’t think we were in a rush, but I was thinking it would be nice if we could toast this night and toast this, this meal that we’re going to have, the weekend and everything else. But for some reason it was just, it was just delayed. Okay, fine. Maybe it was a fluke. But as the meal started to progress, I started noticing and everything was like that every time that we would order something, it always took us between 20 and 30 minutes to get it no matter what it was. And then finally it got to the point where we were getting ready, you know, right when the spot, when they were going to deliver us, bring us our meal, bring us our dinner. As I was trying to ask the server if we could have wine, but every time he came up to the table and he would drop something off, he would turn to leave and be gone.

And I’m like, hey, excuse me. And he would keep right on going. Anyways, we order our meal. We decided to get the beef Wellington, which was absolutely delicious. We get the beef Wellington, he comes up to the table and I’m like, sir, can we please have some wine with this great piece of meat? And of course his face lights up and he says, yes, you can have some wine. Let me come back with a menu. 20 minutes later he comes back with a menu. For some reason he can’t come back right away, you know, short trip to the hostess desk, grabbed the menu, come back. Here you go. Because the thing is is that now the clock is ticking. We’ve already been served our meal. You think there would be like a sense of urgency to what it was that he was doing. But he takes 20 minutes to bring us the menu and another of the 20 minutes goes by.

And I’m eating my, my beef Wellington as slow as I possibly can, cause I really would like to have a glass of wine to go with my beef Wellington. So he comes back and says, have you made a decision? And I said, yeah, about 15 minutes ago if you would please bring me this class of Pinot and for Sherry, please bring her this glass of Shyrah. And he says, okay. He takes the menu and walks away and I turned to Sherry and I said, I can guarantee you it’s going to take him 20 minutes at least to bring us that glass of wine.

Sure enough, 20 minutes later, my beef Wellington is down down to about three or four bites. I stopped eating my steak because I wanted to try to enjoy some wine with the steak. And by now it’s cold and he comes up and he puts these two glasses down in front of us and he says, enjoy. And he turn around and walks away like super fast. I don’t even have time to say, excuse me. Well, by this point in time, Sherry’s completely done with her meal. She takes a drink of her wine and her wine is horrible. It tastes like it’s been corked. I drink my wine, it tastes absolutely fantastic. But at this point in time with my steak already being cold, I’m definitely not going to send it back. But the thing is, is that from this server standpoint, you know, and I know I talked about this before in my episode about decisions and in decisions and how you plan goals, you need to ask yourself ultimately, at the end of the day, at least from a server standpoint anyways,

Are you here to do nothing more than bring me food? Or are you here to manage my experience? Because what’s gonna make me come back into sort of Winston’s in the future and have dinner there at the Queen Mary is not because of beef. Wellington is so good. It’s because of the overall experience that the soar Winston’s restaurant is on the expensive side. It’s definitely not cheap. If I am going to have an experience, I’d rather go someplace else and pay a lot less money to have a spectacular experience versus pay all that money on the Queen Mary and have a substandard experience. But then again, it depends on your goals for the server. Is he there just to bring us food or is he there to make sure that we have a wonderful experience. Anyways, just wanted to share that story with you. I hope you guys are all having a phenomenal Tuesday. I will be back again tomorrow with another story. I will see you guys then.