Rome wasn’t built in a day.  But it was built, brick by brick.  Day after day.  Someone chose to remain committed to laying another brick.  And then another.  Little commitments leads to the big dreams.

In this episode, I talk about

  • The different challenges I am on
  • What commitment means
  • Breaking commitments and the ramifications


Hello everyone and welcome to the path to 1 million. My name is Cliff. This is episode 101. I was thinking yesterday on the way home after releasing the 100th celebratory video of the the Facebook live and what it has meant to me to do these videos every single day and I started thinking to myself about some of the other projects, some of the other small things, some of the other small commitments that I’ve got going on right now and as I was doing that, oh, thanks for like appreciate it. As I was doing that, it occurred to me that on Facebook I had been writing these Facebook posts and publishing them out there. I have done 433 of those since I committed over a year ago to produce these things. I’ve done a hundred and now 101 of these Facebook live videos. Now. On top of that, I’m doing my 25 by 5k challenge.

I am in week five of my training. Today is session number 10 of 11 today I will run for 15 minutes. Walk for one, but it got me thinking about like commitments and the things that I do, why I do these things, why do I, why do we, why do I pick these challenges and why do I, you know, why do I do them? And one of the things that has been a topic of conversation amongst my friends and I lately has a lot to do with fitness and putting yourself into situations where you have to put yourself physically. And I know a lot of people, excuse me, I know a lot of people that are probably, you know, closer up to two by age are particularly themselves. Man, I should be slowing down but I’m thinking of how I can push myself and what exactly can I do with my body cause this isn’t something that I’ve, I’ve done all my life.

And in researching the, the different people that have gotten into fitness there, I was reading the story about Joe Gold. Now, if you don’t know who Joe gold is, you probably have heard at some point in time of Gold’s gym and Joe Gold, is actually credited as being like the father of modern day muscle building and fitness and everything else. And he said, actually something that I thought was very intriguing when I was reading him. He said, no, that commitment is a muscle. It has to be worked. It has to be developed. And the more you work it, the stronger it becomes. And it made me think back to all the times in my life where, you know, I’ve committed to, I’ve committed to do, to achieve something, a dream or a goal, whatever that might be. So for instance, like my college degree or getting getting my first duplex or anything that required me to stretch myself, you know, what was that commitment that I had to do?

And it was more than just having a dream. Anybody can have a dream. Anybody can sit back and say, wow, I’d like to a millionaire. Thanks Chris for the, like, I love to be a millionaire. I would love to you know, I’d love to have a helicopter. I would love to go, you know, and, and travel the world and do all these other things. And then they sit on the couch and don’t do anything about it. And it’s, it’s often times it’s not the commitment to, to the big dreams, but it’s also the commitment to the smaller portions of it. So for instance, when I was getting my college degree, I had to commit to do every single homework problem. I mean, you’re talking about like super minute detail. I mean, here it is. I got my overarching degree that says that I’m smart, I guess, or I can be trained, but a bull down to me doing a simple homework problem and not just a one homework problem, but every homework problem.

You know, cause that was my commitment because the thing is I knew that the only way I was going to get better was to start doing every single little homework assignment along the way. And it wasn’t about the quizzes, it wasn’t about the test, it was about every single homework problem. And Ditto with trying to come up with the duplex. There was like all of these hundreds of little things that I had to do. I had to keep step every single way just to try to, just to try to, you know, keep on track and achieve my particular goal. And I think people oftentimes lose sight of the fact that, cause it’s oftentimes people will sell you this vision of, you know, oh, look at all the Richards that you can have and everything else. And the one thing they don’t talk about is all the little things that you’re going to have to do along the way.

And that’s when people start to fizzle out. So, you know, as far as those people that are looking for a, you know, the quick, the quick fix, that’s totally cool. If that’s the path that they want to follow, maybe there’ll be, you know, the lucky one that naturally might hit it. But as I’ve talked about before, in my experience, it has literally come through the, the hard work of doing the commitment level every single day. And I know that I’ve committed that for this path to 1 million. This is, you know, I want to impact a million people and so that I know by consistently putting out content and putting out better content and putting out more stories and getting it out in front of more people every single day, I’m getting exposed to more people every single day. My audience is growing because it’s not just Facebook live. I’m going to take this video and I put it on Linkedin.

