Yesterday, a pounding at my door made me jump a few inches off the floor.  It was Amnesty International.  And they missed out on a real opportunity to build a relationship with me.  Am I nothing more than a potential ATM machine?

In this episode, I talk about:

  • Unexpected Interruption
  • Am I nothing more than an ATM machine?
  • How do you waste time on a relationship?


Good morning everyone on this beautiful Saturday morning. I’m going assume it’s beautiful because it’s still dark out here. Welcome to the Path to 1 million. This is episode 91. And for those of you that are paying attention right now, those of you that are attending the Facebook live, if you could just do me a quick favor and just tap that little like icon to make sure you can hear me okay. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much. Yesterday afternoon I took a couple hours off and I was at home working on my house. Thank you ma’am. Working on my house and there’s these baseboards along the wall that a really could use some TLC so I have been busy stain in it. Thank you very much Sherry for the like. As I’m working on here, all of a sudden there’s this loud Bang Bang Bang on the door and I just remember thinking to myself, what is going on?

And it just, it really startled me because I was in the zone and I was working and I was getting the baseboards done. And I stand up and I see two gentlemen through the, through the glass stained glasswindow that’s in my door. And I make eye contact with the one guy. Now I’m standing there and I’m just all, I’m wearing his shorts. I don’t have any socks on. I don’t have a shirt on, don’t have anything else like that cause it was pretty warm. So, you know, I kinda stop and I already know that this is some kind of a door to door salesman, probably Jehovah’s witness or something trying to, you know, get me to convert. But I will go and see, you know who it is. So I walked back to my bedroom and I’m back there and I grabbed a tee shirt off my bed and whoever it is starts banging on the door again cause he, we’ve made eye contact.

So now all of a sudden I’m in the irritated mood. Just begin me a second to get to the door please. I opened up the door and it’s these two, I would assume maybe college kids or maybe they’re in their early twenties, but he’s two kids standing there. They got Amnesty International on their yellow vest. Make sure that we all know about their branding and these two immediately just go into this whole plight about Syrian refugees and how all these people are being displaced. And Trump is evil. Trump is bad. Trump has set back our international policy by 50 years. Trump is evil. Trump is bad. Trump is evil. Trump is bad. Now, I have been in the, I have been in the sales space for many years. I’ve actually banged on a few doors. So usually when somebody knocks on my door, I always try to give them at least the benefit of a doubt.

I will hear what they have to say. You know, maybe I’ll learn something new or maybe they need some help or whatever that might be. But the whole, you know, the whole thing is as I’m sitting here listening to them and, and of course as they go on through their whole Spiel at some point in time I realized that this is just something that I’m just, I, I’m not interested in doing. So they get done with their spiel and of course then they get to the end and they’re asking me all these questions designed to make me say yes and we, they make it to the end of their spiel. And of course their whole thing now is, hey, you know, we’d like your, we’d like to get your credit card number down. And I say to them, I’m like, look gentlemen, I really do appreciate your passion for this.

Obviously you’re very passionate about it. I really do appreciate the, you know, that the fact that you’re out here banging on doors cause it’s something that I have done before. But really at the end of the day, this is just not a cause that I am interested in supporting financially at this time. There are a lot of local charities that I donate money to because we’ve got a lot of people here at home that really do need help. And those are the charities that I’ve chosen to support. And plus, you know, I understand the whole concept of community, everything else like that. So you know, I really do appreciate what you guys are doing, but you know, I’m just not interested. Have a nice day. And of course then the one guy goes, oh, well what is it preventing you from taking action from helping you help your fellow man?

All right, so it’s objection handling, right? Anybody who’s been in sales knows that there is objection handling in there as people are going to say no. So how do you get them to convert over to a yes and everything else? So you know, I’m like, you know what? I don’t want to be rude. I’m just answer this guy’s question. I’m like, look, I got some big projects on my plate right now. As a matter of fact, I was just working on my house when you guys showed up. A, I’m under some deadlines here. As far as other activities go, I’m just not interested in supporting you guys at this time.

