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Path to 1 Million Ep. 163: What is the Point? Burning Away the Garbage

I'm gearing up for my next set of challenges.  So why do it?  What is the point in all this?  Albert Einstein once said, "Adversity introduces a man to himself." [...]

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Path to 1 Million Ep. 162: Mind Games, Power of Believe, How to Break a Barrier

A few years ago, Eliud Kipchoge could not break the 2 hour barrier on a marathon.  Then a month ago, he suddenly did.  What changed?  How did this impact me? [...]

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Path to 1 Million Ep. 160: 25x5k Challenge Update … Can I Really Do it?

My 25x5k challenge is nearing completion.  But I noticed something yesterday when I finished my run.  Something that I didn't think was possible ... but suddenly is.  Here's my story. [...]

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Path to 1 Million Ep. 158: What is Purpose? And Why I Hated It?

"What is your purpose in life?"  I hated this question.  A lot.  I think the people asking didn't really understand it themselves.  So here's my story. In this episode, I [...]

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Path to 1 Million Ep. 156: Control Freaks & Running Techniques

I've been doing this 25x5k challenge.  And I'm running incorrectly.  People are watching me while I'm practicing ... and it's a bit uncomfortable.  Is that what I should focus on? [...]

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