I put it out on Youtube, I take the audio and I put it out as a podcast. I’m going out all onto these different platforms out there and I’m making that commitment every single day to get my stories out in front of as many people as I possibly can. And every single day I just see the slight little tick up in the amount of people that are engaging with my content, which is absolutely great, but none of it would’ve happened had I not made that little small commitment up front that said, you know what? I will do a Facebook live every single day and I will publish that out there. The one thing that I saw in reading up is Marsia weeder. She’s an international speaker. She’s a bestselling author. She’s a motivational speaker. She actually wrote something that I thought it was really good too. She said, “Commitment leads to actions. And actions bring you closer to your dreams.” which is absolutely true.

Everything in life requires some level of hard work. There isn’t anything that instantaneous in my life that I observed. Everything that has been a value that I fought for, that I’ve worked at. It’s always boiled down to what’s the littlest thing that I can do every single day that can get me closer to my dreams. And obviously if bigger things pop up along the way, I’ll take advantage of them. Thank you Holly for the like, appreciate it. Hope you’re doing well. But you know, at the same point in time you know, the other thing that I have to say is that with regards to keeping my eye on the ball and, and achieving these big objectives and everything else that I do sometimes the commitments don’t always work. They don’t always fit my, you know, my schedule, I have to tweak, I have to make changes all the time and actually feel bad because a part of me thinks that, you know, I’m breaking that small level of commitment.

And an example of that would be I’m getting some work done on my house and I have some contractors that I contacted. I contacted maybe six or seven contractors to come over and give me a bid. And it’s actually a quite a chunk of work. So out of those six or seven people that I contacted one of them in particular I talked to on the phone, he asked me, he said, are you getting any other bids for this job? And I said, yes, I am. I said, I haven’t gotten any bids, but I am looking to get bids for this job. And he said, okay, great. I’d like to come out and take a look at the property. I said, when can you do it? He said, I will be at your house on Monday. Does that work? And I said, yes. And he goes, how about four o’clock in the afternoon on Monday?

And then I said, that would be perfect. So I put it in my calendar, four o’clock on Monday, and I get a call from his office about noon yesterday. And he asked me, he, the secretary asked me, she says, we’re calling to confirm your appointment today at four o’clock. And I said, Yep, I will be at the house at four o’clock please meet me there. And she says, okay, no problem. Well, four o’clock comes and goes, now it’s four 30 and I’m s, you know, at my house and there’s no sign of them. There’s no text messaging, there’s no phone calling, there’s nothing. And I’m confused by this. So I called the number and as, and the receptionist answers the phone and I said, yeah, I had an appointment today at four o’clock and you were supposed to be here, you’re not here. So I’m wondering if something happened, what’s going on? And she said, “Oh, well we’ve decided that we’re going to give you a quote on the phone.”

And that almost made me laugh out loud. Really. It did cause all of the other contractors that came to the house, I had to spend like 40, 45 minutes showing them in detail, everything that I wanted to be done, all the little repairs, the carpentry work, the woodwork and everything else. And you know, I had to show them and they’re, you know, a lot of them, a couple of them said, oh, I don’t know if I can do that. And then a couple of them are like, yes, I can do that. Anyways, these people decided to give me a quote on the phone, so just to humor them, I said, all right, what’s the quote? So she gave me the quote, which is like less than half of what the other people are giving me, but I had to sit there and think to myself, God, you pick the day, you pick the time.

You didn’t show up, you didn’t call, you didn’t text message. If you can’t even keep that small level of commitment to me, how are you supposed to keep the big level of commitment? How am I supposed to sit there and say, you know what? I’m going to trust my house. My most valuable asset to you who can’t even keep your small commitments. I don’t even think they realized it to be honest. I think that when, when I was talking to them on the phone, one of the questions asked is, is if I’ve gotten other quotes and I said yes. I think that changed their mind right there. I think they said, well, the, he’s getting another quotes for this. He’s probably not going to pick us, so why waste the time? I don’t know. I would hate to make assumptions. I would hate to put words in their mouth, but it’s true.

If you can’t keep your small commitments, how you supposed to keep your big commitments. So like Joe Gold said, commitment is a muscle and it’s gotta be worked. It’s gotta be developed, and the more you work it, the stronger it becomes. And this is something that I think everybody on the planet appreciates. People who can keep their commitments. Anyways, that’s the story that I have for today. Thank you guys all for stopping in. I really do appreciate it. If you could do me a favor and leave me a comment down below, let me know what you thought about today’s episode. I would really appreciate it. Anyways, I will talk to you guys tomorrow with another episode. I’ll see you then.