Now at this point they have a very real opportunity, right? There’s always option one and there’s option two. Option one is they listen to their lesser selves and I talked about the lesser self and the heroic self actually yesterday in episode 90 so if you hadn’t had a chance, go make, go back and talk about that. But option one is the lesser self. Where is they just get frustrated and they walk away from the door and walk away from my door. Believe it or not, it’s charities have done this before. When they’ve come and knocked on my door and I have not given them money, they just walk away. They don’t say thank you. They don’t say have a nice day. They don’t say it was nice talking to you. They don’t say good luck with all this and all that. They just walk away like wait.

There’s always irritates me because he’s, people view me as nothing more than a cash machine. Then there’s the option two which is okay. The person said no today let’s focus on building a relationship with this person cause they may have said no today but they could very well say yes tomorrow. This was something when I really got hardcore into doing real estate and pursuing real estate as a passion that when I would go and I would have like open houses and I would talk to people and I would meet people all the time and people are usually pretty good at saying, hey, you know, we’re just here looking or we’re not in the, we’re not in a position to buy a house or anything else like that. If they weren’t ready to go, every single guru that I was out there, every person who was advanced would always tell me the same thing.

They’re like, oh well people aren’t interested in buying a home or selling a home that don’t waste your time. Just move on. Well, my old position was, I think that’s kind of silly because not everybody is ready to make a decision today, but they might be ready to make a decision tomorrow. So why not invest in the relationship? And so every single time that I would sit there and somebody would come through the door and they would on and look around the house, I’d be talking to them about the house and all the amenities that it had and everything else like that. I still built the relationship. If they told me that, oh, we’re not interested in buying a home at the time. Oh, okay, that’s cool. And we would just, you’ll walk around the house and shoot the breeze. And then typically at the end when I’m like, Hey, you know, I’d like to keep in touch.

I produce a, you know, weekly newsletter and stuff that I just share stories on. Without fail, I’d always get their email address. And it was a great way for me to be able to build up a list of people. And sometimes they would stay on that list. Sometimes we would converse via via email or whatever it was, sharing stories, whatever. But for me, that was my default position. If they, if you don’t get a yes today, then invest in the relationship. There it is. It isn’t binary for me. And it’s not, it’s not yes or no. It’s yes or relationship. It’s one of the two, right? If I get the opportunity to s keep in touch with these people, I certainly will with Amnesty International. When I finally told them, I said, look, gentlemen, I’m just not interested and I’m working on the house, everything else like that.

But I do appreciate you guys stopping by and everything that is that you’re doing. They literally both turn around and walked off my porch. You know, there was no, there was no thank you for your time. There was no, Hey, you know let’s get your email address because we’d like to send you some information. I mean, I did stand there and listen to everything that they had to say, but rather than take an opportunity to get me to invest in that relationship or have them invest in my relationship or figure out what other things that Amnesty International does because I did not flip out my credit card at that very single point in time, mentally in their heads, don’t waste your time, move on. And unfortunately that’s a great way to throw away a ton of opportunities when you’re doing this. Option one, option two, you know, do, do you accept the money today or do you invest in the, in the relationship?

Who knows? I probably would have never said yes to him. Amnesty International, but they didn’t even give me that opportunity to learn more about them or what it is they do because truth be told, I really don’t spend a lot of time looking over Amnesty International. Cause like I said, there’s other local charities that I’m involved with, other programs that I am passionate about. For instance, the Special Olympics being one of those. That’s something that I’m very passionate about and something that I always donate money to every single year because that has a personal connection with me. I have a relationship with them through my brother. So anyways, I just wanted to share that with you a little bit. It’s something that just happened absolutely just yesterday, but it got me thinking about the whole thing about you know, sales and relationships and how, you know, just by default, you know, focus on building that relationship, focus on making the stronger and like you said, somebody may not be, somebody may not turn into a customer, but somebody could turn into a partner.

You never know and you won’t know until you take that time to invest in that relationship. They could come out, they could turn out to be an absolutely great friend. And this is like the whole power behind sharing stories and the decisions that you have to make and the opportunities that come along the way and how you, especially in adversity, handle those. Option one, option two. Anyways, just wanted to share that with you on this Saturday morning. I hope you guys have a phenomenal weekend. Thank you all for stopping by. I really do appreciate it. Thank you, Charles. Thank you. Thank you, Matt. Thank you, Lisa. Haven’t talked to you in awhile. But anyways, yeah, and thanks for everybody else who stopped by Paula, thank you as well. And I will be back again tomorrow with another story. I will see you then. Have a good day.